Gate of Revelation

Chapter 29: Not Over Yet!

GOR Chapter 29: Not Over Yet!

Exclusive Skill: Goddess of Dawn!

Chen Xiaolian forced himself to stand straight. Once the skill was launched, a sphere of light suddenly appeared in the middle of the air right behind him. From amidst the sphere of light, a translucent figure rapidly appeared.

A silhouette that resembled an ancient Goddess from the West emerged. This Goddess was shrouded in a layer of semi-sheer cloak. Beneath the cloak, what appeared to be an ancient type of armour could be seen.

It did not conform to the image that he had in his mind, the image of a royal Highness. This was shockingly an illustrious Martial Goddess.

The silhouette boasted a long silver white hair that seemed to be dancing within the sphere of light. Her right hand was holding on to a sword while her left was holding a treasure bottle. The mouth of the bottle was tilted and a radiant light poured out from the mouth of the bottle!

[Prompt, Goddess of Dawn skill launched, skill level LV1. Launch sub-skill: Overwhelming Sunlight Purification. Utilize the host’s personal attributes, combusting and purifying it with rays of light to become an overwhelming sunlight attack. The power of this skill is determined by the level of personal attributes that the host possesses. Once this skill is launched, its effect cannot be reversed and the attribute values purified cannot be restored.]

When this prompt appeared before his eyes and was immediately processed by his mind, Chen Xiaolian became dumbfounded.

Combustion of attributes? Become offensive power? Attributes cannot be restored?

Damn it!

This is the equivalent of the Great Art of Demonic Dissolution! [1]

Seeing Newton coming closer with each step, Chen Xiaolian’s heart gave a “heng”: Go all out!

“Combust it! Combust it all!”

Chen Xiaolian howled out loudly!

Instantly, he could feel every ounce of strength in his body being pulled towards a torrential stream, all of it was being extracted uncontrollably out of him!

Upon the setting interface, his personal attributes, Physique, Endurance, Agility… and so on, the original alphabet at the end begun changing with frenzy, reducing at a rapid rate… finally turning into a ‘?’ mark.

A powerful sense of weakness washed through his entire body, causing Chen Xiaolian’s body to turn limp. He fell with a “plop”, one knee resting upon the ground…

At the same time…

The Martial Goddess of Dawn floating in the middle of the air behind him lifted up the treasure bottle, the mouth of the bottle pointing towards Newton.

In a flash, the Goddess of Dawn’s treasure bottle inclined and the radiant beam of light from the mouth of the bottle immediately enveloped Newton’s body!

This radiant beam, appeared to be an intense sun light!

This is… Overwhelming Sunlight attack?

Chen Xiaolian was unable to keep his eyes off this intense light…

He could only hear a loud boom as the radiant beam violently sent Newton flying backwards! Newton’s body slammed onto the ground, causing the stone tiles to jump up. He was continuously blasted backwards. Wherever he went, a deep gully would be left in the attack’s wake!

Savage flames overwhelmed Newton’s body. His hair and clothes were seemingly burnt away by the overwhelming sunlight! Newton roared out manically and produced the green mass of light from his body again, seemingly with the intention of resisting.

However, the powerful ‘Overwhelming Sunlight’ rapidly crushed the flimsy green light, disintegrating and dissolving it…

Upon Newton’s body, blood was flowing out from his numerous sweat pores, eyes, ears, nose, mouth…

His blood was forced out under the intense pressure of the attack. He finally let out a mad roar before his body began to emit successive sounds of “bo bo bo bo”!

His body itself had begun to collapse under the Overwhelming Sunlight’s power!

His entire left hand, with the fingertips as the starting point, started turning into fine powder. It was followed by his knuckles, palm… wrist…

Newton began howling again, the skin and flesh on his face and body also began turning into powder! This was especially true for his face; the muscles on his cheeks were turned into powder, revealing the horrifying image of his bare jaw!

His face transformed into a grim and terrifying image!

It seemed that Newton was still roaring; however, with his tongue gone, the sound made became obscure.

Despite all that… he still managed to climb up. Then, step by step, he moved towards Chen Xiaolian!

He took on the brunt of the Overwhelming Sunlight’s brilliant rays and moved forwards, one step at a time!

The flesh and skin upon the surface of Newton’s right hand sloughed off, turning into powder. With the surface flesh and skin removed, the white bones inside could be seen!

Within Newton’s pair of eyes, there seemed to be a faint spark of fire that was focused onto Chen Xiaolian!

The weakened Chen Xiaolian was unable to lift up even a finger.

All he could do was exert himself to push the scimitar down against the ground.

On his personal interface…

Physique, Endurance, Agility… all the values had become: E.

This value is the lowest value possible, one that signified a critical low point.

At present, Newton had already reached Chen Xiaolian’s front!

Chen Xiaolian looked at Newton… he knew all too well that he had given his all.

Goddess of Dawn… Overwhelming Sunlight Purification… this skill could indeed be considered a very Heavenly defying skill.

Combusting all personal attributes into power, transforming it into a final attack…

However, his biggest flaw was…

As a newbie, his comprehensive strength was just too weak.

Thus, this attack born of the combustion of attributes was unable to directly give Newton the KO.

Newton was no longer capable of speech… Overwhelming Sunlight’s radiance began fading before disappearing… behind Chen Xiaolian, the Goddess of Dawn’s silhouette also gradually disappeared into the light…

“Is it already over?” Chen Xiaolian muttered bitterly. “Looks like… it still was not enough…”

He raised his eyes to look at Newton who had almost turned into a skeleton.

Newton’s left arm had been disintegrated, however his right arm remained, even though it was only bones.

Unexpectedly, his arm of bones was still holding onto a scimitar, the Snow Edge!

Chen Xiaolian did not even possess the strength to move his fingers. He could only watch as Newton brandished the Snow Edge, directing it towards his chest, then… pierce in!

… so cold!

Feeling the cold blade pierce through his flesh, Chen Xiaolian was momentarily given the false impression that his awareness and life were both flowing away at a rapid rate …

He laughed bitterly as he looked at Newton. Slowly, he then closed his eyes.

Oh well… I, did my best.


An orange fireball roared forward; a tyrannical fire dragon slammed directly onto Newton’s body!

Chen Xiaolian opened his eyes in surprise. He looked at Newton, then he used all his might to turn his head…

Not far away to his left was a tiny, trembling figure.

Soo Soo’s face was filled with tears as she cried; she had both her hands lifted up with great effort… her entire body, from top to bottom was emitting raging orange flames. Atop her head, a flaming phoenix was spiralling about, giving out a resonant cry…

“Go, go away!”

Newton’s body flew into the air from the side. When he fell on the ground, he… broke apart!

Taking on the ‘Overwhelming Sunlight Purification’ attack, his body had already been mostly pulverized. Finally, under this fire dragon’s offensive…

His skeletal frame finally collapsed!

The bones of his right hands cracked and the Snow Edge dropped to the ground. The sounds of cracking soon spread out to his arms, shoulders, chest…

A series of “ka ka” sounds rang out and the entire body cracked apart! It turned into a lump of powder that lay upon the ground!

Chen Xiaolian stared blankly.

The same was true of Han Bi who was lying on the ground far away.

Soo Soo watched Newton turn into a lump of powder and then broke out in tears. The orange coloured flames upon her body dispersed. She then cast a glance at Chen Xiaolian, her lips trembling and her entire face seemed to be filled with fear and dread. She lightly called out. “Xiaolian oppa…”

After that, the little girl’s body tilted. With a plop, she fainted.

Chen Xiaolian was momentarily stunned. He then struggled to crawl forward; however, just after around two steps, an intense pain wracked him in his chest area.

Snow Edge was pierced into his chest and his blood flowed all over the ground.

“Does this count as… everyone dying together?” Chen Xiaolian helplessly let out a bitter laugh. “Is this the end? This is a really resentful ending…”

Han Bi laid down there without the strength to move at all. Suddenly, he exerted whatever strength he had left within his body to curse out. “Chen Xiaolian! If there is a next life, do not leave your novels without updating them anymore!”

The both of them looked at one another. Within both their gazes, traces of despair could be seen.

Suddenly, a ball of faint green light that resembled a ghostly flame floated out from Newton’s powdery remains. Then, in the middle of the air, it condensed into a very small ball of light!

“There are a few more toys left? Heng… the game is not over yet!”

This voice resonated clearly into both Chen Xiaolian and Han Bi’s ears.

1. ‘Great Art of Demonic Dissolution’, raw: ‘天魔解体大法’. A skill featured in ‘Jade Bow of the Cloudy Seas’ or ‘Yunhai Yugong Yuan’, raw: ‘云海玉弓缘’, a work by Yu Sheng, one of the infamous wuxia writers, alongside Jin Yong and Gu Long. Using this skill gives the user a great amount of strength in exchange for a heavy decline of the user’s body or even death.

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