Global Game: AFK In The Zombie Apocalypse Game

Chapter 24

Chapter 24: Police Officer’s Diary

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Bored out of his mind, Fang Heng turned on the survival radio. He was ready to watch the other players’ encounters and find some fun.

Liao Bufan: “No way? It’s only been a few days? You’re already starting to stay out all night? It’s not too much for me to call you Big Brother, right?”

Liao Bufan: “Big Brother, we’re almost out of food. Remember to make more tomorrow, okay?”

Lu Yu said: “Brother, I was rude to you earlier on. Please believe us. We came here with sincerity. Even if you don’t want to join our company, you can still work with us, right?”

“Why is it this kid again?”

Fang Heng rubbed his chin and replied intending to tease him.

“That’s a good suggestion. But, what do you have that I can work with? I want to see your sincerity. Can you get the complete evolution crystal?”

The fastest way for Fang Heng to improve his strength was to level up.

With each level up, he could get more zombie clones.

But at this stage, ordinary players could hardly get the evolution crystal fragments, let alone the complete evolution crystal.

Fang Heng believed that levelling up was still a long way to go.

Lu Yu received a message from Fang Heng and he immediately replied excitedly.

“Big Brother, jokes aside. We’re serious. How about this? If we work hard, we can probably get ten pieces of evolution crystal fragments as a sign of sincerity.”

Fang Heng curled his lips and closed the private chat.

He thought, “Only ten pieces of evolution crystal fragments? Who are you looking down on? I could just get them for free!”

Fang Heng glanced at his backpack.

Damn it. After clearing the zombies in the prison, he now had more than 300 pieces of evolution crystal fragments.

He didn’t know what to do with so many fragments.

In the shelter not far from the apocalypse merchant camp.

Looking at the survival radio that went quiet, Lu Yu fell into silence again.

“What’s wrong?”

“Ah, the God is not replying again.”

Lu Yu sighed sadly and showed the radio chat message to Zhou Yi.

“We can’t keep up with the God’s footsteps. He has already started to mention the complete evolution crystal.”

Zhou Yi shook his head dejectedly.

“Anyway, we will try and get familiarized with the God by exchanging conversations with him. In the meantime, let’s focus on the Prison No. 507 mission first.”

When he heard Prison No. 507, Lu Yu became serious.

There was a prison more than 20 kilometres away from their shelter.

Prison No. 507!

The mission Zhou Yi was referring to was something he had spent a lot of effort to purchase from a game intelligence organization.

The intelligence organization claimed that the hidden mission had been accidentally triggered by a player on Server 3.

At that time, the player’s medium-sized gaming company had utilised all the manpower within the company and even hired several groups of mercenaries to participate.

Unfortunately, the mission failed.

Due to investing too much time and energy in the mission, the medium-sized gaming company eventually closed down due to the breakdown of its capital chain.

After a series of follow-up reviews by the intelligence organization, they determined that this mission was a rare hidden continuous mission.

The difficulty level was higher than SSS-level and the reward was also higher than that of SSS-level.

The intelligence organization provided the first three steps of the continuous mission.

Just by looking at the reward of these three steps, Zhou Yi did not even frown and immediately took out money to buy it.

“This mission is a continuous one, one step at a time. We don’t need to complete it directly. We just need to get the items from the first phase of the mission and hold on to the mission tightly in our hands.”

“Em, I went to the prison again this morning. It’s strange. The number of zombies there has suddenly decreased by two-thirds.”

“There’s such a good thing?” Zhou Yi raised his eyebrows in surprise. “This is a great opportunity for us. Now, we have a greater chance to sneak into Building No. 3.”


Lu Yu smiled bitterly.

“Of course it’s true! Why do you think we’ve been staying at the apocalypse merchant’s place for the past few days?”

“I think we’ll be able to exchange our survival points for an earth-made explosive tomorrow. As long as we make a hole in the outer layer of the prison, the number of zombies will decrease a lot in a few days…”

“Don’t be too happy yet. Even so, Building No. 3 is very dangerous.”

“Fortunately, we only need to find the police officer’s diary. It’s hiding in the cabinet on the second floor.”

“It’s hidden very far away. Ordinary players can’t even enter the prison, let alone find it.”

“This is the only way to trigger the mission! The seller said that we must get it! Otherwise, the mission won’t be triggered!”

Inside the prison, Fang Heng was sitting in front of the bonfire.

[Hint: Your zombies have completed a round of collection. You have received plastic*2, waste paper*176, broken parts*1.]

[Hint: Your zombies have started a new round of collection.]

[Hint: Your zombies have completed a round of collection. You have received waste paper*201, soap*2.]

[Hint: Your zombie has started a new…]

The zombies that were sent out to search the place kept going back and forth, throwing the sundries that they had collected in their backpacks in front of Fang Heng.

The exploration of the building was slower than Fang Heng had imagined. After a few hours, he was so bored that he started reading “2021 Prison Cleaning Record Report”.

“Tsk, tsk, tsk, the cleaning lady was lazy on the 19th… she didn’t even clean the toilet and the excuse was that the detergent was gone.”

While Fang Heng was mumbling, another zombie returned and started to take things out of its backpack.

[Hint: Your zombie has completed a round of collection. You have obtained rags*3, contaminated documents*30, damaged police officer’s diary*1…]


“Police officer’s diary!”

Fang Heng’s eyes lit up.

“Diary is good! This is even better than the annual cleaning report!” he thought.

Fang Heng opened the bloody and torn notebook.

Because most of the notebook had been destroyed, Fang Heng could only see part of the contents.


Today was my first day on the job. Everyone looked very friendly. Team leader Turley told me not to be kind to the prisoners.

This would make them feel that you were weak and easy to bully.


The password of the safe in the gun room was left 6 right 2 left 11.

For the record, after three failures, the safe would automatically be locked. It would be very troublesome to open it again.

The team leader was very nice to me. After work, we played cards together. I lost a lot of money, but the team leader also bought me a drink.


Oh my god, was that “Giant Erita”? He’s so tall and strong! He’s about 2.34 meters tall, right?

The team leader was right. He was the most dangerous prisoner in the prison. He could bend an ordinary iron bar with his bare hands.

I have to keep an eye on him!


I noticed that there were a few unfamiliar faces in the prison.

The team leader told me that they were doctors from Dawn Hospital. Recently, there seemed to be some kind of infectious disease in the prison.

It was a terrible infectious disease. I had to be careful to avoid being infected.


Recently, many patients were being carried out one after another. I secretly took a few glances at them. The way they died was terrifying.

The team leader told me that they had all died from an infectious disease. He also warned me not to come into contact with the prisoners.

This infectious disease was very strange. The ones who died were mostly strong men while the skinny prisoners were fine.

Could it be that their immune systems were different and they were more vulnerable?


It was too scary. There was a sudden large-scale riot in the prison. We locked up Buildings No. 1 and 2, and let Building No. 3 become the last refuge.

I’ve never experienced such a thing!

I heard the team leader calling for help, saying that an infectious disease had broken out.


Was this a riot?

The warden wanted to meet us in the basement. I got to go.. I hope it goes well.

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