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Chapter 514 - Demon Servant

Chapter 514 Demon Servant

Upon hearing this, Mo Jiawei immediately turned around and stepped on the brake.

At the same time, Fang Heng threw the sealed card out of the window.


It was still in mid-air.

The sealed card suddenly exploded!

After the black-clothed creature landed on the ground, it lightly tapped the ground with the tip of its foot and once again flew towards Fang Heng. Before the truck had completely stopped, Fang Heng had already opened the door and jumped out of the truck.

Facing the black-clothed creature that was charging straight at him, Fang Heng raised his fist and swung it forward. “Dong!!!”

A bell-like collision sound.

The black-clothed creature was sent flying backwards by the punch.

Behind it, eight fusion Tyrant forms immediately rushed towards the black-clothed creature’s landing spot.

“Chi Chi Chi…”

Fine vines extended from the body of the fusion Tyrant form and in a short moment, they tightly bound the black-clothed creature.


Fang Heng snorted disdainfully.

He had been chased by this group of unknown creatures outside the game for a long time, and now that he had entered the game, how could he not be able to deal with it?

“Uh, Fang Heng…”

Mo Jiawei hurriedly ran out of the truck.

He looked at the black-clothed creature that had been half-fused with the fusion Tyrant form and revealed a puzzled expression. “What the hell is that?”

“The creature that attacked me in the gym.”

“I accidentally brought one back.”

As he spoke, Fang Heng observed the black-clothed creature that was tied up.

According to the game hint, he needed to analyze the black-clothed creature next.

He should hand this part over to Qiu Yaokang, right?

“Let me take a look.”

Mo Jiawei was eager to try, so he reached out his left hand to cover his left eye.

“Demon servant.”

Mo Jiawei frowned and said, “It doesn’t belong to the creature of the zombie world. Please level up your skill level to get more information.”

“Eh, this…”

Mo Jiawei opened his mouth and put down his hand. Then, he turned to look at Lucia.

What did he say just now.

After the God took control of District 8, all kinds of demons and monsters would appear in District 8, not to mention zombies.

Look, it had only been a few hours, but the demons and monsters had already arrived.

Fang Heng spread his hands. “It seems that we can only bring it back to Qiu Yaokang to study and see what it is.”

“Old Mr. Mo, don’t just stand there. Let’s go back quickly.”


Mo Jiawei came back to his senses and followed Fang Heng to the driver’s seat of the truck.

After starting the truck, Mo Jiawei asked again, “God, did you just say that my combat arts hall was attacked?”

“Yeah, the combat arts hall is fine, but it’s a bit chaotic. I think the other party is coming for me. Anyway, staying there won’t help. We can just hide in the game. I believe your family should be able to handle it.”

“That’s true.”

Mo Jiawei thought that it made sense.

Anyway, he couldn’t help even if he went offline.

It would be good if he didn’t cause any trouble!

“How long until we reach the camp?”


Fang Heng thought for a while. He planned to stay in the game for a while. It wouldn’t be too late to return to the real world after North River Heavy Industry finished dealing with this incident.

With that thought, Fang Heng took out two bottles of coffee from his backpack and drained them all.

At the end of the street, a normal taxi slowly drove over and stopped by the side of the road.

A tall and thin middle-aged man walked out from the shadows.

The middle-aged man opened the car door and walked into the back seat of the taxi.

“Mission failed, the assassination was unsuccessful.”

In the driver’s seat, Ji Qiubei’s brows were tightly furrowed.

“Why did it fail?”

“The information you gave me was wrong.”

The man’s entire body was hidden under a large gray robe. A few of his exposed skin was white and twisted, making others feel uncomfortable just by looking at him. “Ordinary people can’t survive being chased by demon servants.” Cooper closed his eyes slightly for a moment to sense, and said again, “There are a total of 24 demon servants. Twenty-three of them were killed and reborn. Another demon servant completely lost its spiritual link. Even now, I still can’t reestablish a connection with it.”

“What do you mean?”

“It literally means that there’s something wrong with the information you gave us. The target’s rating needs to be greatly increased.”

“F*ck! He’s just an elementary game player outside of the game! How else can his rating be raised?!”

Ji Qiubei reached out and hammered the steering wheel

How hateful!

After this sneak attack failed, the Mo Family would definitely strengthen their defenses and Fang Heng would definitely be more careful.

It would be extremely difficult for them to assassinate Fang Heng next time.

Cooper glanced at Ji Qiubei and calmly retracted his gaze.

“Alright, this mission has ended. I should leave now. If I don’t leave now, those pests from the Federation will chase after me.”

“Buzz, Buzz, Buzz…”.

Ji Qiubei wanted to say something else, but his phone suddenly vibrated.

He immediately picked up the call.

“Hello? Boss.”

Hearing the content on the other end of the phone, Ji Qiubei’s pupils suddenly constricted.

“What did you say?!”


“Well, don’t worry. I’ll take care of it.”

After hanging up the phone, Ji Qiubei turned to look at Cooper.

“It’s an emergency. Kou Huai is dead.”

Cooper turned to look at Ji Qiubei, his expression still calm.

“And then?”

“There’s been a change of plan. According to the commander’s instructions, we will carry out the plan ahead of time. Right now, Night Owl needs your help.”

“Okay, do it. I will coordinate the communication.”

“D*mn it, someone robbed my house.”

In the tearoom, Mo Jianghe was full of displeasure. He angrily poured a big cup of tea and gulped it down. “It almost became a misfortune. Fortunately, my clever disciple escaped quickly and didn’t fall for the trap. Otherwise, I would have to fight those people to the death.”

Mo Yunxiao casually poured another cup for Mo Jianghe. “Oh? Your disciple?”

“Yes, Fang Heng. I taught him the sealing technique myself. Of course, he is my personal disciple.”

Ever since he found out that Fang Heng had successfully broken through the spatial rift after learning the sealing technique for one day, Mo Jianghe had started to single-handedly declare that Fang Heng was his personal disciple.

Mo Jianghe was still a little excited at the mention of Fang Heng. He swore confidently, “Fourth Brother, don’t doubt me. I have a feeling that my disciple will definitely be able to bring the sealing technique to greater heights!”

“After he finishes dealing with the matters in the game, I have to talk to him and trick him into…”

“Oh, what I mean is to invite him into the Nightmare World game.”

“I hope so.”

Mo Yunxiao grunted and continued to ask, “Let’s not talk about this matter. Let me ask you, were the attackers tonight sent by Night Owl?”

“Impossible. Night Owl is no match against me. It was most likely done by the twelve corporations.”

“It’s not surprising. Night Owl has been in contact with the twelve corporations since a long time ago.” Mo Yunxiao nodded and said, “It’s also difficult for those old guys. They’ve been holding back for so many years.”

“Let’s not talk about them. Aren’t we also holding back? We’re almost suffering from internal injuries.”

Mo Jianghe muttered unhappily, “Are we still holding back? I think it’s meaningless. We might as well fight them head-on…”

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