Global Game: AFK In The Zombie Apocalypse Game

Chapter 26

Chapter 26: Large Skewers of Grilled Meat

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Fang Heng had just turned his head when four or five spider zombies quickly crawled out from behind the corner at the end of the corridor.

“Crack! Crack!”

The spider zombies were leaning against the wall and started to chase after Fang Heng along the sidewall at a great speed.

Fang Heng immediately left the two zombie clones behind and ran away without looking back.

After escaping from the basement, he slammed the door shut with a loud bang.

[Hint: Your zombie clone is being attacked.]

[Hint: Your zombie clone is being attacked.]

[Hint: Your zombie clone is being attacked.]

[Hint: Your zombie clone is dead.]

Now, Fang Heng finally knew.

Why was that rookie prison guard in the diary so scared that he even left his teammates inside.

Previously, he was still mocking him to be a foolish teammate, but now Fang Heng admired the kid’s alertness.

It turned out that the basement was full of mutated zombies!

After locking the outer three-layer iron door, Fang Heng leaned against the wall and panted heavily.

What was the point of him accumulating so many survival materials?

If he was accidentally scratched by a spider zombie and got infected with the virus, he would still die!

It was not worth it.

Fortunately, he ran fast.

Fang Heng was secretly rejoicing.

“The difficulty of this mission is really…”


While he was talking to himself and rejoicing that he was lucky to be alive, Fang Heng suddenly turned his head and looked at the locked basement door.

“There seem to be a lot of mutated zombies in there?”

“If I can kill them…”

“Doesn’t that mean that I can get a lot of complete evolution crystals?”

“Then I would be able to level up quickly?”

Fang Heng narrowed his eyes, his brain working quickly.

But how should he kill them?

The spider zombies were extremely agile. It would be very difficult for the zombie clones to hurt them.

If they attacked from afar, the zombie clones would be too slow to load their crossbows.

Hmm… it seemed…

He had an idea. He could go to the apocalypse merchant and see if he had any weapons that could deal with the spider zombies.

The next morning.

Liao Bufan went online as usual.

He opened his eyes when he entered the game and saw two zombies moving logs out of the cabin.

“Hey! What’s the situation with these zombies?”

Liao Bufan was confused.

He had spent a lot of effort to move these logs in yesterday.

Why did the zombies move them out again today?

“Big Brother, are you kidding me?”

Liao Bufan was about to ask Liu Lin about the situation when the game notification rang.

[Hint: Your survival radio has received an urgent message.]

Fang Heng: “Come to the prison, bring the materials, we’re moving house.”

Liao Bufan was stunned. For a moment, countless questions flashed through his mind.


“Why move?”

“Move to the prison?”

“What about the zombies there?”

“What about the cabin here?”

“Where is Fang Heng?”

“Is he also in the prison?”

Liao Bufan immediately replied.

Liao Bufan: “???”

Fang Heng: “Right now. Remember not to destroy the building after you come to the prison. Come in through the window of the sentry cabin. I’m in Building No. 3, Hurry!”

Liao Bufan rubbed the back of his head, his face revealing a confused expression.

Inside Building No. 3?!

No way! Could it be that this kid really cleaned up the entire prison by himself?

He must be joking!

This was too exaggerated! How could he deal with thousands of zombies?!

Liao Bufan didn’t believe it.

Was the big boss bragging?

Half an hour later, Liao Bufan arrived at the small slope outside the prison.

His mouth was wide open in an ‘O’ shape.

It was impossible!

Why was it gone?

Where were the zombies?

Liao Bufan rubbed his eyes. For a second, he even suspected that he was seeing things.

A few days ago, the prison square was still filled with zombies.

Where did they go?

Were they really wiped out?!

How did he do it?!

It was impossible!

“Can someone tell me what’s going on?!”

Liao Bufan scratched his hair in frustration. He felt like his world had been turned upside down.

He needed to ask Fang Heng!

Liao Bufan found the sentry cabin that Fang Heng described and carefully went in.

Building No. 3.

That’s it, right?

Walking to the prison square, Liao Bufan smelled something before he could even enter the door.

He sniffed.

It smelled so good!

Was it meat?

Liao Bufan was suspicious. He slowly walked to building No. 3 and pushed open the wooden door.


As the wooden door opened, Liao Bufan immediately saw Fang Heng fiddling with the barbecue grill in front of the bonfire.

Having a barbecue in the morning?

Was this something a human would do?

Liao Bufan looked at Fang Heng with eager eyes and was about to scold him.

Fang Heng happened to notice Liao Bufan. He turned to the side and pointed at the skewers on the grill. He spoke first.

“Come, try one to see if it’s cooked.”

“Aiya! You’re so polite. Big Brother is mighty!”

Liao Bufan walked up quickly and picked up a skewer to bite.

The aroma of the grilled meat permeated the air.


Liao Bufan felt that he had never eaten such delicious barbecued meat before.

He felt an unprecedented sense of satisfaction.

Fang Heng also picked up a skewer and took a bite.

The taste was indeed good.

Last night, after exploring the basement, Fang Heng also went offline to rest for a while.

He and Liao Bufan went online around the same time. He was still counting the materials.

[Hint: Your zombie has completed the search of the building. You have obtained the recipe-super large skewer, skill book-gun mastery. You have obtained pistol bullet*39, broken wood*27, bottled water*72, raw meat*21, shredded cloth*192…]

The harvest was not bad.

Fang Heng had directly learned the recipe for the super large skewer. Coincidentally, he had also found raw meat. In addition, he had found a barbecue grill two days ago…

It was the will of the heavens.

Therefore, Fang Heng casually started making the skewer.

While eating the skewer, Fang Heng continued to check the rewards from last night.

Skill book: Gun mastery.

Description: After learning gun mastery, the user will gain an additional 10% damage when using a gun, shorten the loading time by 10% and increase the accuracy by 10%. The maximum level of this skill: Level 20 (skill level does not exceed the current player’s level).

In the later stages of the game, guns were gradually becoming more and more popular. At that time, the value of this skill book would be at least five million.

Fang Heng contemplated for a moment and tapped the skill book on his head.

[Hint: You have learned the skill-gun mastery.]


Liao Bufan ate the meat skewer and was in a great mood. He forgot about the unhappy incident just now and went up to greet the boss with a smile.

“Boss, how did you get rid of those zombies outside?”

“Um, it’s a secret.”


This answer made Liao Bufan a little disappointed.

Liao Bufan rolled his eyes, then continued to ask, “So, boss, what do you want me to do today?”

“Repair the prison first. Take your time with the rest.”

Fang Heng briefly explained his plan to Liao Bufan.

Their goal was to build a shelter based on the prison.

Therefore, while collecting a large number of materials, they also needed to re-maintain the entire prison.

But before that, they had to ensure the safety of Building No. 3.

They would be staying in Building No. 3 for the next few days.

They needed to thoroughly search all corners of Building No. 3 and the unopened gates.

They needed to make sure that no zombies were left in Building No. 3 except for the basement.

Fang Heng then explained to Liao Bufan about what he found in the prison last night.

“There are spider zombies in the basement?”

Liao Bufan picked up another skewer of meat and looked at Fang Heng with an even weirder expression.

Compared to that, he was more amazed that Fang Heng was able to escape from the basement.

That kid was really terrifying!

“I’m leaving now. Later on, contact Liu Lin and Uncle Jimmy, and ask them to work with you.”

Fang Heng patted Liao Bufan’s shoulder.

“Where are you going?”

“I’m going to find a way to deal with the spider zombies in the underground passage.”

Liao Bufan was about to put the meat skewer into his mouth when he paused.

“Did I hear it right?”

“Is he really going to deal with those mutated zombies in the basement?”

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