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Chapter 512 - Leaping Down

Chapter 512 Leaping Down

More black-clothed creatures swarmed in from outside the combat arts hall, charging crazily toward Fang Heng.

Bang! Bang, bang!! Fang Heng punched the incoming black-clothed creature and sent it flying. His body was also slashed by the dagger, and with the fast healing ability of the skill Undead, he quickly recovered.

However, he couldn’t withstand the pain!

Fang Heng’s forehead was covered in cold sweat from the pain, and he quickly made a judgment in his heart.

Things were troublesome.

The black-clothed creatures weren’t like normal humans. Hitting their bodies was similar to hitting a metal door.

It seemed that his fists couldn’t kill them.

Though they wouldn’t pose a threat to him for the time being, things could not go on like that. Fang Heng could already feel that his physical strength had begun to decline. The group of black-clothed creatures was obviously coming for him.

He had to think of a way to completely finish them off.

Fang Heng quickly scanned his surroundings.

Got it!

To deal with a creature with extremely strong defense, he could just use a sealing technique to seal them!

Sealing techniques were different from other skills.

They were brought into the game after being learned outside of the game.

That meant that Fang Heng could use it outside of the game!

Fang Heng sent the attacking black-clothed creature flying with a punch. Then, he forcefully resisted the dagger attacks from the two black-clothed creatures on his left and right and quickly ran toward the front corridor.

The remaining 20 or so black-clothed creatures immediately chased after Fang Heng.

Wo Mingfan struggled to get up from the ground and looked at Fang Heng who was escaping. “Who exactly is that guy?”

After leaving the hall, Fang Heng sprinted toward the third floor of the stadium.

There were still sealing materials left there.

Fang Heng ran while analyzing the combat style of the black-clothed creatures behind him.

The black-clothed creatures ran extremely fast, but their attack style was relatively simple. Almost all of them used daggers to attack, and every time they attacked, they would be stunned for a short while.

They didn’t look like human beings, more like creatures controlled at will by a human being.

It felt like a zombie clone that had been given an order. They didn’t have the ability to think.

In addition, they used physical attacks.

In the process of escaping, Fang Heng had been caught up by the black-clothed creatures more than once, and his back had been left with several deep cuts.

However, Fang Heng had only paid the price of a little pain, since the cut could be quickly healed under the effect of Undead’s skill effect.

Fang Heng broke into the third-floor meditation room, grabbed the paper that was left on the ground, dipped it in fusion spellcasting fluid, and drew a stroke on the paper.


Fang Heng suddenly turned around and stuck the sealing paper on the head of the black-clothed creature that was chasing him. “Hint: seal failed!”

“F*ck! ” thought Fang Heng.

The black-clothed creature’s body froze. Two dark-colored daggers appeared from its left and right sleeves, and both of its hands grazed Fang Heng’s neck at the same time.


Fang Heng’s neck was left with two deep bloody scars that healed at an extremely fast speed!


Fang Heng gritted his teeth and endured the pain. He flipped his hand and pasted a rune on the black-clothed creature’s forehead. “Hint: seal failed!”

“Damn it! The success rate is too low! Invincible sealing technique my *ss!” Fang Heng cursed in his heart. “The sealing success rate of using the basic sealing technique to seal a live organism is definitely less than ten percent!”

Seeing the large number of black-clothed creatures chasing in from outside the door, Fang Heng did not dare to stay any longer. He grabbed the large bowl filled with spellcasting materials and a handful of rune papers on the ground, then ran toward the back door.

It seemed that the basic sealing technique was insufficient to completely deal with the black-clothed creatures.

He had to think of another way.

Got it!

Fang Heng’s eyes narrowed.

He would smash them to death!

Running out from the back door of the meditation room, Fang Heng narrowed his eyes. He turned back and ran in the direction of the building next to the stadium.

Along the way, more than 20 black-clothed creatures chased after Fang Heng relentlessly.

Every time he was chased and slashed, Fang Heng would turn his head and use a sealing rune to hit the other party.

When he was about to run up the stairs to the seventh floor, Fang Heng’s back had already been slashed by the black-clothed creatures nearly a hundred times.

Another slash was made on Fang Heng’s back.

Fang Heng gritted his teeth and endured the pain.

Almost having formed a mechanical conditioned reflex, he turned his head and conveniently stuck a rune on the forehead of the black-clothed creature behind him.

A silver light flashed.


In an instant, the black-clothed creature was sucked into the card.


Fang Heng was stunned by the unexpected successful sealing.

In the next instant, a line of game hints quickly swept across his vision.

“Hint: you have sealed an unknown life form.

“Hint: through the skill occult ritual, your sealing technique talent has increased by 0.002. Your current sealing technique talent strength: 2410.731 (???). Your sealing technique talent has exceeded the statistical scope and can not be measured.”

Fang Heng quickly skimmed through the hints.

Previously, Fang Heng had planned to max out his sealing technique talent.

He didn’t expect that he could actually increase it after reaching 999.

At that time, time was tight, so Fang Heng simply left a portion of his zombie clones to continue farming the talent strength and brought the remaining zombie clones to hurriedly seal the Hila tissue sample.

He didn’t expect that after some time, the talent strength had already exceeded 2000.

Fang Heng didn’t know how much the talent strength of the sealing technique could reach.

He turned around and continued to run for his life while holding the sealing paper in his hand and observing it.

“Item: seal — unknown life form.”

Description: an unknown life form is sealed in this card.

“Fantastic! There is no description that says I can’t put it into my backpack! ” Fang Heng thought as he quickly threw the sealing card into the warp backpack slot. Bang!

After running all the way past the 17th floor of the building until he reached the roof, Fang Heng kicked open the door leading to the rooftop. He ran to the fence on the edge of the rooftop and turned his head to look behind him for the last time.

The black-clothed creatures were still determinedly chasing after him.

After being chased for so long, Fang Heng had a clear count.

There were a total of 24 black-clothed creatures. He had sealed one, and only 23 were left.

However, Fang Heng still had not seen the faces of those black-clothed creatures clearly.

Fang Heng felt that they were probably the products of the mid-tier or advanced game worlds.

“Hehe, you want to catch me? Try it! ” Under the night sky, Fang Heng stepped over the fence, moved forward fiercely, and jumped down from the 17-story tall building!

The black-clothed creatures did not realize the risks of jumping down from the 17-story tall building and acted as per usual. Without the slightest hesitation, they followed Fang Heng’s footsteps and jumped high into the air.

It seemed that he was right. They were life forms without consciousness and blindly followed missions given by their controller.

Fang Heng pondered, “Who could it be? Who is so eager to kill me?”

Falling rapidly from the air, Fang Heng felt a gentle breeze on his face.

The passage of time seemed to slow down once again.

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