Global Survival: 100 Times Cultivation Speed From The Start

Chapter 1307 - 1307 Going All Out! At the Critical Moment!

1307 Going All Out! At the Critical Moment!

Facing Bing Yao’s shock, Chu Feng had a helpless expression.

Seeing the other party’s surprised expression, he knew that this woman was thinking of something else.

No matter how monstrous I, Chu Feng, am, I shouldn’t be able to unleash the power of the Seventh-Turn at once, right?

Don’t you think too highly of me?

There was a pause.

Chu Feng raised an eyebrow.

However, there was a way that worked!

But time was tight now. That method was probably too late…

He shook his head.

Chu Feng continued what he was doing.

On the other side, the Green Wood Heavenly King was still calm.

He firmly believed that even with Chu Feng, they would definitely not be able to kill him in a short period of time. When his Big Brother arrived, he would be able to survive!

“What should I do?!”

The anxious Bing Yao asked again.

Chu Feng’s answer this time was even shorter.

“Just do your best!”

Just as he finished speaking, Chu Feng suddenly burst out laughing.

“Now is the time!”


Chu Feng took the lead and charged towards the Green Wood Heavenly King.

Bing Yao was also helpless.

Why did it feel like this guy was not prepared at all?

Where did he get his confidence from?!

But there was no time to think.

Right now, she could only follow Chu Feng to the end!

Bing Yao also suddenly raised the Freezing Ice Scepter and instantly unleashed her full strength towards the Green Wood Heavenly King!

Their majestic auras and surging power shook the entire world.

The Green Wood Heavenly King widened his round eyes and roared hysterically.

“I have the Heavenly Profound Treasure Armor. You guys will definitely not be able to kill me!”

As he spoke, he activated all his strength and began to defend himself!

The light of the armor on his body bloomed to the extreme.

Even the cracks on the armor seemed to have increased.

Clearly, although the Green Wood Heavenly King said that he did not believe it, he still used all his strength in secret. Even if his treasure armor was damaged, he could not care less.

Under such circumstances, it was even more impossible to kill the Green Wood Heavenly King in one strike.

Not far away, the Purple Golden Heavenly King was slightly relieved.

He could not help but sneer.

“Is Chu Feng panicking?”

“Like a headless fly, it began to run around.”

But just as the Purple Golden Heavenly King finished speaking, a faint smile appeared on Chu Feng’s face.

The light on the Demon Slayer did not decrease.

However, his left hand secretly formed hand seals.

Immediately, a hazy circle of light appeared around Chu Feng.

This circle of light had no attack power at all.

No one knew what Chu Feng wanted to do.

But the next moment, the Five-Astral-Beast, which had been fighting the phantom commander in the distance, suddenly appeared in the circle of light!

Wherever the Guardian Domain enveloped, the Five-Astral-Beast could appear!

This was the first time Chu Feng had used this method in front of this group of people.

It caught everyone off guard.

If the two of them attacking together was not enough, what about the addition of a Five-Astral-Beast with the power of the Sixth-Turn?!

Seeing this, the Green Wood Heavenly King began to panic.

However, he still straightened his neck and firmly believed that the other party could not do anything to him!

But the next moment, Chu Feng was not done yet!

A pitch-black ball slowly appeared in Chu Feng’s left palm.

The ball was not big, but it seemed to contain the entire universe!

Singularity Universe!

Before the battle began, Chu Feng was already prepared.

Let everyone pour a large amount of power into it!

Even Bing Yao helped.

Unfortunately, the time was too short. It was not enough for the Singularity Universe to grow and strengthen!

Even now, he had yet to break through the threshold of the Seventh-Turn!

It was comparable to the peak of the Sixth-Turn!

At that moment, Chu Feng took it out without hesitation!

He had planned to use it to stabilize the situation at the last moment.

However, Chu Feng discovered that the opponents in this battle were all ridiculously strong. The great killing weapon in his hand did not seem to be so invincible anymore.

It was just right to use it now! If he could kill the Green Wood Heavenly King, it would not be a loss!

As the Singularity Universe appeared, it blasted towards the Green Wood Heavenly King.

At this moment, it was equivalent to four commander-level combatants joining forces to kill the Green Wood Heavenly King. Among them was the Seventh-Turn Bing Yao!

This power could be said to be destructive!

So what if the Green Wood Heavenly King had Master God Level armor?

He would still die!

Actually, even without using this Singularity Universe, with the three commanders surrounding him, he still had a chance of killing the Green Wood Heavenly King.

However, just in case, Chu Feng used all his strength!

At this moment, there was finally a hint of fear in the Green Wood Heavenly King’s eyes!

He could feel that when these forces on the other side were combined, they were enough to easily blast him into pieces!

His heart skipped a beat.

He frantically asked his Big Brother for help.

“Big Brother! Save me!!”

But what was the use of asking the Purple Golden Heavenly King for help now?

The man was thousands of miles away, so he could only watch helplessly.

In his despair, the Green Wood Heavenly King knew that he could only save himself!

His expression immediately turned ruthless.

He could not care less about his heartache.

He immediately self-destructed his damaged armor.

The once famous powerful Master God Weapon had completely dissipated today.

However, the effect was also excellent.

A transparent light curtain surrounded the Green Wood Heavenly King.

This was condensed from the last essence of the Heavenly Profound Treasure Armor.

Its defense was extremely powerful!

In the past, Bing Yao would probably have to spend a lot of effort to break it!

But now, it was clearly still not enough.

The four terrifying forces combined. In an instant, cracks appeared on the defensive barrier condensed from the Heavenly Profound Treasure Armor.

The next moment, under the Green Wood Heavenly King’s shocked gaze, boom!!!

It suddenly exploded.

He had self-destructed a damaged Master God Weapon, but he still could not withstand it!

This time, the Green Wood Heavenly King’s eyes were filled with despair.

At this moment, he no longer had any defensive means. He could only be exposed to Chu Feng and the others’ attacks.

He felt powerless.

Under such circumstances, he would definitely die!

But at this critical moment, a scarlet light seemed to have crossed the boundaries of time and space and suddenly stood in front of the Green Wood Heavenly King.

There was no one there, only a purplish-red fist shadow emitting a faint red light.

At the critical moment, the Purple Golden Heavenly King actually threw out one of his scarlet gloves!

After paying an extremely huge price, he actually arrived first and instantly tore through the air.

It was so fast that even Chu Feng and the others could not see what had happened.

A Great Emperor-level divine weapon was indeed worthy of its reputation!

Even though it was damaged now, its essence had not changed!

It contained countless wonders!

At this moment, this Great Emperor-level divine weapon suddenly erupted with a power that exceeded everyone’s expectations!

It seemed to contain the full-strength attack of the Purple Golden Heavenly King.

A terrifying fist light that shattered a mountain collided with the combined attack of Chu Feng and the others!

Boom! Boom! Boom!

Endless violent explosions resounded in all directions!

The world shook crazily!

Even the indestructible chessboard beneath his feet seemed to be unable to withstand this collision!

In an instant, countless dust clouds rose.

It covered the entire space!

He could only vaguely see that not far away, the Purple Golden Heavenly King’s face had instantly aged countless times…

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