Global Survival: 100 Times Cultivation Speed From The Start

Chapter 1306 - Chapter 1306 Change of Plan!

Chapter 1306 Change of Plan!

Speed and strength had always restrained each other!

There was no such thing as who was superior.

It only depended on the host!

The Purple Golden Heavenly King’s strength far exceeded Chu Feng’s, and Chu Feng’s speed also far exceeded the Purple Golden Heavenly King’s. That was why Chu Feng dared to face the Purple Golden Heavenly King head-on!

You’re very strong, but you’re not strong enough to suppress my speed!

And if I’m faster than you, your strength will be useless!

I just need to rely on my speed advantage to harass you. Do you dare to ignore me?

After all, even if the Purple Golden Heavenly King was very strong, he did not dare to ignore the sharpness of his Demon Slayer!

If one was not vigilant, one would still be beheaded!

This was Chu Feng’s confidence!

As such, the Purple Golden Heavenly King, who had defeated Bing Yao in a domineering manner, actually seemed to be helpless against Chu Feng.

This scene was beyond everyone’s expectations.

Bing Yao was overjoyed.

He could not help but look at Chu Feng in a different light.

Unfortunately, with her pride, she would never praise Chu Feng directly.

However, he involuntarily increased his strength!

She wanted to take advantage of the precious time Chu Feng had to hold back the Purple Golden Heavenly King to quickly kill the Green Wood Heavenly King before going over to help Chu Feng!

If the two of them worked together, they might have a chance to defeat the Purple Golden Heavenly King!

With this thought in mind, Bing Yao waved the Freezing Ice Scepter crazily, every move filled with killing intent, making the Green Wood Heavenly King suffer.

Bing Yao was already a Seventh-Turn against a Sixth-Turn, and she was not an ordinary Seventh-Turn Divine Lord. Her explosive power was extremely strong.

Every attack made the Green Wood Heavenly King feel as if he would turn into a pile of dust in the next moment!

It was even difficult for him to hold on!

The idiot phantom commander was also entangled with the Five-Astral-Beast. He did not even know to come and save them!

The two brainless fellows seemed to be playing house there, and the battle was not intense.

It was as if they were afraid of injuring each other.

The Green Wood Heavenly King was about to go crazy.

At this moment, he felt as if he had become alone!

He was truly alone and helpless!

If this continued, he would definitely die!

“Hu hu hu…”

The Green Wood Heavenly King panted heavily.

Fortunately, he relied on the damaged Heavenly Profound Treasure Armor to barely survive.

However, the Green Wood Heavenly King also knew very well that the other party was an extremely powerful Seventh-Turn Divine Lord!

Such a broken Master God Weapon would not last long.

At the thought of this, the Green Wood Heavenly King could only helplessly seek help from the Purple Golden Heavenly King.

“Big Brother! Come quickly!”

The Purple Golden Heavenly King was entangled with Chu Feng.

He had vaguely found a way to capture Chu Feng!

Every time Chu Feng attacked him, he had to get close. Although the other party was extremely fast, his speed would definitely decrease when he attacked.

At that time, it would be his chance!

As long as he was well-prepared and withstood Chu Feng’s full-strength attack, and seized that moment, he had a chance of killing Chu Feng in one strike!

I can make countless mistakes, but you can only make one mistake!

However, before the Purple Golden Heavenly King could carry out his plan, he helplessly heard the Green Wood Heavenly King’s cry for help.


He sighed.

How could the Purple Golden Heavenly King not see through Chu Feng and Bing Yao’s plan?

But why couldn’t he take advantage of the situation?!

He and Bing Yao were both fighting the weak with the strong. Their chances were equal.

As long as he could kill Chu Feng before the Green Wood Heavenly King was defeated, not only would Chu Feng and the others’ plans fail, he would also be able to directly determine the final victory. Why not?

Unfortunately, his brother was too disappointing. Or rather, Chu Feng was too monstrous!

The Purple Golden Heavenly King’s plan could not continue before it began. Countless thoughts could only turn into a helpless sigh.

The Purple Golden Heavenly King casually punched Chu Feng back.

Then, he suddenly turned around and continued to speed towards the Green Wood Heavenly King.

Although Chu Feng was fast, he was still far from being his match. As long as he was careful, Chu Feng’s sneak attack would at most delay the speed of his reinforcements.

It was harmless!

In the current situation, he could only save the Green Wood Heavenly King first. The two of them would meet up before making plans.

The Purple Golden Heavenly King calculated in his heart. At the same time, he was carefully vigilant of Chu Feng.

He shouted, “Green Wood, hold on for a while longer. I’ll save you now!”

On the other hand, Chu Feng was also helpless against the Purple Golden Heavenly King, who was focused on supporting his brother and no longer wanted to fight.

He had just used this guy’s intention to kill him to stall for a moment.

Chu Feng had been searching for an opportunity to severely injure and even kill the Purple Golden Heavenly King!

He even had some ideas!

Unfortunately, this guy’s brothers were too useless!

The Green Wood Heavenly King could not hold on any longer.

He could only blame himself for letting Bing Yao be “gentle”…

For a moment, Chu Feng and the Purple Golden Heavenly King actually complained about the Green Wood Heavenly King in unison.

It was the greatest joke in the world.

However, at this point, Chu Feng could only change his plan again.

Looking at the Purple Golden Heavenly King’s departing figure and then at the Green Wood Heavenly King, who was almost forced to the edge of the chess game, he suddenly had a plan.

He sent a voice transmission to Bing Yao.

“Quick! Teleport me back!”

There was no time to explain.

Bing Yao raised an eyebrow, but she did not ask further.

In the consecutive battles, she had gradually gotten used to Chu Feng’s fickle personality in battle.

She immediately activated the jade hairpin to teleport.


Chu Feng felt a teleportation force coming from the space beside him. He did not resist and disappeared from the spot.

He attacked late but arrived first.

He actually arrived in front of the Green Wood Heavenly King before the Purple Golden Heavenly King did.

“What should we do?!”

Bing Yao did not dare to delay. She guessed that Chu Feng had another trick up his sleeve and hurriedly sent a voice transmission.

“Work together! Kill the Green Wood Heavenly King! The Purple Golden Heavenly King will arrive soon. We only have time to attack!”

Chu Feng said directly.

He did not know what he was busy with.

Bing Yao widened her eyes.

“How is that possible?!”

To be honest, Bing Yao did not believe it.

She did have the strength to kill the Green Wood Heavenly King, but it was impossible for her to do it in one strike!

Otherwise, the Green Wood Heavenly King would have died long ago!

A peak Sixth-Turn expert was not a Tom, Dick, or Harry!

In reality, the Green Wood Heavenly King was like a turtle with that damaged Master God armor. He did not attack and only defended himself.

In this way, Bing Yao really could not kill the other party in a short period of time!

Now, you’re telling me that Chu Feng’s help is enough?

How was it possible!

This guy had at most early-stage Sixth-Turn explosive power. He was completely dispensable!

Unless he could unleash another attack that was comparable to the power of a Seventh-Turn, there was hope…

Was it just possible?!

Bing Yao looked at Chu Feng in surprise.

Could this guy really do it?

No way?!

It was already shocking enough that a Third-Turn was comparable to a Sixth-Turn. Could this fellow still cross a moat and unleash the power of the Seventh-Turn?!

Why don’t I believe it…

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