Gate of Revelation

Chapter 28: Final Card

GOR Chapter 28: Final Card

Chen Xiaolian quickly moved forward to prop up Han Bi. He looked at the wounds of various sizes on Han Bi’s body. Who knows just how many blows he had taken to cause him to bleed so much…

Chen Xiaolian showed no hesitation. He immediately produced the last Mid Class Healing Beast Blood and shoved it into Han Bi’s mouth.

“…Thank you,” After swallowing, Han Bi stretched his neck and looked at Chen Xiaolian. “You… why did you come after us?”

“If I do not come after you, where am I supposed to go? Is there any exit here?” Chen Xiaolian smiled bitterly before turning nervous. “What exactly is going on?”

Han Bi pulled Chen Xiaolian and the two of them hid behind a pillar located at the entrance area of the square. He glanced at the square…

Newton madly rushed towards Pattern Man, delivering a kick at Pattern Man’s chest. This time though, Pattern Man tightly hugged onto Newton’s thigh. It seemed that Newton had not expected Pattern Man to unleash such a level of fighting spirit in the face of death and was caught off guard. His entire body was forced to roll down on the ground due to Pattern Man’s hold and the two of them were tangled together… Newton wielded the scimitar in his hand and inflicted around four successive strikes at Pattern Man’s body…

“I do not know the specifics either… in any case, after we had cleared the iron chain bridge, Newton suddenly went berserk. He seemingly turned delirious and took us for what he called ‘Awakened ones’. He took action and killed Du Ya. After that, we fought while retreating all the way to here… he is too powerful. Even when all the other members of the Wind Slasher Guild teamed up, they were still unable to match him… his strength… is too horrifying!”

Han Bi whispered as he quickly narrated everything. Chen Xiaolian barely had enough time to digest everything when he heard a mournful howl coming from the square.

“Newton! Let us die together!”

Pattern Man had been, at an unknown moment pushed off by Newton and tossed into a corner. This time, he raised his head. The paint patterns on his face were respectively similar to that of a burning flame!

“Die… together!”

Pattern Man suddenly spread open both arms and shouted out loudly!

At that moment, the patterns on his face had seemingly come alive, transforming into strips of dancing golden snakes!

In an instant, numerous lightning bolts rose up energetically from his body and face. Lightning bolts flowed across one another as though they were a formless sword, which then transformed into a dense net. The net enveloped one fourth of the square area that Pattern Man and Newton was standing upon!

Chen Xiaolian could only exclaim in shock. “Damn, what kind of skill is this?”

Han Bi had already grabbed onto Chen Xiaolian and retreated. They hid behind a pillar. “Hide quickly!”


A series of loud noises rang out towards them with an intensity that nearly split their eardrums! The sound emitted by the interweaving electrical currents was incredibly loud! In addition, there was also the sound of the wind mixed in! Even with closed eyes, one could still feel the intense light that was seemingly about to pierce through the eyelids!

Chen Xiaolian and Han Bi had both hands around their heads, yet they were unable to block off the powerful light…

After a moment, Chen Xiaolian became worried. Would he end up becoming blind…

Countless electrical currents interweaved against one another, just like sword edges made of lightning bolts. These then slashed onto Newton’s body! Newton let out a mad howl! Both his hands produced a mass of green radiance…

Instantly, a surge of light flowed through the surface of his body. With a flash, it transformed into an extraordinarily shaped armour! This armour was not made of metal and gave off a highly sci-fi feel. It has a streamlined shape and also seemingly to be without any opening! Bolts after bolts of electrical currents struck Newton’s body but were all repelled by a circular green coloured light… as more electrical currents interlaced with one another, Newton held both hands up in a cross shape before his face…

The noise rumbled loudly, the wind blew with ferocious madness, the light shone with brilliant intensity… and the two figures were completely submerged…

Soo Soo wept; both her knees were knelt behind a rock. She was too fearful to raise her head because above her head, the terrifying person’s corpse was hung upon the rocky mountain wall…

She bit down hard on her lips and tried her best to not let out any sounds of crying – even if Xiaolian oppa was not at her side at the moment, Soo Soo kept telling herself: I must be strong, I had promised Xiaolian oppa, I won’t cry, I won’t cry… I will be obedient…

It was at this moment that an intense mass of light exploded out from afar… it was then followed by a loud rumbling noise, which caused the underground valley area to shook severely…

It seemed as though something was crashing about upon the rocky walls… then, a huge amount of debris rolled down. Soo Soo only had enough time to utter a sharp scream before a stone struck her on her head, causing blood to flow out from her forehead.

At the same time…

On the rocks above her head, Du Ya’s body was being blown by the stormy winds, causing it to sway about…


It was unknown where it came out from, but a round metallic sphere dropped out from his body, possibly from his pocket and fell down the ground. It then rolled over to the side of Soo Soo’s knees.

The blood dripping off the little girl’s forehead coincidentally fell onto the metallic sphere…

Soo Soo suddenly heard a strange sound coming from before her…

Zi zi…

Lowering her head…

A sphere of light suddenly burst out! This light then enveloped Soo Soo’s entire body… the little girl yelped out in surprise…

… …

The force behind the criss-crossing electrical currents gradually faded…

The floor surface of the square was filled with interweaving charred marks!

The fiery like totem markings that was originally painted upon Pattern Man’s face totally disappeared while he simply sat there. His body was held upright and yet appeared stiff; within his eyes that was directed upwards, there was only emptiness…

A gust of wind blew… Pattern Man fell onto the ground with the same straight body posture; his tightly clenched fists were finally released…


Not far away, a humanoid shaped armour stood, a line of crack suddenly appearing on its surface.

Newton then shook his arms!

The entire armour then transformed into crushed powder! Newton panted and gave a cold stare at Pattern Man’s corpse. After that, he opened his mouth, spat out a huge mouthful of blood, and staggered a little.

His body abruptly shook and he fell down with one knee and one hand resting on the ground. Blood flowed continuously from his mouth and onto the ground.

“We… what do we do?” Han Bi gritted his teeth. “Let us run!”

“Run my ass!” Chen Xiaolian smiled bitterly. “We have no place to retreat to, where could we run to!”

Chen Xiaolian gritted his teeth heavily. “If we want to live, we need to fight to the death!”

Han Bi smiled bitterly. “Fight to the death? You saw for yourself, all the expert members of the Wind Slasher Guild were beaten by him alone! We two noobs… what could we use to fight him to death?”

Pausing a moment, Han Bi’s tone turned despondent. “I have already used up my skill… I do not even have any card to fight to the death with…”

“What does your skill do?”

“… a defensive type, it allows my body to turn into an armour of stone…” Han Bi let out a tart smile. “However, it could not even accept one hit from him. Earlier, you saw the wounds on my body – all he used was one hit.”

“… we are about to go fight that son of a bitch to the death, can’t you say something encouraging?” Chen Xiaolian spat out some spittle and stood up. “Han Bi, if I die… help me with something… ah, that is wrong. Never mind then.”

Han Bi sat on the ground, blinking in confusion for a moment. “Why never mind? What do you want me to help you with?”

“It is all right,” Chen Xiaolian gritted his teeth. He retrieved the Snow Edge and equipped it in his hand before coldly replying. There is neither a way up nor a door down here. If I were to die, he will definitely kill you as well. What is the point in entrusting you with it?”

After saying that, he wielded the scimitar and strode out from the back of the pillar!

“Come out! Garfield!”

Garfield turned into a beam of light and burst out of the system, its body immediately expanding into a Four-Eyed War Cat – however, his body still had many scars. After all, the interval between the earlier fight with the Black Widow was too short. Thus, Garfield was unable to heal from the wounds.

Despite that, Chen Xiaolian had already focused his attention on the kneeling Newton, the Snow Edge in his hand flashed out horizontally!

[Sword Skill, Linked Dual Slash, Cross Slash!]

A cross-shaped ray of light was sent forth!

“Newton! I am coming!”

Newton raised his head to see the cross-shaped ray of light flying towards him! It appeared that he was unable to exert any strength due to his injuries and was actually incapable to dodging this…

The cross-shaped ray of light plastered itself onto Newton’s upper body! His figure was instantly thrown back!

At this time, Chen Xiaolian had arrived before him, the Snow Edge in his hand slashed down before Newton! Beside him, Garfield had utilized its Tiger Rush skill and its sharp claws flashed forward…

“Awakened ones! All must die!”

Newton suddenly roared out!

His firm body suddenly straightened up!

His hands came together to clasp onto the blade of Chen Xiaolian’s Snow Edge! At the same time, he sent out a kick. A low growl could be heard as Garfield had its body sent flying!

Newton’s face was a mask of savagery; his face and nose were covered with lines of bloody wounds! Those lines were none other than the marks left by the ‘Cross Slash’!

Chen Xiaolian who had his Snow Edge grasped by Newton had a sudden foreboding!

Newton’s strength was too shocking!

In the next moment, Newton abruptly moved to the side, closing the distance, then raised his elbow… his movements were as smooth as flowing water, as fast as lightning! Ruthless and straightforward!

As the elbow slammed down on Chen Xiaolian’s chest, he could hear the sound of his bones breaking!

An intense pain rocked his chest and he flew out as well!

After falling to the ground, Chen Xiaolian felt a burning pain raging in his chest. He felt incapable of taking any breath, as though there was a huge rock pressing down on his chest!

It was at this moment that Han Bi finally charged out.

Although Han Bi had taken the Mid Class Healing Beast Blood, the amount of time passed was too short and the injuries on his body could not properly heal.

However, after hearing Chen Xiaolian’s final words “if I were to die, he will definitely kill you as well”, he understood.

This was a place with no retreat, not fighting to the death would equate to death!

As Han Bi pounced over, his hand had already activated the light sabre. It stabbed down viciously towards Newton’s back!

Newton did not even bother turning around. He simply performed a back kick, which landed squarely onto Han Bi’s shoulders. Han Bi cried out in pain as his light sabre was sent flying off and his figure fell onto the ground.

“Weak… Awakened!”

Newton turned around and gave Han Bi a cold gaze.

At the same time, Garfield’s figure charged forward. With a side charge, it successfully pinned Newton onto the ground! Newton coughed out blood once more. After that however, he sent out a fist that struck Garfield in its abdomen!

The pitiful fat cat cried out in misery. Newton then forcibly shoved it off, grabbing Garfield by its neck and lifting up its massive body.

Then, he executed a standard downward throw…


A huge hole was formed from the shock wave! The fat cat lay within the hole, its body rapidly shrinking into its tiny Adorable Form…

“Awakened ones… must, must kill… must kill them all!”

Newton gasped for breath.

At present, Chen Xiaolian had already stood up. He used the scimitar to support his quivering figure.

He exerted all his strength to push the scimitar against the ground, doing his best to straighten his knee that was resting upon the ground.

“Son of a bitch… thankfully it was not used when fighting the Black Widow… my final card, please do not let me down…” Chen Xiaolian muttered even as he vomited blood.

“Goddess… of Dawn!”

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