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Chapter 515 - New Toy

Chapter 515 New Toy

“No rush, we have an agreement.”

As the two of them were talking, Mo Yunxiao’s cell phone rang.

After saying a few words, Mo Yunxiao hung up the phone and showed a thoughtful expression.

“Brother, what happened?”

“Kou Huai is dead.”

Mo Jianghe’s eyes lit up and he immediately became interested. “Oh ho? What breaking news! Was it done by Night Owl? Was the plan pushed forward?”

“No, it might not be done by Night Owl.” Mo Yunxiao revealed a puzzled expression, he said, “According to the information from the Vampire Apocalypse, after Kou Huai’s death, Night Owl had a special emergency operation in District 7. It was a sudden plan ahead of schedule and was not within their expectations.” “So strange?” “Yes. Also, Kou Huai died in the neighborhood next to the gym. The people from the inspection team have already stepped in to investigate. Our gym is also included in the scope of the investigation for the time being.”

“D*mn, those bastards from the Federation really know how to make use of the topic.”

Mo Jianghe cursed in a low voice. He scratched his head and revealed a suspicious expression, “This is really strange. Since Kou Huai wasn’t killed by the Night Owl, who else could it be? Moreover, he died next to our gym? Isn’t this too ridiculous?”

“Indeed.” Mo Yunxiao picked up the teacup, placed it in front of his mouth and took a small sip. “It seems that other than us and the twelve corporations, there are still people who are interested in the altar.”


Mo Jianghe swallowed his saliva. He seemed to have thought of something and asked tentatively, “Fourth Brother, I heard that Jiawei is also interested in District 7. Could it be that he and Fang Heng are also involved in the matter of the altar?”


“That’s good. Things like the altar are still too dangerous for them. Fang Heng is the inheritor of my sealing technique, and Jiawei is also my nephew. It’s better if the two of them don’t participate.”

Mo Yunxiao put down the teacup in his hand and looked at Mo Jianghe. “No, I mean, they were involved long ago.”


The truck slowly drove into the prison headquarters.

Fang Heng immediately ran to the basement laboratory to look for Qiu Yaokang.

The two fusion Tyrant forms followed behind Fang Heng and dragged the black-clothed creature that was entangled into the research area.

“Fang Heng, I was just looking for you. I heard that you’ve completely expelled Hila’s tissue sample?”

“Yes, it’s all been dealt with.”

Qiu Yaokang stood there for a long time before he sighed heavily in his heart.

“It’s a little regretful.”

Qiu Yaokang knew that this was the fastest way to resolve the apocalyptic world, but he couldn’t help but feel a little disappointed, “Actually, the tissue sample of Hila is very valuable for research. Through studying the tissue sample, we might be able to find a way to live forever.”

“We could even study about the superpower that Hila has.”

“There might not be any more high-value research items like that.”

Fang Heng curled his lips, thinking that Qiu Yaokang was acting weird today. So it was for research.

He was worried for nothing.

There would be plenty of such things in the future!

“There’s nothing to regret. I have another surprise for you.”

While speaking, Fang Heng controlled two fusion Tyrant forms to drag the black-clothed creature into the room.

“Eh? What’s that?”

Qiu Yaokang looked at the black-clothed creature that was entangled by the fusion Tyrant form and showed an interested expression.

He walked up and looked at the black-clothed creature.

“Is it a new mutated zombie?”

“No, it’s a new thing. I’ll leave it to you. You can study it however you want.” “Interesting life form.”

Qiu Yaokang was attracted.

Originally, when the Zombie Apocalypse ended, Qiu Yaokang felt a little empty in his heart.

He didn’t expect Fang Heng to find a new toy for him so soon.

Qiu Yaokang took out a pen from his pocket.

He walked to the fusion Tyrant form and tried to poke the black-clothed creature that was entangled by the vine entanglement with the tip of the pen. Then, he took out a pair of scissors from his pocket and cut off its hood and part of its black robe.

Under the black robe, the main body of the black-clothed creature was a human-shaped creature.

Its skin was wrinkled and its body was short and extremely thin.

In the past, Fang Heng had always thought that the black-clothed creature’s weapon was a black dagger, but it was not.

A long black bone spike extended from the black-clothed creature’s wrist, and the bone spike fused with its entire palm.

Its face was even stranger.

Unlike normal humans, its mouth was a round mouthpart, and the inside of the mouthpart was rows of sharp white teeth.

There were no pupils on its eyes, only two deeply sunken black holes.

“It’s very interesting. It’s very similar to us humans, but from its appearance, I think the environment it grows in might be very different from ours. I’ll take a blood sample to


As he spoke, Qiu Yaokang took out the sample collector from his pocket and pressed it on the black-clothed creature’s arm.


Qiu Yaokang’s palm went numb and the entire sample collector in his hand was blown away by the black-clothed creature’s hard skin.


Qiu Yaokang was even more interested. He looked excited and turned to look at Fang Heng. “I’ll study it. It might take some time.”

A game hint appeared on Fang Heng’s retina.

(Hint: Player’s shelter has conducted research and analysis on an unknown life form. Combined with the current shelter level, the estimated time required is 18.4 hours.]

“Thank you for your hard work. Do it as soon as possible.”

Listening to the conversation between Fang Heng and Qiu Yaokang, the NPCs in the laboratory looked pained.

It’s a goner, they would have to work all night again today.

After leaving the laboratory, Fang Heng went to the teleportation hall to talk to Victor about upgrading to Tier 4 spatial rift.

“Hey, Victor.”

Victor was repairing the space tearing device. When he saw Fang Heng, he put down the wrench in his hand.

“Fang Heng, we heard that you have purified the virus left behind by Hila, right? There won’t be any zombie virus in the world anymore! We can embrace the sunshine again, right?”

“Yes, thanks to your modified space tearing device, it has helped us a lot.”

“That’s great! You really did it! I knew you could do it!”

Victor was extremely excited.

“I have good news for you. Angel’s condition has improved.”

“She can walk now. Qiu Yaokang told me that in the next stage, he will try to develop an antibody vaccine against the virus. With the primogenitor virus as a sample, I believe we’ll be able to completely eliminate the remaining zombie virus in Angel’s body soon.”

“Fang Heng, thank you so much. If it weren’t for you, I don’t even know if Angel would be able to survive…”

Fang Heng patted Victor on the shoulder. “It’s all in the past. I need your help with something.”

“Yeah, just tell me.”

“Is it related to the next upgrade of the space tearing device?”

Victor nodded and placed his hand on the large-scale space tearing device, he explained, “I’ve seen the blueprint of the Meteorite Company. In theory, it’s not difficult to level up a Tier 4 space tearing device. I can do it alone.”

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