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Chapter 1304 - Chapter 1304 Great Emperor-level Divine Weapon! Defeat!

Chapter 1304 Great Emperor-level Divine Weapon! Defeat!

Seeing the Purple Golden Heavenly King’s actions, Bing Yao’s beautiful eyes suddenly narrowed.


She had never known that the Purple Golden Heavenly King was actually good at close combat.

He had never revealed anything in the previous battle.

As for this mottled scarlet glove, she had never seen it before!

The ancient aura emanating from it was even more terrifying.

What was going on?!

The next moment, before Bing Yao could react, the Purple Golden Heavenly King suddenly erupted.

The scarlet gloves danced in his hand and instantly released an extremely violent power. Like a huge hammer, it blasted towards Bing Yao.

In an instant, the world shook.

The Purple Golden Heavenly King’s punch seemed to have shattered space!


There was a loud bang!

Bing Yao’s eyes were filled with shock. She barely raised the Freezing Ice Scepter and protected herself.

However, her body still flew backward involuntarily, and she vomited blood.

“What powerful strength!”

“This scarlet glove is definitely not an ordinary Master God Weapon!”

If not for the fact that the Freezing Ice Scepter had blocked most of the force, Bing Yao had no doubt that she would have been severely injured and fallen to the ground!

But before she could think, in front of her, the Purple Golden Heavenly King did not spare her after gaining the upper hand. He was expressionless. As his figure flashed, he actually chased after her again, not giving Bing Yao any time to catch her breath.

His speed was so fast that he was not inferior to Chu Feng, who had been enhanced by the Blazing Wings of the Sky!

200,000 times the speed of sound!

This was a speed that Bing Yao had yet to reach!

There was no time to react.

She was punched into the ground again.

He spat out another mouthful of blood!

The Purple Golden Heavenly King looked at Bing Yao, who was instantly at a disadvantage, and could not help but sigh.

“You are already very strong. You are definitely not a weakling among the Seventh-Turn Divine Lords. Your explosive power is extremely strong. Unfortunately…”

The Purple Golden Heavenly King could not help but rub his scarlet glove, a trace of pity flashing across his eyes.

“This scarlet glove is the most precious gain in my life. It’s also because of it that the few of us brothers were able to escape from that damned place. It’s a true Great Emperor-level treasure! However, it’s also damaged. Sigh…”

The Purple Golden Heavenly King sighed.

It seemed to be both regretful and fortunate.

However, no matter what the Purple Golden Heavenly King said, he could not hide the essence of this scarlet glove as a Great Emperor-level divine weapon!

Even if it was damaged now, it was definitely a peak Master God Weapon!

How could an ordinary Master God Weapon compare?

Therefore, in just an instant, he completely suppressed Bing Yao.

It was not that Bing Yao was not strong enough, but he had too much of an advantage in terms of divine weapons.

On the other hand, Bing Yao was lying in the deep pit, her clothes covered in blood.

This feeling of being suppressed and unable to fight back made Bing Yao extremely aggrieved!


Bing Yao was completely furious.

She suddenly jumped up.

With the Ice Ring in her left hand and the Freezing Ice Scepter in the right, the power of the two Master God Weapons was activated to the limit.

When had she, Bing Yao, ever suffered such grievance?!

So what if it was a Great Emperor-level divine weapon!

Bing Yao only knew how to attack!

Boom! Boom! Boom!

It was a head-on clash!

She just couldn’t accept it!

She picked up her scepter and did it!

In an instant, Bing Yao waved the Freezing Ice Scepter and attacked crazily, actually temporarily suppressing the Purple Golden Heavenly King.

Unfortunately, this kind of eruption consumed too much energy and would soon be unsustainable.

The Purple Golden Heavenly King smiled indifferently.

“Are you done swinging your axes? Then it’s my turn.”

Then, another heavy punch descended.

Bing Yao vomited blood and was sent flying.

This time, the Purple Golden Heavenly King did not give Bing Yao any time to breathe.

The scarlet glove in his hand suddenly erupted with a dazzling blood-gold light.

It was like the fusion of metal and blood.

Blood Golden Howling Sun Fist!

It was a fist technique created by the Purple Golden Heavenly King by combining his Dao technique with the characteristics of the Scarlet Fist Gloves!

As a former Master God expert, he naturally had the qualifications to create his own move.

Ignoring the level of the moves, perhaps to others, they were just ordinary Divine Lord-level Dao techniques.

However, to the creator, such Dao techniques were often most suitable for him and could maximize his strength!

Its power could be said to be destructive!

At this moment, the moment the fist aura appeared, the world seemed to be covered by a blood-colored golden light.

At this moment, Bing Yao’s expression was extremely solemn.

Her slender hand that was holding the Freezing Ice Scepter could not help but sweat slightly.

“What a terrifying might… Perhaps it’s already close to the level of an Eighth-Turn Divine Lord?”

“Or… have you already reached it?”

At this moment, even Bing Yao could not make an accurate judgment.

But what was certain was that she would definitely not be able to withstand this punch!

If she forcefully resisted it, there would probably only be one outcome… death!

But at this moment, Bing Yao could clearly feel that she was already locked onto by the Purple Golden Heavenly King. Even if she wanted to escape, it would not be so easy!

At that moment, Chu Feng hurriedly sent a voice transmission to remind her.

“Stupid woman! Hurry up and escape! Use the jade hairpin to move!”

At this moment, Bing Yao came to a realization and woke up from her shock.

But suddenly, she was filled with worry.

Without her to resist him, wouldn’t the Purple Golden Heavenly King be an unstoppable existence?

Who dared to block him? Who could block him?

Wouldn’t they definitely lose this round?

Even their side had no hope of defeating this guy in the fifteenth round!

Seeing this, Chu Feng became anxious. He sent a voice transmission frantically and roared non-stop.

“Escape first!”

“I have a way!”

“Don’t do anything stupid!”

“Listen to me! You block the Green Wood Heavenly King. Leave the Purple Golden Heavenly King to me!”

When Bing Yao heard this, her beautiful eyes widened.

“You’re here to resist the Purple Golden Heavenly King?”

“Did I hear wrongly?”

“Are you crazy?!”

Chu Feng did not have time to explain. He could only roar angrily!

“Idiot! Run first!”

Hearing this, at the last moment, Bing Yao could not care less. She immediately activated the jade hairpin and instantly fled to Chu Feng’s side!

The Purple Golden Heavenly King’s full-strength attack also landed on empty air.

But he did not care.

This was originally the manifestation of his true strength and could be easily used. There was no such thing as overdrawing his strength.

Bing Yao could escape for a while, but could she escape for the rest of her life?

“Looks like it’s our Gloomy Emperor’s turn to win this round, haha.”

On the other hand, the Green Wood Heavenly King smiled confidently.

He looked at Chu Feng and Bing Yao in front of him and did not panic at all.

Because the Purple Golden Heavenly King would be here soon, these two people would not be able to kill him for now.

And when Big Brother arrived, it would be the death of these two!

Hearing the Green Wood Heavenly King’s ridicule, Bing Yao’s expression turned even uglier. She tilted her head and looked at Chu Feng, but she realized that he did not react at all.

Instead, he looked straight at the Purple Golden Heavenly King, who was speeding over.

Before Bing Yao could react, the Blazing Wings of the Sky on Chu Feng’s back vibrated and he actually rushed out!


He was like an arrow leaving a bow!

His target was actually the Purple Golden Heavenly King!

“Chu Feng! Are you crazy?!”

Bing Yao was shocked.

She immediately wanted to follow.

Chu Feng’s shout could be heard.

“Stop Qing Mu. It’s best if you can kill him!”

“As for the Purple Golden Heavenly King… Leave him to me!”

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