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Chapter 513 - Led Into

Chapter 513 Led Into

Is this what it feels like to jump off a building?

Fang Heng knew very well that even if he directly jumped off the building and landed on the ground, he would not die due to the effects of the undying body!


It would definitely be extremely painful.

Moreover, being smashed into a pile of flesh was extremely disgusting!

As his body rapidly descended, Fang Heng slowly closed his eyes.

In front of him, a bronze-colored door gradually opened. Fang Heng’s body was still falling from mid-air and a scarlet-colored magic array appeared right below him.

Chi Chi Chi…

In mid-air, countless cyan-gray palms simultaneously stretched out from the void, tightly enveloping Fang Heng within.


The instant he landed, Fang Heng’s entire body seemed to fall into the magic array, disappearing along with the scarlet-colored magic array.

“Bang! Bang Bang Bang!!!”

Following that, all the black life forms that were chasing after Fang Heng fell to the ground at the same time.

With loud bangs, the cement ground was smashed into potholes.

The black-clothed life forms did not move at all.

Black mist rose up from their bodies.

In a short while, only a thin layer of black robes was left in the holes.

Outside the gym, in a small black car parked at the side, Kou Huai put down his binoculars.

He seemed to be in a daze as he looked at the place where Fang Heng had just disappeared.

The attack this time was completely controlled by Night Owl’s people. Kou Huai had played a role in it, which was to help bring them here and find a way to temporarily cut off the power supply to the entire gym and the nearby area.

It was just that Kou Huai felt uneasy, so he chose to hide here and observe with binoculars after cutting off the power supply.

But he never thought that he would see Fang Heng fall from the sky!

He saw with his own eyes how Fang Heng disappeared.

A special magic array.

An extremely strange way to enter the game. Demi-human tribe!

Fang Heng was actually from the demi-human tribe!!

Kou Huai’s breathing became rapid again.

The powerful and terrifying demi-human tribe!

No wonder he was able to stay one step ahead of the others in the game and gain control of District 8 in such a short period of time, doing things that other players couldn’t do.


Kou Huai’s mind was extremely confused.

All of this was very unreasonable!

It didn’t make sense!

It was impossible. How could the demi-human tribe accept the game mission? How could they get ownership of District 8?

The demi-human tribe could not even obtain the game mission!


Only the demi-human tribe could enter the game that way!

After thinking for three minutes in the car, Kou Huai’s solemn expression eased and a sneer appeared on the corner of his mouth.

He only needed a reason to suspect.

The Federation’s fear of the demi-human tribe was deeply rooted in their bones.

As long as he reported to his superiors that Fang Heng was a demi-human tribe member, there would naturally be someone to investigate him.

If he really was from the demi-human tribe…

A demi-human tribe member who had obtained the World Lord qualification?

His superiors would disregard everything and kill him!

This way, Fang Heng would definitely die!

No one would stop him from obtaining the title of World Lord of District 7!

Even if Fang Heng wasn’t from the demi-human tribe, the Federation’s highest level of scrutiny was enough to make him suffer!

He would immediately call his superiors!

After thinking it through, Kou Huai immediately reached into his pocket, trying to take out his phone to make a call.

Eh? Where’s the phone?

Kou Huai was about to lower his head to look for it when a pleasant female voice sounded in Kou Huai’s ear.

“Are you looking for this?”

Kou Huai was startled. He suddenly felt as if he had fallen into an ice cave.

His whole body seemed to be frozen stiff and he couldn’t move at all.

It took him a lot of effort to slowly turn his head and look to his side.

He didn’t know when, but a woman had appeared in the passenger seat.

Who was she?! When did she appear by his side?

Kou Huai was extremely terrified.

The other party had quietly appeared in his passenger’s seat and was able to control him tightly.

Why did this woman look so familiar!!

Kou Huai’s eyelids twitched.

He was sure that he had seen this woman before!

Where did he see her before?

Kou Huai tried hard to search his memories.

Suddenly, Kou Huai remembered.

He had seen her when he was investigating Fang Heng’s background!

“Are you Xia Xi?”

“Oh? You know me?” Surprise flashed in Xia Xi’s eyes, and then she figured out the key point. “That’s right. You’ve investigated him. For humans, your memory is very good.”

“Who are you exactly?”

Kou Huai felt his throat dry up.

At the critical moment, some details of the past played back in Kou Huai’s mind like a movie.

Kou Huai seemed to have figured out many things in an instant.

“Are you also a demi-human tribe?”

“You were also the one responsible for the death of the Federation’s Investigation Team’s Meng Wu when he was investigating Fang Heng…”

“Shh, don’t talk. Listen to me.” Xia Xi pressed her hand to her lips. “I can tolerate what you did to Fang Heng in the game, but this time, you accidentally discovered the taboo.”

“This secret hasn’t been revealed yet.”

Kou Huai was about to say something when he suddenly felt an itch on his throat. Then, he covered his throat with both hands. “Chi, Chi, Chi…”

Kou Huai heard a terrifying sound.

His bloodshot eyes revealed an indescribable fear.

Through the rear window, Kou Huai clearly saw a red worm body crawling out of his throat…


Returning to the King of Gods’ space, Fang Heng heaved a sigh of relief.

What was the origin of that group of black-clothed creatures?

Fortunately, he had exceptional escape ability.

It seemed that Fang Heng from his previous life was right. The real world was too dangerous, so it was safer to hide in the game world.

Especially in the newbie protection stage of the Zombie Apocalypse.

In the King of Gods’ space, Fang Heng chose to return to the Zombie Apocalypse.

A faint red light gradually enveloped his body.

Fang Heng had just appeared in the back seat of the truck, and before he could even catch his breath, a game hint quickly appeared on his retina.


(Hint: Unknown special item detected, identifying…]

(Hint: Unknown creature has been identified…]

(Hint: Player’s World Lord qualification has been successfully determined…]

(Hint: World Lord has brought into this world a life form that does not belong to this world.)

(Hint: After completing the research on this unknown life form, the World Lord can choose to introduce an external life form to upgrade the Zombie Apocalypse world level.]

What is it? An external life form?

Fang Heng was startled.

“Er… Fang Heng, what’s wrong?”

Mo Jiawei still did not know what was happening outside. When he saw Fang Heng return to the game, his expression seemed to be a little grave. He asked, “What happened?”

“Nothing, I was attacked outside.”

“Ah?! Attacked? Where?”

Mo Jiawei was so scared that he almost lost his grip on the steering wheel. He turned to look at Fang Heng, “Are you alright?”

“Something happened. The other party was a little difficult to deal with, but it was not a big problem. I hid…”

Fang Heng held the sealed card in his hand and looked at it carefully. He was just casually replying.

He suddenly realized something.

“Old Mr. Mo! Stop the car now!”

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