Global Survival: 100 Times Cultivation Speed From The Start

Chapter 1305 - Chapter 1305 Great Strength and Ultimate Speed!

Chapter 1305 Great Strength and Ultimate Speed!

Just as he finished speaking, Chu Feng’s figure had already appeared in the path that the Purple Golden Heavenly King had to pass.

He stood in midair like an iron wall.

This scene immediately caused everyone to exclaim.

“What is Chu Feng thinking?!”

“Are you crazy?!”

“He can’t even kill the Green Wood Heavenly King, but now he actually dares to kill the Purple Golden Heavenly King? Does he want to die?!”

However, no matter how noisy the surrounding crowd was, Chu Feng continued to do as he pleased. He stood indifferently and quietly looked at the rapidly approaching Purple Golden Heavenly King.

Opposite him, the Purple Golden Heavenly King was also interested. He slowly stopped and looked at the serious Chu Feng with a faint smile.

“Can you tell me what you really think?”

Chu Feng’s expression remained calm.

He slowly raised the Demon Slayer in his hand.

“Bing Yao is no match for you, so I’ll be the only one to stop you.”

The Purple Golden Heavenly King raised an eyebrow.

“Is this all?”

“That’s the reason?”

“Don’t tell me you think you’re stronger than the Seventh-Turn Bing Yao?”

Chu Feng shook his head casually.

“That’s naturally impossible, but a battle between warriors doesn’t just depend on rank. Everything is possible…”

Hearing this, even the Purple Golden Heavenly King could not help but laugh.

This time, he really did not understand Chu Feng’s actions.

“Really… A newborn calf is not afraid of a tiger.”

The Purple Golden Heavenly King sighed.

The next moment, his expression suddenly turned cold.

“In that case, I’ll send you on your way first!”

As soon as he finished speaking, the Purple Golden Heavenly King no longer held back.

His aura erupted.

The light on the scarlet glove was extremely dazzling.

He did not hold back just because Chu Feng was weak.

Because the Purple Golden Heavenly King was worried that there was a trap!

Chu Feng had countless means. Who knew what he was planning?

If he could not see through it or understand him, there was no need to look anymore.

He would settle it once and for all!

Therefore, Purple Golden Sky instantly used all his strength!

He was even stronger than when he fought Bing Yao just now!

He had to kill him in one strike!

In an instant, the world shook!

Under the pressure of this terrifying power, the surrounding people could not help but retreat.

And this was with the faction barrier protecting them!

What would happen if he faced such an attack head-on?

Everyone could not help but look at Chu Feng in the middle of the chessboard and break out in cold sweat.

On the other hand, Chu Feng was still calm.

There was even a faint smile on his face.

“You’re deliberately mystifying things! Die!”

“Blood Golden Howling Sun Fist!”

The Purple Golden Heavenly King shouted.

Then, he threw a punch mercilessly.

In an instant, the surrounding air seemed to have been squeezed dry. Space fluctuated violently, as if it would break at any moment!

But at this critical moment, the Blazing Wings of the Sky behind Chu Feng erupted with a dazzling light at the same time.

Not only that, upon closer inspection, one could tell that the jade pearls that looked like dragon eyes on the dragon bones of the Blazing Wings of the Sky began to slowly light up.

One, two, three…

The Jade Bone Pearl!

Back then, when he was refining and sublimating the Blazing Wings of the Sky, Chu Feng suddenly had an idea and threw in the Jade Bone Marrow of the Angel Race’s strongest expert. It was a newly fused thing!

There were a total of twelve of them, evenly distributed on the Blazing Wings of the Sky!

According to the introduction, every time Chu Feng activated one, he would receive a 10% increase at his current speed!

Most importantly, this increase could be continuously stacked!

In other words, after Chu Feng used the Blazing Wings of the Sky, he already had an extreme speed of 200,000 times the speed of sound!

After activating the Jade Bone Pearl, he could continue to obtain enhancements!

All of this only required Chu Feng to consume his own strength!

There was no need for the Angel Bloodline Essence anymore!

It was because of this life-saving trump card that Chu Feng dared to face the Purple Golden Heavenly King head-on!

Even though he knew that he was no match for the Purple Golden Heavenly King, Chu Feng still had some confidence! Because speed was king!

As long as I’m much faster than you, no matter how strong you are, you won’t be able to touch me at all!

In that case, how can you defeat me?!

At the thought of this, therefore, at this moment, Chu Feng used all his strength. Countless surging waves of power were poured into the Blazing Wings of the Sky.

Chu Feng’s strength began to decrease rapidly. On the other hand, the Jade Bone Pearls behind him began to emit a dazzling light!

One, two, three, four, five!

“Now, even if I use all my strength, I can only activate five…”

Chu Feng wiped the sweat from his forehead and said regretfully.

But it was enough.

With another 50% increase in his speed, he would reach an exaggerated speed of 300,000 times the speed of sound!

It was 100,000 times faster than the Purple Golden Heavenly King!

This difference could already be considered a gap! After all, don’t forget that even the legendary speed of light was only 880,000 times the speed of sound…

After figuring all of this out, Chu Feng no longer hesitated.

He instantly turned into a stream of light and dodged the Purple Golden Heavenly King’s fatal punch by a hair’s breadth!

Their bodies passed each other.

Chu Feng saw the shock in the Purple Golden Heavenly King’s eyes.

He put on a faint smile.

“Senior Purple Golden Heavenly King, I think I just said that when warriors fight, not just ranks matter. Do you believe me now?”

A disdainful laugh slashed across the Purple Golden Heavenly King’s heart like a knife.

He was instantly embarrassed and furious.

He would rather endure the backlash than forcefully turn his body and punch Chu Feng again!

“Let’s see how you can resist this time?!”

On the other hand, Chu Feng was still calm.

As he was fast enough, the Purple Golden Heavenly King’s movements were like 0.5 times slower in Chu Feng’s eyes.

He could react in time!

The Blazing Wings of the Sky on Chu Feng’s back only shook for a moment before he escaped the range of the fist aura.

Only the Purple Golden Heavenly King was left roaring angrily.

This was the speed advantage.

Actually, the Purple Golden Heavenly King’s power had indeed reached a terrifying level!

Even Bing Yao was not his match in a head-on battle!

Even if he was not comparable to an Eighth-Turn Divine Lord, he was probably close.

Logically speaking, it was impossible for Chu Feng to do this!

However, there had always been a saying in the cultivation world that speed and strength were actually in a state of mutual restraint!

Some people said that strength was invincible and could break all techniques!

There were also people who said that speed was king and the world was at his disposal!

In reality, strength and speed had always depended on the host.

If the Purple Golden Heavenly King was stronger, the moment he threw a punch, it would naturally form a gravitational vortex. Even if Chu Feng wanted to escape, he would not be able to!

On the other hand, if Chu Feng’s speed was faster, even if his explosive power was far inferior to that of a Seventh-Turn Divine Lord, with the terrifying support of his speed, he might be able to severely injure the Purple Golden Heavenly King!

At that moment, Chu Feng’s voice sounded again.

“Bing Yao! I’ll hold him back! Get rid of the Green Wood Heavenly King as soon as possible!”

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