Gate of Revelation

Chapter 27: Wind Slasher Guild’s Crisis

GOR Chapter 27: Wind Slasher Guild’s Crisis

Chen Xiaolian held on to Soo Soo and continued venturing forth.

After the cliff area was a passage. While moving across this passage, Chen Xiaolian unexpectedly saw bloodstains upon the ground!

The crimson red blood exuded a nose piercing scent.

Moreover… back then, the sounds of explosions and flashes of fire had appeared from some distance…

Perhaps it was from the members of the Wind Slasher Guild?

To survive… Without any path of retreat, how would I escape from here?

There is also the need to save Takashimoto Shizuka… in that case… the one method available would likely be…

Complete this instance dungeon?

Perhaps, only by completing this instance dungeon would the way out of this underground labyrinth reveal itself?

The blood on the ground meant that the Wind Slasher Guild had encountered an intense battle here. In addition, it seems someone had been injured?

Hopefully, the one injured is not Han Bi.

Chen Xiaolian carefully led Soo Soo through the passage. There, he observed the remnant marks left on the wall… there were also several arrows. Those obviously belonged to Sara.

When they reached a corner in the passage…

An item upon the ground caused Chen Xiaolian to become momentarily stunned!

That was… a scimitar!

Chen Xiaolian clearly recalled that this was one of the dual weapons wielded by Pattern Man. Additionally, this scimitar must certainly be one of his high levelled equipment. For a Player to end up losing his own weapon, one could only imagine what kind of miserable circumstance they have found themselves in.

He picked up the scimitar, gently testing its weight and found that it was handy – this item was certainly of a higher level compared to his own light sabre.

Using the system to check:

[Snow Edge, B+ Class Melee Equipment, additional ‘Armour Break’ effect, increases probability of breaking through one’s defences. When dual wielding, there is a chance to trigger ‘Sword Break’ during melee battle, giving a small probability to break the opponent’s weapon. Note, additional effect is subject to restrictions due to Class difference].

Good stuff!

Chen Xiaolian let out a sigh.

At the end, it is stated that the additional effect is subject to restrictions due to Class difference. It meant that when facing weapons and equipment of a higher class, the additional effect would not trigger.

Even so, this is already good!

This scimitar is of the B+ Class. In other words, when using this weapon, there is the possibility of breaking armour that is of the B+ Class or below with one hit!

Because this is a dual wield weapon, if two of them are to be used at the same time, there will be a chance of directly breaking a weapon that is of the B+ Class or below during the course of a melee battle!

Although the matter of probability is dependent on the person… just imagine two person of the same level in the midst of PK, with their respective weapons seemingly to be of the same class [1]. However, what if one side could suddenly break the opposing side’s weapon or their defensive armour…

Such a good weapon ended up being lost by the Pattern Man… just what kind of disaster did the Wind Slasher Guild encounter?

With the Snow Edge in his hand, Chen Xiaolian took a few more steps forward with Soo Soo…

Then, he saw an even more amazing scene!

A door like sword was pierced into the ground!

This was… a half broken sword!

Chen Xiaolian was even more familiar towards this item! Its owner should be Damon!

This gigantic sword, in addition to Damon’s robust bodybuilder physique would allow him to transform himself at any moment into the incarnation of a savage path-clearing tank!

But now…

Chen Xiaolian narrowed his eyes as he looked at the broken sword.

Just what kind of calamity could it be that would lead to Damon’s mighty weapon being broken here?

That explosion and flash earlier…

They continued taking several steps forward…

Chen Xiaolian suddenly stopped moving!

He saw a figure hanging upon the mountain walls. With a solemn face, he suddenly took a deep breath before squatting down. He lightly cupped Soo Soo’s face and whispered. “Soo Soo, you need to stay here alone, do not go anywhere. Stay in this place and wait for me, all right?”

With an expression of fear, Soo Soo raised her head and looked up at the mountain walls…

A figure was swaying amidst the blowing winds.

It was a person!

Du Ya! That freak Du Ya!

This person’s head was drooping downwards. Upon his chest was something resembling a spear, piercing through his body and directly nailing him onto the surface of the rocks!

He was evidently dead; however, his body remained swaying due to the winds!

“Do not look. Listen to me, do not look up.”

Chen Xiaolian spoke out gently, his hands reaching out to cover Soo Soo’s eyes. He then cupped her face and looked her in the eye.

“Look at me Soo Soo, look at me.”

“Xiao, Xiaolian oppa…” Soo Soo was clearly trying her best to suppress the urge to cry, her little body trembling.

“Do not be afraid, do not be afraid,” Chen Xiaolian rubbed her hair and whispered. “This is just a game, just a game. Do not be afraid, it will all end soon. After it ends, I will bring you home, all right? Wait for me here, I will go forward to take a look. After that, this game will end, all right?”

Soo Soo vigorously nodded her head.

This place is a leeward area. Chen Xiaolian made Soo Soo sit down and said softly. “Just sit here. No matter what you hear, do not move about. I will definitely come back for you. Do you trust me?”

“En!” Soo Soo nodded with all her strength.

Chen Xiaolian hugged her tight before standing up. He then turned and left while taking big strides!

This mountain passage was quickly nearing the end. Chen Xiaolian on the other hand, had been moving at an increasingly slower speed.

After reaching the end of the passage, he was greeted by brightness and clarity of sight. A flat square was laid out before his eyes.

The square appeared to be in a six-sided shape. The ground was paved with six-side shaped tiles, all of which were placed together seamlessly.

Around the square, several thick white pillars rose up. It was reminiscent of the palace of the Gods in the myths.

Chen Xiaolian caught sight of the Wind Slasher Guild members atop the square! A fierce battle was underway…

However, the thing that shocked Chen Xiaolian was the two fighting parties…

Newton was wielding two military combat knives in both hands as he madly launched an attack towards Pattern Man!

Pattern Man only had one scimitar in his hands. Under the snake-like assault of the combat knives, Pattern Man could only roll upon the ground while parrying continuously with his scimitar.

“Ding ding dang dang”. A series of sparks was emitted from the collisions between the military combat knives and the scimitar!

Over half of the armour on Newton that screamed interstellar warfare had been cracked. An arrow shaft was piercing through his shoulder! Whenever he launched an attack, the shaft would quiver!

However, it did not hinder Newton’s movements in the slightest! His attacks were both ferocious and vicious!

It was clear that Pattern Man’s strength and speed was absolutely inferior! As for Newton, he kept stabbing both his military combat knives down towards Pattern Man’s scimitar.

Pattern Man suddenly let out a loud roar; he exerted all his might to knock aside Newton’s military combat knives using his scimitar. He then abruptly jumped up from the ground, being barely able to stand. However, Newton soared towards him, the military combat knives shooting out from his hands. Pattern Man was greatly startled and desperately tried to parry the attack!


A fiery radiance burst out!

It appeared that the Sword Break effect of the scimitar had been triggered as the military combat knife was directly cut into two. However, Newton had already leapt upwards, his knee striking Pattern Man’s chest!

Pattern Man gave a stifled groan and his body flew backwards. When he fell to the ground, the six-sided shaped tiles were cracked to pieces!

He watched helplessly as the other military combat knife in Newton’s hand was turned downwards and was sent stabbing towards him like a poisonous snake…



An arrow flew directly towards Newton’s face. Newton abruptly twisted his head and used his military combat knife to knock it out of the way!

In a corner of the square, Sara was partly kneeling on the ground. Bereft of any strength, her hands let go of her longbow as she gasped for breath.

Chen Xiaolian came to realize that Sara’s face was half covered in blood! The same could be said for the ancient looking leather armour on her body, which had been rendered into rags.

Beside her, Damon was leaning on a white pillar, being on the verge of death. A great chunk of the armour around his waist was torn and blood seeped out from his waist, turning the ground beneath him red.

The most critical part was… Damon’s right arm from the tip to the top of his elbow had been cut off!

A strange light flashed through Newton’s eyes. He gave up trying to kill Pattern Man, then turned and charged towards Sara!

With several jumps, he arrived before Sara. Sara gritted her teeth as she pulled out a dagger from her waist and stabbed forward. Newton easily gripped onto Sara’s wrist, then he twisted…


Sara gave out a muffled groan; her wrist had abruptly twisted into an odd angle.

Newton then grinned. A trace of cruelty burst forth from his eyes as he directed the military combat knife in his hand towards Sara’s abdomen!

Sara shrieked miserably. Newton then loosened his grip on her wrist, and with one hand, he strangled Sara, lifting her up into the air!

“Go die!”

Newton howled.

Sara’s body trembled. With her one and only moveable hand, she desperately tried to pry away Newton’s fingers; blood seeping non-stop from her mouth and she spoke out with great difficulty.

“New, Newton… you, you crazy, crazy…”

Newton’s fingers tightened and Sara was no longer able to make any sound. She could only listen on to the “ka ka” sounds emitting from her neck…

As Sara’s eyes rolled upwards, the dying Damon who was lying on the pillar suddenly gave a roar. His body jumped up, slamming into Newton’s figure and causing Newton to stagger.

Newton finally let go of Sara who fell on to the ground, coughing for life.

As for Newton, he had directed his cold gaze towards Damon who was gasping on the ground – the charge earlier had exhausted Damon of his last bit of strength.

Bending his waist, Newton squatted down.

Damon who was on the verge of death, looked at Newton. “Damn it, damn it… Newton! Quick, quickly snap out of it… we, we…”

Newton silently extended both his hands, enveloping Damon’s neck. He then gently twisted…


Damon’s eyes turned over, his final words never to leave his mouth. His head tilted to the side, his life snuffed.

“A a a!”

Sara uttered a sharp scream. “Newton! The Guild Leader will kill you! He will hack you into pieces!”

Newton turned around and stared at Sara. He grinned, revealing a white forest of teeth. He then panted as he spoke out in an indistinct voice. “Awake, Awakened, Awakened ones… all, all must die…”

“Bastard! I am not an Awakened! I, I am Sa, Sa…”

Sara desperately screamed out, but Newton had already rushed forward, his feet landing squarely onto Sara’s chest! Several “ka ka” sounds could be heard from Sara’s chest as her sternum cracked!

More blood spurted out from Sara’s mouth as her breathing continually weakened, then… no more.

At this moment, Newton’s body suddenly shook!

A cold flash of light flickered behind him, piercing straight into him from his back!

It was a scimitar!

Pattern Man was in a kneeling position over tens of metres away, gasping for breath. His body was still in the same posture that he had assumed to throw the scimitar – he had already used up all his strength, placing all of it into this one final blow!

The scimitar was buried into Newton’s body from the back, causing Newton’s body to turn stiff for a moment. He then forcibly shook a little and extended both his hands to his back. Grasping onto the hilt of the scimitar, he pulled with all his might!

A stream of blood sprayed out as the scimitar ended up in Newton’s hand!

He then slowly strode towards the Pattern Man.

Pattern Man no longer have the strength to even stand up. He gritted his teeth, tears trickling down his face as he spat out a roar. “Newton! Newton! Quickly snap out of it! You are going to kill us all! You are going to kill all your team members! Bastard!”

Chen Xiaolian was squatted at the entrance to the square, his mouth opened wide as he witnessed everything that was happening with utter astonishment!

As he watched Newton slowly stepping towards Pattern Man, Chen Xiaolian was wondering what he should do when…

A hand came up from behind him and covered his mouth!


Chen Xiaolian suddenly turned vigilant and he subconsciously threw a punch to his back.

The person behind him loosened his hand, but whispered out immediately. “Don’t… fight, I am Han Bi!”

Chen Xiaolian turned around and saw Han Bi’s familiar face, as well as his pair of brush like eyebrows.

Han Bi… his entire body was filled with blood!

“Don’t, go over… Newton’s gone mad, he will kill anyone he sees…”

1. PK means Player Killing. The act of a Player killing another Player. It is something that has been known to happen in online games.

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