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Chapter 1302 - Chapter 1302 Shocking Everyone! Commander-level Combat Power!

Chapter 1302 Shocking Everyone! Commander-level Combat Power!

But in reality,

He had more than one method that he could easily use.

The simplest way was to control the phantom commander to go easy on him.

However, Chu Feng did not want to expose the fact that he could control the phantom commander yet.

He still had to use it in the last round!

He slowly raised the Demon Slayer in his hand.


His aura suddenly erupted!

He actually pretended to fight the two commanders head-on!

The Green Wood Heavenly King sneered.

“You’re courting death!”

After he finished saying those words, he could not be bothered to waste his breath on Chu Feng. He suddenly threw the dead tree in his hand and charged towards Chu Feng like a black dragon.

Beside him, the phantom commander also threw a palm!

It was aggressive and filled with killing intent!

Without Chu Feng’s interference, this phantom commander did not know what mercy was.

Even Bing Yao had to take the full-strength attack of two peak Sixth-Turn experts seriously, let alone Chu Feng, who was only a Third-Turn on the surface.

Right now, Chu Feng was completely surrounded by the two of them. He was unable to escape with his speed advantage.

It looked like there was only death left…

But the next moment, Chu Feng casually waved his hand.

The surrounding space suddenly fluctuated violently.

An incomparably huge and burly figure seemed to have torn through the void. He slowly extended his claws, followed by his entire body, wings like steel needles, and a powerful tail…

The moment it was born, it would stand tall.


It was a monster born after fusing with the essence abilities of the five Guardian Astral Beasts!

Petrify, Speed, Defense, Armor Penetration, Strength… Attack and defense balanced, plus undying and indestructible!

Back then, the Third-Turn Five-Astral-Beast was easily comparable to a Fifth-Turn Divine Lord!

After that, Chu Feng paid a huge price to increase it to the Fourth-Turn. He had yet to test its strength…

At this moment, the beast finally saw the light again.

The moment this humanoid creature appeared, it roared at the sky happily.

Seeing the aggressive Green Wood Heavenly King, he did not even wait for Chu Feng’s order and went forward excitedly!

After fusing, the Five-Astral-Beast’s temper became even more violent!

Boom! Boom! Boom!

The surrounding air exploded under the pressure of the wings.

In the blink of an eye, he arrived in front of the Green Wood Heavenly King.

Then, without hesitation, he suddenly tore out with his claw. A dazzling metal light seemed to tear through the sky!


A claw actually tore a crack in the Green Wood Heavenly King’s dead wood.

At the same time, its powerful legs did not stay idle. It kicked the Green Wood Heavenly King’s lower body.

The Green Wood Heavenly King had no choice but to hurriedly defend himself, looking a little overwhelmed.

In an instant, the Five-Astral-Beast, which had unleashed all its strength, temporarily suppressed the Green Wood Heavenly King!

This scene shocked everyone present.

“Where… Where did this monster come from? It’s so strong?!”

Wu Yaoyang couldn’t help but gasp.

This thing seemed to be much stronger than the veteran experts!

It had at least the power of a Sixth-Turn!

Otherwise, he wouldn’t have been able to suppress the Green Wood Heavenly King!

“Chu Feng is really unexpected every time!”

Shu Wanjuan was also extremely emotional.

On the other side, Yu’s eyes were filled with surprise.

Even he did not know when Chu Feng had obtained such a powerful assistant!

“No wonder this guy is so confident. So he was already prepared!”

Not far away, Bing Yao also saw the situation on Chu Feng’s side and heaved a sigh of relief.

However, she hurriedly reminded him, “Chu Feng! Be careful of that phantom commander!”

Everyone only saw the scene of the Five-Astral-Beast fighting the Green Wood Heavenly King, but they forgot that the phantom commander with an extremely low presence was also at the peak of the Sixth-Turn!

Even if he was weaker than the Green Wood Heavenly King, he was not someone Chu Feng could withstand!

But the next moment, everyone, including Bing Yao, was shocked.

Facing the aggressive phantom commander, Chu Feng only raised the Demon Slayer above his head. The dazzling flames shone on Chu Feng’s head like a scorching sun.

The third slash of the Nine Sabers, the Flame Saber!

Right on the heels of that.

The Demon Slayer suddenly swung down!

The extremely heavy blade seemed to carry a tremendous force as it pressed down like a mountain!

After being sublimated by the Heavenly Source Pearl, the “weight” of the Demon Slayer had reached an extremely exaggerated level!

A violent wind instantly swept up.

With the help of the wind, the entire world seemed to have become a fire domain!

Other than that, amidst the violent wind and flames, it was as if countless sharp saber beams were flickering. They were sandwiched and could not be released!

The new sharpness characteristic!

At this moment, the Demon Slayer was both heavy like a mountain and sharp like a blade. It could be said to be indestructible!

The phantom commander opposite him was a war machine that did not know fear and retreat. At this moment, he did not hesitate at all. He threw out a palm and faced it head-on!

The next moment, there was a tearing sound!

It was like a blade cutting through paper!

The palm of the phantom commander slowly fell…

It had been cut off!

Chu Feng took the opportunity to chase after him.

The blade swept across and sent the phantom commander flying!

He did not kill the guy. Firstly, he could not bear to. Secondly, he could not do it!

He had just relied on the power of the Demon Slayer to injure the other party. He did not know how many slashes he would need to kill the other party!

Furthermore, the phantom commander was secretly “his man”!

Behind him, the Blazing Wings of the Sky suddenly trembled and instantly escaped the encirclement like a whirlwind.

This time, the sky was high enough for birds to fly.

With his speed, he shook off the phantom commander in an instant.

This scene shocked everyone.

“What just… happened?!”

“Chu Feng repelled the phantom commander with his own strength?!”

“How is that possible?!”

Yu, Shu Wanjuan, and the others looked at each other, their eyes filled with shock!

Beside him, Bing Yao, who was fighting the Purple Golden Heavenly King and the others, was also in disbelief.

In her daze, she was almost taken advantage of by the Purple Golden Heavenly King!

After catching her breath, she looked up in shock.

“Why did Chu Feng… suddenly become stronger?!”

“Fifth-Turn or Sixth-Turn?!”

“That saber… seems to be different!”

“And his previous pair of wings… Chu Feng, Chu Feng, how many more trump cards do you have!”

At this moment, Bing Yao was really convinced.

Chu Feng seemed to have endless trump cards.

Every time you think you’ve seen through him, he will always give you a huge surprise!

She took a deep breath.

For the first time, Bing Yao truly treated Chu Feng as a comrade she could fight alongside!

Previously, Chu Feng was too weak and was only a burden!

But now… with his monster, unknowingly, Chu Feng really had the combat power of a commander!

Just as everyone was shocked, Chu Feng did not delay at all.

In an instant, he actually swooped down from the sky!

Facing the Green Wood Heavenly King!

With the huge inertia, he suddenly swung the Demon Slayer!

The already extremely terrifying Demon Slayer’s power was activated to the extreme by Chu Feng!

At the same time, he roared, “Five-Astral-Beast! Keep him busy!”

At this moment, everyone suddenly came to a realization.

Chu Feng actually wanted to take the opportunity to kill the Green Wood Heavenly King!

How arrogant!

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