Global Survival: 100 Times Cultivation Speed From The Start

Chapter 1308 - Chapter 1308 Unexpected Harvest!

Chapter 1308 Unexpected Harvest!

Chu Feng suddenly turned around.

He happened to see the Purple Golden Heavenly King, who instantly looked extremely old.

In order to save the Green Wood Heavenly King’s life, the Purple Golden Heavenly King had clearly paid a huge price.

There was not another way.

They were the only kings left in the Sacred Land.

Nobody else could die!

The Green Wood Heavenly King was strong enough and had always been his right-hand man. The Purple Golden Heavenly King naturally could not watch as he died tragically at the hands of Chu Feng and the others.

Even if he had to pay a price, he could not care less.

Boom! Boom! Boom! Shocking tremors kept echoing in the world.

When the dust settled…

“Eh? Where’s the Green Wood Heavenly King?”

Everyone was surprised to discover that the Green Wood Heavenly King could no longer be found in the chess game.

“Could he have been blasted into dregs?!”

Yu muttered excitedly.

“The Purple Golden Heavenly King spent a lot of effort and paid a huge price, but he couldn’t save the Green Wood Heavenly King’s life?”

But then, Shu Wanjuan pointed at the Gloomy Emperor’s camp.

“Don’t make wild guesses! Look! He’s there! He was actually blasted out of the chessboard!”

In the Gloomy Emperor’s camp, the Green Wood Heavenly King collapsed to the ground.

Blood kept seeping out from the corner of his mouth.

He was clearly seriously injured.

Fortunately, at the last moment, the Purple Golden Heavenly King’s Great Emperor-level glove blocked the final fatal blow, saving the Green Wood Heavenly King’s life.

However, the powerful impact still blasted the Green Wood Heavenly King, who was already at the edge, out of the range of the chessboard!

This scene caused both camps to fall silent.

To the Gloomy Emperor’s camp, it was already fortunate that this commander-in-chief on their side was not dead.

But the problem was… without the Green Wood Heavenly King’s involvement, wouldn’t the Purple Golden Heavenly King’s situation be even more difficult?

There was no need to count on Ji Changfeng.

For some reason, the phantom commander’s terrifying combat instincts seemed to have disappeared. It had been playing house with the Five-Astral-Beast…

Logically speaking, with the strength of the phantom commander at the peak of the Sixth-Turn, it should not be difficult for him to escape from the Five-Astral-Beast?!

In this way, only the Purple Golden Heavenly King was left to deal with Bing Yao and Chu Feng!

They clearly had the advantage in numbers, but why did they become at a disadvantage in the end?

This was unreasonable!

“It’s really unreasonable!”

This voice came from Chu Feng.

At that moment, Chu Feng looked at the Green Wood Heavenly King indignantly.

“He’s not dead yet? How unreasonable!”

To Chu Feng, he had already done his best and exposed most of his trump cards. In the end, he actually did not obtain anything?!

This was too trash! Of course, to be honest, throwing the Green Wood Heavenly King out of the chessboard this time meant that the other party had lost the right to continue participating in the Emperor’s Chess round.

It could be considered a gain.

However, Chu Feng was not satisfied at all!

This was the first time he had failed to win a battle after using all his strength.

For a moment, he found it difficult to accept.

“I had already calculated everything. It’s all that damned Purple Golden Heavenly King’s fault!”

Chu Feng gritted his teeth and said hatefully.

Suddenly, his gaze swept to the edge of the chessboard, at a scarlet glove that was still emitting waves of blood-red light.

As a Great Emperor-level divine weapon, it was naturally impossible for it to be destroyed by Chu Feng and the others just like that.

In fact, most of Chu Feng and the others’ attacks had been obliterated by the power contained in it.

It could be seen how powerful this scarlet glove was.

“Eh, it’s still on the field?!”

Chu Feng’s eyes widened and he immediately became spirited.

Logically speaking, the Scarlet Fist should have been sent flying after the terrifying backlash from both sides.

Without the support of power, it could not resist at all.

Just look at the Green Wood Heavenly King. He was blown away like a feather and could not resist at all.


Chu Feng suddenly turned around and looked at the Purple Golden Heavenly King, who was rushing over frantically.

When he saw the unexpected panic on the other party’s face, Chu Feng immediately smiled.

“You didn’t expect this, did you?”

“Perhaps in your conjecture, this purple-gold glove should also be blasted out of the chessboard and returned to your Gloomy Emperor’s camp?”

“It’s just that… the rules of this Emperor’s Chess don’t seem to be following your thoughts.”

“The host is still on the chessboard. The divine weapon will not be kicked out of the game… Hmm, this design seems to be quite reasonable. Otherwise, if the host wants to continue fighting and finds out that his weapon is gone, how impressive would that be?”

“It’s just… Haha!”

Chu Feng suddenly laughed out loud.

“In that case, I’ll take the component of this fake Great Emperor-level glove!”

When the Purple Golden Heavenly King heard this, his expression suddenly turned cold. He stopped in his tracks, his eyes burning with anger.

But he was still too far away from his boxing glove.

Furthermore, Chu Feng and the others were separated.

It was impossible to give the glove a chance to escape!

“Chu Feng…”

The Purple Golden Heavenly King spoke, as if he wanted to stabilize Chu Feng and the others and think of a way to snatch his divine weapon back.

However, how could Chu Feng give him this chance?

Ignoring the Purple Golden Heavenly King’s words, he gently extended the Demon Slayer and casually picked it up, putting the “lone” scarlet glove into his pocket.

The scarlet glove still wanted to struggle, but without the support of the Purple Golden Heavenly King’s power, even if it was not damaged and was a true Great Emperor-level divine weapon, so what?

I, Chu Feng, can’t do anything to a weapon?!

Brazenly suppressing!

He kept it in his storage space.

“In that case… Thank you for your gift, Senior Purple Golden Heavenly King.”

“Tsk tsk, this is good stuff!”

Chu Feng smiled in satisfaction.

The regret of not killing the Green Wood Heavenly King was swept away.

The value of this glove might even be above the life of the Green Wood Heavenly King!

He was instantly satisfied!

Even if he did not dare to use it in front of its master, it would be a huge fortune to refine it into the power of laws later!

Seeing this scene, the Purple Golden Heavenly King was so angry that his heart was bleeding.

Damn Chu Feng!!!

The Scarlet Fist Gloves were the most precious gain of his life!

None could compare to them!

If it had not been damaged, he would have been able to suppress Bing Yao in one move.

This was the power of a Great Emperor-level divine weapon!

At this moment, the Purple Golden Heavenly King even regretted saving the Green Wood Heavenly King!

The value of the Green Wood Heavenly King was not comparable to his Scarlet Fist!

The Purple Golden Heavenly King did not expect this to happen!

Originally, in his mind, he would use all his strength to save the Green Wood Heavenly King. When the time came, he would let this guy put away the glove.

If there was really no other way, it would be good for the weapon to be blasted into the Gloomy Emperor’s camp together!

But who would have thought…


The Purple Golden Heavenly King was furious!

Most importantly, in this way, his strength would inevitably decrease!

How should he deal with the threat from Bing Yao and the others later?!

If they lost this round again, they would lose three times in a row!!

“Trash, trash! All of you are trash! Incompetent fools…”

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