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Chapter 1303 - Chapter 1303 Burst! Frost Ring!

Chapter 1303 Burst! Frost Ring!

“Ha! Ridiculous!”

Seeing this scene, the Green Wood Heavenly King was also furious.

“Who do you think you are? You want to kill me?!”

Then, a dazzling silver light suddenly erupted from his body.

A hard silver armor slowly appeared.

The armor was covered in wounds, as if it had experienced countless shocking battles.

With this silver armor, the Green Wood Heavenly King actually dared to take Chu Feng’s full-strength attack head-on!


A terrifying wave of air swept out.

The Green Wood Heavenly King only took a few steps back.

Clearly, he was not too injured.

Seeing this, Chu Feng frowned slightly.

What a powerful divine armor!

Could this be the former Master God Weapon of the Green Wood Heavenly King?

Chu Feng already had some guesses.

After all, the Eight Kings of the Sacred Land were former Master God experts. It was not surprising that they had Master God Weapons.

Furthermore, these guys seemed to have experienced some tragic battle in the past.

The divine weapons in everyone’s hands were all damaged!

But even so, it was difficult to deal with them!

He had thought that even if that slash could not kill the Green Wood Heavenly King, it would still severely injure him.

Unexpectedly, the other party still dodged it.

“Hahaha! A junior like you wants to kill me?! In your dreams!”

After gathering himself, the Green Wood Heavenly King sneered.

With the Heavenly Profound Treasure Armor on him, unless he could unleash power comparable to that of a Seventh-Turn, Chu Feng’s attack would not be able to break through his defense!

At this moment, the phantom commander charged over again.

Hearing those words, Chu Feng gave up on killing the other party and instantly changed his train of thought.

Behind him, the Blazing Wings of the Sky trembled slightly, and his entire body immediately turned into an afterimage.

Relying on his speed advantage, he surrounded the Green Wood Heavenly King and kept harassing him.

As for the Five-Astral-Beast, it fought the phantom commander.

The two sides were locked in battle.

Chu Feng had really relied on himself to hold back the two commander-level combatants!

He raised an eyebrow at Bing Yao, meaning… It’s up to you now!

“As a Third-Turn Divine Lord, it’s already my limit to be able to do this.

You can’t expect me to stabilize the world in one go, right? Then what’s the point of having you as the commander?!

Seeing Chu Feng’s gaze, Bing Yao raised her eyebrows. Unconvinced, she suddenly waved the Freezing Ice Scepter in her hand.

Chu Feng, this bastard… Was he looking down on him?!

If she could not achieve anything, she would probably be laughed at by this bastard!


At the thought of this, Bing Yao, who was already a little aggrieved, immediately erupted.

Her aura surged wildly.

She was good at offense to begin with, but the Purple Golden Heavenly King kept using the Sunset Divine Arrow to attack from afar, forcing her to dodge repeatedly. It was extremely uncomfortable.

At this moment, facing the incoming golden arrows, Bing Yao actually stopped dodging. With the Freezing Ice Scepter in hand, she faced it head-on!

Boom! Boom! Boom!

The Master God Weapon-grade Freezing Ice Scepter was like a fire stick in Bing Yao’s hand as she waved it around.

However, the effect was actually quite good!

She approached the Purple Golden Heavenly King bit by bit!

Bing Yao cursed in her heart.

“Just you wait! Wait until I get close! I’ll definitely teach you a lesson!”

The Purple Golden Heavenly King seemed to be panicking as he shouted at Ji Changfeng, “Ji Changfeng, stop her!”

However, how could Ji Changfeng, who was only at the peak of the Sixth-Turn, do it?

Combined with the Purple Golden Heavenly King’s arrows, it only delayed Bing Yao’s attack.

Seeing the two of them getting closer and closer, Bing Yao became even more excited.

She was best at close combat!

The anger she had suppressed for a long time seemed to be about to be released in an instant.

“Purple Golden Heavenly King, Ji Changfeng, let’s see how you can still suppress me!”


There was a shocking bang.

A ring that had never appeared on Bing Yao’s wrist suddenly erupted with a bone-piercing cold light!

A cold light enveloped the area and froze it!

From the looks of it, it was actually another Master God Weapon-level treasure!

The Purple Golden Heavenly King’s eyes narrowed.

“This is… the Ice Ring? The ice-type treasure in the purple gold lottery area?!”

“His luck is actually so good?!”

“Bing Yao is already good at the Ice Dao. Now, she’s like a tiger with wings!”

“This is difficult…”

The Purple Golden Heavenly King’s eyes became even more solemn.

On the other hand, with the support of the Ice Ring, the power of the Freezing Ice Scepter in Bing Yao’s hand increased by 50%!

For a moment, she was unstoppable!

Ji Changfeng was sent flying.

She instantly arrived in front of the Purple Golden Heavenly King.

With a cold expression, the Freezing Ice Scepter in her hand smashed down without hesitation.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

The powerful force, coupled with the terrifying ice sealing power, actually made the Purple Golden Heavenly King unable to resist.

After all, the Sunset Divine Bow was a long-range attack treasure. Its power in close combat was very ordinary.

The Purple Golden Heavenly King was also very helpless.

In the distance, Chu Feng could not help but exclaim in admiration when he saw this scene.

“Alright, old woman, if this continues, we’ll definitely win!”

Bing Yao’s expression turned even colder, but she had no time to care about Chu Feng.

The Purple Golden Heavenly King was not an ordinary opponent. Now that he had finally been suppressed, she had to take advantage of the situation!

However, what puzzled Bing Yao was… Why did she feel that the Purple Golden Heavenly King was a little too weak?

After all, he was a Seventh-Turn Divine Lord. How could he be approached so easily?

One had to know that all experts who were good at archery and long-range attacks had countless life-saving methods to prevent their opponents from getting close.

Either they’re extremely fast so that you can’t catch up at all, or they’re proficient in hallucinations, array formations, space-time… In short, they’re trying to think of ways to prevent you from approaching at all.

This was the first time Bing Yao had seen a “stupid” archer like the Purple Golden Heavenly King.

He had even cultivated terribly in the domain he was best at. No matter how high his realm was, such a warrior could not be considered an expert.

At the thought of this, Bing Yao could not help but look down on him.

“Looks like… the legendary leader of the Sacred Lands is only so-so?”

Bing Yao sighed.

But she did not realize that the slightly disheveled Purple Golden Heavenly King sighed.

“As expected, I’m still not talented in archery…”

“In order to cooperate with the Sunset Divine Bow, I’ve cultivated for several days, but my expertise is still neither high nor low…”

All along, he, the Purple Golden Heavenly King, had been showing off his archery skills.

Because before this, there was no opponent worthy of him using his full strength.

Even the previous Bing Yao had not been taken seriously by him before she obtained a large number of military merits to arm him.

Archery was enough…

But in reality… he really did not know how to shoot an arrow!

He lowered his head helplessly and glanced at the Sunset Divine Bow in his hand.

“This bow is a good bow, but unfortunately, your master doesn’t know how to use you…”

He shook his head.

The Purple Golden Heavenly King laughed at himself.

He slowly put away the Sunset Divine Bow.

A pair of slightly damaged scarlet gloves silently appeared on his fists.

“Old buddy, looks like I’ll have to rely on you.”

“Everyone thinks that I’m good at archery, but in reality, I’m best at close combat…”

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