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Chapter 25

Chapter 25: The Basement

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The contents of the notebook ended there.

“It seems that a zombie virus did break out in the prison.”

“But, isn’t this hint too obvious? The password of the safe in the gun safe room is left 6, right 2, left 11…”

Fang Heng murmured in a low voice.

“It’s obvious that you want me to find the safe?”

“Such an obvious hint… could it be a trap?”

Fang Heng flipped to the back.

On the last page of the diary, there was still a paragraph of text.

The handwriting was quite messy. It seemed to be written in a hurry.

“I’m sorry!”

“I’m sorry!”

“I was too scared! My body was out of control. At that time, I just wanted to escape…”

“Everything was my fault!”

“God! What stupid thing did I do!!”

“I locked them all in the basement!”

“I’m a coward! I’m a loser who killed my friends and my colleagues!”

“The team leader was right, this isn’t a riot, it’s an epidemic!”

“The outside of Building No. 3 has been surrounded by crazy infectious people, I can’t get out…”

“The only way out is the basement, but it’s already occupied by monsters.”

“No matter who it is, if you see this note, please tell the others that there are monsters in the basement. I’ll hide the key to the basement in the safe later.”

“Don’t open the basement door without permission!”

“Sorry, team leader, I’ll be with you soon…”

The next second, a few lines of game notifications were refreshed in Fang Heng’s mission log.

[Hint: You have completed the reading.]

[Hint: You have triggered a hidden mission-a police officer’s diary.]

Mission name: A police officer’s diary.

Mission description: Find the key to the basement entrance.

Mission difficulty: ???

Mission reward: Survival points.

Additional description: The faster you complete the quest, the more rewards you will receive.

After reading the note, Fang Heng fell silent.

So this prison guard locked his teammates and zombies in the basement to escape?

Tsk tsk tsk…..

Having a foolish teammate was terrifying.

Fang Heng could not help but sigh under his breath.

Hidden missions would also be triggered in the game. Generally speaking, the rewards of hidden missions were relatively high.

Fang Heng opened the game log to take a look, trying to assess the risk of this mission.

The zombies had finished cleaning the first and second floors of the prison’s work area and were on the way to cleaning up the third floor.

The second floor was not very dangerous.

The assessment was completed.

Fang Heng made a simple judgment.

The benefits far exceeded the risks.

He accepted this mission!

Since he had decided to accept the mission, Fang Heng targetted the highest reward and wanted to complete it as soon as possible.

Fang Heng put out the bonfire, stood up and looked up at the wall.

On the wall of the entrance hall was a map of the overall layout of the prison.

“The diary said that the safe is in the gun safe room…”

Fang Heng tried to find the location of the gun safe room on the map.

He found it. It was the last room on the second floor.

Fang Heng took out a mace from his backpack and summoned five zombie clones to follow him. They entered the second floor through the stairs at the front of the hall.

The zombie clones that were sent out to hack could investigate, collect materials and kill the enemies at the same time.

Unfortunately, they didn’t have enough intelligence. When they encountered some doors that couldn’t be opened, they wouldn’t force their way in. Instead, they would take a detour.

These locked rooms might contain zombies and materials.

Fang Heng had planned to leave the “blind box” for Liao Bufan to open tomorrow.

In front of the gun safe room.

Fang Heng tried to twist the handle of the door.

As expected, the gun safe room was locked.

Fang Heng tried to stick his ear to the wooden door to listen.

There were many zombies inside.

Fang Heng waved his hand, signalling the zombie clones behind him to smash the door.

In just three minutes, the door was knocked down.

A few zombies staggered toward Fang Heng.

“Hiss! Hiss!”

The zombie clones blocking the door were prepared. They kept pushing the zombies back with their long guns, leaving a few holes on their bodies.

The cycle repeated dozens of times and the remaining zombies in the room were cleaned up.

Fang Heng walked into the gun safe room to check.

The gun safe room was as messy as the outside world as if it had been ransacked.

The guns on the shelves had also been emptied, leaving only a few scattered bullets.

Bullets were also good stuff and they were all rare materials.

Fang Heng put them into the player’s backpack one by one.

[Hint: You have obtained an ordinary handgun bullet*237.]

The old-fashioned green safe described in the diary was placed in the right corner of the gun safe room. It could be seen at a glance.

“Left 6, right 2, left 11…”

Fang Heng walked forward and carefully twisted the numbers on the turntable.


With a light crisp sound, the safe was opened.

Fang Heng opened the safe.

A pistol and a bunch of keys lay quietly in the safe.

“There is a gun!”

Fang Heng’s eyes lit up and he picked up the pistol.

Item: Pistol-colt M4000.

Description: A modified Colt M4000 pistol. It could be loaded with 12 bullets and slightly increase the critical strike rate.

Good stuff!

Guns were extremely good items in the apocalypse. They were extremely valuable to players, especially in the early stages of danger. They posed the greatest threat to players!

Fang Heng was sure that someone would be willing to pay a high price for it.

There was also this set of keys.

Fang Heng picked up the key chain and weighed it in his hand.

He reckoned that all the keys to the entire work area of Building No. 3 were here.

Well, he could stop banging on the doors tomorrow.

Fang Heng put away the keys and the game prompt appeared again.

[Hint: You have found the key to the basement entrance.]

[Hint: You have completed the mission-police officer’s diary. Obtained 15 survival points.]

[Hint: You can choose the following options:]

[Option 1: Try to explore the basement.]

[Option 2: Sell the key to any apocalypse merchant for 100 survival points.]

“This mission is weird.”

Fang Heng examined the mission notification.

“Although the mission gave me options, it didn’t let me make a choice right now.”

After thinking for a while, Fang Heng decided to go to the basement first.

He planned to build the prison as a shelter.

If a group of zombies were gathered in the basement, how could they sleep well at night?

Fang Heng brought the zombie clones back to the first floor.

The entrance of the basement was on the right side of the warehouse, which was relatively hidden.

There was even a three-layer iron gate outside.

“No way! The protection measures are so good?”

Fang Heng mumbled and searched through the keys one by one

He slowly marked each key until he opened the last door.

Behind the door was a long corridor.

The lights were abnormally dim and pools of dried blood could be seen in the corridor.

Two zombies were scouting ahead, while Fang Heng was slowly walking behind them.

After walking for about ten steps, Fang Heng suddenly heard a small noise.

What was that noise!

Fang Heng stopped walking.

“Crack… crack…”

Listening carefully, it sounded like something was rubbing against the wall.

The noise was getting closer and closer.

Fang Heng’s pupils constricted slightly.

“We’re in big trouble!”

Fang Heng realized the seriousness of the situation. He cursed loudly and turned around to run.

Mutated zombie-spider!

A zombie with high-speed crawling ability! Its movement speed was extremely fast, and it could climb all kinds of terrain! It was best at breaking through the shelters built by players.

They could climb into your shelter from all kinds of gaps, and forcefully pull you back into the game from the real world!

Because it had been climbing on the wall, its hands and feet were particularly slender after the mutation, so it was also known by the players as the spider zombie!

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