Fury Towards The Burning Heaven

Chapter 37 - Leaving

Chapter 37: Leaving

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There was nothing more sorrowful than despair; even death came second!

This was how Jiang Yi currently felt: he, who grew up in the Jiang Clan, had always thought this was his home, something he could be proud of and a home that was worth protecting.

When he was seven years old, it was the first time he felt the cold shoulder. But he didn’t believe it and thought it was because he was useless. He thought that if he was still the prodigy that he was and could cultivate at a much faster pace, the elders and seniors that used to highly regard him would begin to praise him and treat him wholeheartedly.

When he was nine, Grand Elder went missing; and the Jiang Clan began to disregard and ostracize him. All the other Jiang Clan’s members began to bully him, but a trace of hope remained in his heart. Even till today, he would fantasize that the Jiang Clan would highly regard him again, nurture him, offer him the status that he deserved, and even shower him with the warmth of a family.

In fact, when he made this commotion today and used his suicide attempt to gather all the elders, he had this thought of unlocking his seal and showcasing his mystical cultivation technique that developed a formidable essence force.

But now, he gave up all hope towards the Jiang Clan. After all, the blood of Jiang Clan didn’t flow in his body; and he was nothing but a white-eyed wolf 1 in the eyes of the mighty Jiang Clan. To them, he was tiger cub who could grow into a threat for their future.

Death was something he never feared!

From a young age, the Grand Elder thought him a principle. If he wanted to be a true and formidable warrior, he needed a heart of a fighter. He shouldn’t fear anyone or anything—not even death. His only regret was that he wasn’t able to protect Jiang Xiaonu and would never be able to anymore.

“Good! Since there isn’t anyone who can be a witness, this matter has become a clear case. If the elders have no objection, I shall enact the clan’s rules.”

Soon enough, Jiang Yunshi’s voice brought Jiang Yi’s attention back; but he didn’t retort this time. He didn’t want to talk anymore, he didn’t want to stay another moment longer in this disgusting place!

Everyone remained silent. Jiang’s Clan Head was still looking down and drinking his tea; he didn’t have the intent to raise an opinion. But the statement that he made when he entered the Disciplinary Court had clearly voiced his inner rage. He was extremely displeased with the fact that Jiang Rulong got severely injured.

The Second Elder’s wrinkled face twitched for a bit, but he ultimately didn’t speak. He and Grand Elder were of the same bloodline, and they always held the decisive roles in the Jiang Clan. But since the Grand Elder who was the clan’s no.1 combatant went missing, their bloodline had become weaker. He didn’t have many years to live and naturally didn’t want to offend someone just for Jiang Yi, which might affect his descendants in the future.


The Second Elder didn’t make a comment, but it was rather Jiang Yunmeng, who was of the same bloodline as Jiang Yunshan, who spoke out. He was an impulsive warmonger and had a temper that could never hide any feelings in his heart. Since he got back from the Martial Arts Demonstration Hall, he was curious about Jiang Yi. Seeing that Jiang Yi was about to be executed, he couldn’t help but ask, “Jiang Yi, what is going out with your strength? How did you improve so quickly? How did you defeat Jiang Rulong?”


Jiang Yunmeng’s questions were the exact doubts of the many people present here. Even though Jiang Yi wasn’t highly regarded, he was still considered famous in the Jiang Clan. Perhaps due to the influence from Jiang Yunhai or because of his bizarre sealed condition that brought some fame to him. There was news of Jiang Yi being walloped by Jiang Ruhu and his group recently; how did he drastically improve his strength? The most bewildering fact was that Jiang Yi defeated Jiang Rulong with ease?

Jiang Yi sneered and actually didn’t want to explain. Since Jiang Yunmeng’s statement seemed to have some intention of protecting him, he then made up some hoax: “I found a thousand-year black-blood ginseng on the Mt. Severing Soul! As for how I defeated Jiang Rulong? Is it really that difficult to defeat a good-for-nothing like him? I can easily defeat him by just by setting up some schemes, hmph!”

“Thousand-year black-blood ginseng?”

Everyone except for Jiang Yunshan had an astounded look and followed by a breath of pity. Jiang Yunshan slightly lifted his head to glare at Jiang Yi; his eyes were filled with wrath.

“Thousand-year black-blood ginseng!”

Heaven-tier spirit herbs were the main ingredients for the refinement of Saint-tier elixirs. Such a priceless item was actually found by Jiang Yi—this lucky bastard? How could he not contribute such a precious herb to the clan but consumed it all for himself instead? Had Jiang Henshui been allowed to consume this herb, he would most probably burst into the Purple Mansion Realm, right?


Jiang Yunshe let out a snort and was obviously unsatisfied with Jiang Yi’s statement regarding his son. Jiang Yunshi awoke from his shock and gave out his orders indifferently: “Enough. There is nothing else left to review. Bring Jiang Yi to the back of the mountain and execute him immediately. He shall serve as a warning to everyone!”


Right at this moment, another voice could be heard; this time, even Jiang Yi got a shock. The one who spoke was the Clan Head—Jiang Yunshan.

Jiang Yunshan placed down his teacup and stood up. He nodded at the Second Elder; he then walked in the direction of the exit and stopped in front of Jiang Yi. He sighed after taking a glance outside, “Sigh… Uncle Hai has gone missing for six years, and his fate is still unknown. Jiang Yi! We all knew that Uncle Hai has always regarded you with priority and doted on you. Although Uncle Hai may no longer be with us, his contributions to the Jiang Clan are engraved in our hearts. For the sake of Uncle Hai, I shall spare your life today! Of course… the death sentence can be pardoned, but the punishment must still be served.

“Yunshi, break one of his legs to serve it as a warning. If he dares create any more trouble in the future, he shall be executed immediately. Pass down the orders that if the clan had anything similar happening before the recruitment for the Mt. Spirit Beast College and West Garrison Army, the Martial Court can serve immediate executions without seeking mine or the Disciplinary Court’s approval. Now that all is settled… everyone shall leave from here.”

Finishing his statement, Jiang Yunshan glared at Jiang Yi and then walked straight to the exit and vanished from everyone’s sights. The elders within the Disciplinary Court didn’t say anything and quickly left. Jiang Yunshe and Jiang Yunshi looked at each other, the former left with traces of chilling intent in his eyes. The massive Disciplinary Court was now left with Jiang Yunshi and the clansmen who were observing from outside.

Spare my life? Keke!

Jiang Yi’s remained expressionless, but his heart was having a chilling laugh. He clearly felt the intense killing intent from the indifferent stare before Jiang Yunshan left.

Jiang Yunshan was trying to act impartially while reserving his killing intent.

Today’s incident was rather significant, but if Jiang Yi was truly executed, it would most probably invite the gossips within the Jiang Clan, and most of them would be unconvinced. After all, Jiang Ruhu and his group did actually beat up Jiang Yi, and Jiang Xiaonu was indeed lying on Chunya’s bed. Jiang Yunshan acted as though he was reserving some dignity for the Grand Elder by sparing Jiang Yi’s life. It would show his benevolent heart and yet kept everyone’s mouth shut.

Keke, I am guessing that after Mt. Spirit Beast College completed their recruitment, I, Jiang Yi, would have a sudden mysterious death.

As Jiang Yi realized this dark intent, his heart felt the chills. But since he didn’t have to die now, he would be so silly to court his own death. As long as there was a trace of hope, he would fight for it. He wasn’t afraid of death; he was afraid Jiang Xiaonu would follow suit.

“Since the Clan Head gave out this judgment with his benevolent heart, I shall comply. Someone come and break Jiang Yi’s leg. If he dares create havoc again, he shall be executed without any chance of forgiveness!”

Jiang Yunshi understood the meaning very quickly. He knew his brother all too well, and Jiang Yi would definitely not be able to live much longer. The Jiang Clan would never keep this white-eyed wolf around long enough before it gave trouble to the clan.

“That won’t be necessary!”

Seeing the guard who was about to make a move, Jiang Yi yelled. Under the astonished eyes, he circulated his essence force and raised his hand to chop down on his left leg with lightning speed.


A crisp sound of bone cracking echoed, which meant that Jiang Yi’s left leg was broken. As his left leg hanged without any strength in the air, Jiang Yi didn’t let out a cry of pain from start to finish. Even though his forehead was drenched in cold sweat and his cheeks were slightly distorted, his eyes remained terrifyingly calm.

“Sss… DEPUTY Elder of the Disciplinary Court, may I leave now?”

Jiang Yi took a long and deep breath before turning around to ask Jiang Yunshi. The “DEPUTY” had added emphasis when he spoke.

“Go to the Internal Affairs Court to redeem two elixirs and reflect on your behaviors at home. Get lost!” The Yama’s face of Jiang Yunshi appeared again, but it quickly turned in a sneer instead. He didn’t think it was worth it to be angry at a brat who would certainly die soon enough.

Jiang Yi hopped out with one leg but fell to the ground due to the intense pain from his left shoulder and leg which caused him to lose his center of gravity.

He rejected the help from the Jiang Clan’s servants and stood up while clenching his teeth. He reached out to a small tree on the side and broke off a piece of the branch. He forcefully endured the diplopia 2 caused by the intense pain and extreme loss of blood. Supporting himself with the tree branch, he hopped his way back to his own courtyard, leaving behind a trail of fresh blood.

Jiang Clan’s Disciplinary Court wasn’t too far from Jiang Yi’s residence. Normally, it would only take three minutes, but Jiang Yi took one whole hour this time. He even fell a few times along the way and nearly passed out.


He knocked open the doors of his own courtyard. After hopping into the courtyard, he couldn’t support himself anymore and fell onto the ground while grimacing in pain. He sat cross-legged, clenched his teeth, and immediately began recuperating while meditating. If he didn’t start his healing process, he would have died of the loss of blood.

“Aiya! Young Master Jiang Yi, you… what happened to you?”

One hour later, Jiang Yi got awoke from a fearful shout. Chunya went out to purchase elixirs using the purple gold that Jiang Yi handed over to her. On the way back, the entire Western Court was talking about Jiang Yi’s incident. She didn’t even bother to go back home and ran straight to Jiang Yi’s courtyard.

Jiang Yi opened his eyes but looked weakened. He saw the porcelain bottle on Chunya’s hand and let out a grateful smile; he shook his head. “I am fine. Chunya, thanks for taking care of Xiaonu! Oh right… does Xiaonu know that I am injured?”

“She doesn’t know yet; I have yet to return home!” Chunya shook her head and immediately handed over the porcelain bottle to Jiang Yi. “Young Master Jiang Yi, this is a great recovery medicine. You better take it to heal yourself. There is still enough from the money you handed over to me, I will go buy a few more pills for Xiaonu.”

“No, no!”

Jiang Yi shook his head. He retrieved one piece of elixir from the porcelain bottle and said to Chunya with a resolute look. “Chunya, listen up! You should have heard of today’s incident right? You can tell everything to Xiaonu but do not tell her that I am injured. You can just say… that after I was acquitted by the Disciplinary Court, I left the Jiang Clan. You tell Xiaonu to recuperate her injuries without any considerations. The Clan Head has given his order, and no one would dare touch her for this period of time. I will be back in one month. Do you understand?”


Chunya screamed and asked with doubt, “Young Master Jiang Yi is going to leave for a month?! But… how would you walk like this?”

“You don’t have to bother. I will be leaving tonight, but I promise I will be back in a month!”

Jiang Yi didn’t explain much. He briefly instructed Chunya and asked her to go back and care for Jiang Xiaonu; he then consumed the elixir and began recuperating. He knew that this elixir wasn’t sufficient to cure his wounds, but he had to leave tonight. If he didn’t leave now, he wouldn’t be able to leave anymore and resign to his own fate.

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