Global Survival: 100 Times Cultivation Speed From The Start

Chapter 1310 - 1310 Fishy!

1310 Fishy!

Just as Chu Feng was pondering, the voice of the reward suddenly sounded in his ears.

Congratulations to Commander-in-Chief Chu Feng for obtaining 50,000 military merits.

Additional 50% bonus for three victories. Total military merits obtained x 75,000.

Hearing this voice, Chu Feng immediately became energetic.

There were actually so many?!

Furthermore, as he had expected, he could obtain additional rewards for winning all three rounds in each round!

70,000 military merits meant that he could obtain at least one more Master God Weapon!

Chu Feng rubbed his palms together.

“I must get the Vampiric Cape!”

Otherwise, Chu Feng would not know how to obtain it again.

The Emperor’s Chess was about to end.

If he did not obtain it this time, he would probably have to look at the final reward…

However, no one could guarantee anything!

He shook his head.

Chu Feng no longer let his imagination run wild.

He first checked his accumulated military merits. They had already reached 160,000 points!

Unfortunately, it seemed useless.

He wondered how much he had to accumulate to reach the highest high-level sergeant.

Or rather, it was hard to say if there was!

Beside him, Yu and the others were also extremely excited.

From the looks of it, they had obtained quite a bit of military merits.

Thanks to the additional reward of winning all three rounds, everyone could drink a lot of soup.

Chu Feng turned his gaze to Bing Yao, who was not far away. He wanted to compare his military merits to hers.

However, facing Chu Feng’s gaze, Bing Yao hurriedly turned her head away.

Clearly, she knew what Chu Feng meant.

But this time, Bing Yao had already decided.

She wouldn’t say anything even if she was beaten to death!

Every time the two of them compared themselves, her pride would be trampled on.

Did she have nothing better to do?!

Did she have to embarrass herself?!

At this moment, Shu Wanjuan also came forward with a curious gaze.

But what greeted him was Bing Yao’s ruthless slap.


He was sent flying mercilessly!

Clearly, she was using her disciple as a sacrifice to tell everyone her attitude.

Seeing this, Chu Feng grinned. Suddenly, he rolled his eyes and deliberately told Bing Yao his military merits.

“Well, this time, I obtained…”

Don’t listen, don’t listen!

With a cold expression, Bing Yao sealed her six senses.

If I can’t hear you, you won’t laugh at me!

Bing Yao knew very well that when Chu Feng was only a general, his military merits could suppress hers every time.

Furthermore, both of them were commanders now!

Even if I obtained 50,000 military merits this time, I won’t compete!

There was no harm without comparison!

Can’t I just admit defeat?!

Seeing this, everyone roared with laughter.

So the arrogant and cold Bing Yao could be so embarrassed!

Unlike the Green Emperor’s camp, which was filled with laughter, the Gloomy Emperor’s camp fell into silence again.

They had lost again!

And they had lost all three rounds in an unprecedented manner.

How humiliating!

Most importantly, this time was different from before. They had lost all three rounds clearly. Their enemy had crushed them with their strength!

In addition, after this round, the other party’s strength had increased greatly with the help of the military merits this time.

How could they defeat the other party in the last round?!

At this moment, the Gloomy Emperor’s camp was finally anxious.

The pressure soared!

They had thought that they would definitely win, but who would have thought that the other party would forcefully turn the tables? Both sides were once again on the same level.

Of course, to be honest, they still had a slight advantage.

The current score was 7 to 8.

There was only a thin line between victory and failure.

This also meant that if the Gloomy Emperor’s camp still wanted to obtain the final victory…

They had to win the last round!

Two out of three rounds to obtain the final victory!

If they won one of the three rounds, they would only be able to stop the other party’s double points. Then, the final outcome would be 8 to 8.

If they obtained no victories, they would fail!

They would never have a chance again!

The Purple Golden Heavenly King’s eyes flickered.

The worst outcome he could accept would be a draw!

In other words, they had to win at least one battle!

As for the consequences of the final draw, he did not know. He only knew that if they lost completely again, the countless prices they had to pay for this trip to the God Emperor’s Palace would be in vain!

The dead Kings of the Sacred Lands would have died for nothing!

He could not afford this price!

Therefore… he had to win!

No matter the price, no matter the means…

The Green Wood Heavenly King could tell that the Purple Golden Heavenly King was worried and suddenly said, “Big Brother, the current situation is very disadvantageous to us!”

“If we want to win, unless the heavens favor us and give us a chance to fight the weak, there won’t be hope!”

“But I have a feeling…”

The Purple Golden Heavenly King suddenly glanced at the Green Wood Heavenly King and said in a deep voice, “You sensed it too?”

The Green Wood Heavenly King nodded.

“Yes, ever since Chu Feng and the others arrived, the order of appearance in every round of chess seems to be biased towards the other party’s camp!”

“I suspect that there’s something fishy!”

The Purple Golden Heavenly King took a deep breath.

“You’re thinking the same thing as me!”

“But… what’s the problem?”

“The order of this game was decided by the emperors of both sides. How can outsiders interfere?”

At this point, the Purple Golden Heavenly King was suddenly stunned on the spot and muttered to himself, “Outsiders… can interfere.”

“We forgot that commanders have the right to make suggestions!”

“It’s just that we don’t trust ourselves, so we’ve never used it!”

“But what if… the other party used this to secretly play tricks?!”

The Green Wood Heavenly King was puzzled.

“That doesn’t make sense! Are you saying that Chu Feng and the others interfered with all of this?”

“But they can only suggest the order of appearance of their own camp at most. How can they affect our side through the Emperor’s Chessboard?”

At this moment, countless shadows flashed across the Purple Golden Heavenly King’s mind.

As a Seventh-Turn Divine Lord expert, he naturally had a photographic memory.

At this moment, the scenes of the past battles kept appearing in his eyes.

From the beginning, when Ji Changfeng “coincidentally” let the other party’s generals go, to the perfect Unification Heaven Formation, which was strangely destroyed from the inside by Huangpu You, the phantom soldiers who “suddenly died tragically” in Huangpu You’s hands…

And after that, Huangpu You’s indignant explanations over and over again…

After connecting all the unrelated details, the Purple Golden Heavenly King felt as if he had understood something.

“Perhaps… we’ve wronged Ji Changfeng and the others…”

A cold glint suddenly flashed across the Purple Golden Heavenly King’s eyes.


The Green Wood Heavenly King still did not understand.

At this moment, the Purple Golden Heavenly King suddenly looked at the phantom commander standing not far away.

He took a deep breath.

“Perhaps… there’s a traitor on our side!”

The Green Wood Heavenly King asked curiously.

“Big Brother, are you talking about Ji Changfeng? Indeed, that guy slacks off every day, but isn’t it a little ridiculous to say that he has a way to secretly communicate with the other party across camps?”

The Purple Golden Heavenly King shouted angrily.

“I’m talking about… these phantom soldiers!”

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