Fury Towards The Burning Heaven

Chapter 38 - Fleeing

Chapter 38: Fleeing

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The night as was cool as water. Jiang Yi kept on healing his wounds until the middle of the night. The wound on his left shoulder had almost recovered, but his broken leg wouldn’t be able to recover for the time being. The elixir that Chunya bought was only of Man-tier medial-grade, and he only took one of them. Even after enhancing it with the black essence force, it just barely kept his injuries under control.

Late into the night, the surroundings had nothing but silence. After having a day of commotion, the Jiang Residence had finally fallen into stillness, and Jiang Yi’s eyes were opened.

He struggled to stand and then dragged his broken leg into the inner hall. He retrieved a piece of jerky and chewed on it while drinking fresh water. After he finished the jerky, he circulated the black essence forces into the meridians near his left ear to enhance his hearing ability.

After listening for a period of time, he made sure no one was hiding nearby and spying on him. He tore a few pieces of cloth from his sheets and secured his broken leg with wooden planks. He then tiptoed out with the support of a wooden stick.

He broke his own leg in front of everyone and created such a huge commotion today; even if the Jiang Clan intended to conspire and murder him, they wouldn’t do it within these two days. If he wanted to leave the Jiang Clan, tonight would be the best opportunity. If not, he wouldn’t have any more chances when there were people monitoring him.

The western gates had guards on duty, and the Western Court had guards on patrol as well. If Jiang Yi’s leg was healthy, he would have been able to slip out easily. The patrolling guards weren’t that dedicated to their duties. After all, the Jiang Clan was massive and influential; regular robbers wouldn’t dare come to the Jiang Residence.

One hour later, Jiang Yi expended tremendous strength just to reach the walls of the Western Court. He didn’t dare to exit from the western gate, which meant that he had to get out by climbing over the walls.

Black essence force!

Looking at the walls which were twenty feet tall, Jiang Yi clenched his teeth and circulated the black essence force to his right leg. He then jumped suddenly and rocketed himself into the sky. He bit the wooden stick in his mouth and circulated essence forces on his both hands to quickly grasped on the walls, borrowing strength to climb up the walls.


His body was now finally two meters from the top of the wall. As the upwards momentum began to disperse, he swiftly retrieved the green dagger that he snatched from Ma Fei and stabbed it into the wall. He then pulled himself over the wall and began his descent.

Getting up the wall was the easy task; the difficult task was to descend. Jiang Yi’s body was now falling abruptly. With one of his legs severely injured, he totally lost his sense of balance. Fearing that he would aggravate the injuries of his left leg, he could only land on his right leg first, then hugged his injured leg and quickly roll forward.

“Ss, ss…”

Jiang Yi did his best to protect his wounded leg but couldn’t help bumping it. The pain caused him to erupt with cold sweat and contort his body beyond his control. He took a brief rest and immediately stood with the support of the wooden stick and tiptoed towards the Martial Arts Hall.

Jiang Clan’s rules stated that clansmen shouldn’t leave without a valid reason and could not leave Skyplume City without permission. If not, they would be pronounced as renegades. If they were labeled as renegades, the Jiang Clan would send out an arrest warrant. Then, Martial Court members would be sent to give chase, and the clan members would have the rights to kill the renegade on sight.

The reason why Jiang Yi was able to come out unscathed when he previously left the Jiang Clan for three months was partly due to the cover-up by Chief Rong, coupled with his insignificance to the clan. This time though, there would be plenty of people that would closely monitor him. Once they realized that he disappeared, the Jiang Clan would release an arrest warrant soon.

Jiang Yi knew clearly that he had no other choice but to escape tonight; if not, he would only be left with the path to death. Jiang Yunshi wanted his head, and so did Jiang Yunshe and Jiang Yunshan.

Only by escaping into the Martial Arts Hall would the Jiang Clan be unable to track him. Jiang Yi didn’t know how the future paths would be like; he could only plan as he took steps forward. Surviving came first.

In the past, he remained hopeful towards the Jiang Clan. There were many times he wanted to elope with Jiang Xiaonu, but he ultimately didn’t dare to leave. Once they left, they would be labeled as renegades and destined to wander around the world for life. The Grand Elder’s reputation would also be ruined. Now that he was discouraged towards the Jiang Clan, he had to take the unorthodox path and put everything he had at stake—for the sake of surviving and for the sake of Jiang Xiaonu!

In order to escape, he had to first recover from his wounds, and the Martial Arts Hall was the best place for him to recuperate. Aside from the Jiang Clan, even the Ji Clan wouldn’t dare kill within the Martial Arts Hall. What’s more, he had an alter ego in the Martial Arts Hall. No one would guess that he was the Lone Wolf for now.


After two hours, Jiang Yi finally reached the outskirts of the Martial Arts Hall. The massive plaza was empty at night. The main gate of the Martial Arts Hall was shut, but the side gate was still opened. A black-armored guard stood like a wooden pillar during his duty shift. Who knew whether he was asleep or not?

“Who goes there?”

The approach of Jiang Yi alarmed the guard. He looked over with lightning fast gaze and saw the sinister Lone Wolf’s mask under the dimmed moonlight. He let out a breath of relief but asked with vigilance, “Are you Lone Wolf?”

“Brother Guard, it’s me!”

Jiang Yi’s body suddenly relaxed. This guard was the one that first brought him into the Martial Arts Hall. They were acquainted and had become friends.

The black-armored guard quickly walked over to help Jiang Yi into the Martial Arts Hall. He then inquired, “Aiya. What happened to you, Lone Wolf? Your leg is broken? If Manager Yang got to know this, he would surely reprimand you!”

Jiang Yi laughed bitterly and retrieved two pieces of purple gold and handed it over; he then spoke softly, “Brother Guard, please don’t ask so much. Could I trouble you to bring me back to my room and help me keep a secret? Do not let anyone know of my broken leg. Please!”

The black-armored guard’s eyes lit up when he saw the two pieces of purple gold. He accepted the purple gold without leaving any trace and nodded, “Don’t worry, Brother. I will not let anyone know.”

The black-armored guard brought Jiang Yi into the Technique Practicing Room, and there was no one here in the middle of the night. Jiang Yi finally relaxed when he reached his own room.

After the guard left, Jiang Yi sat cross-legged and began recuperating with his cultivation. Only after the sun rose was he awoken by the footsteps outside.

The black-armored guard reported to Manager Yang; it was something that couldn’t be kept from him. Manager Yang walked in and saw Jiang Yi’s broken leg. Naturally, he put on a severe look. Jiang Yi was a source of easy money for him. Now that the Mt. Spirit Beast College and West Garrison Army were about to start their recruitment, the queue for a sparring partner was registered all the way—up to ten days.

Manager Yang’s eyes flickered for a few times and said with a stern face, “Lone Wolf, you merely went back home and came back with a broken leg? What’s more, you came back in the middle of the night? What happened?”

Jiang Yi let out a wry smile, “Nothing much. I got into a conflict with a clansman. I injured him, and he broke my leg. I was afraid that he would ask someone to take revenge on me so I had to come back in the middle of the night. I am very sorry about this, Manager Yang.”

“Hai, you brat!”

Manager Yang shook his head while smiling with a bitter face; he then asked, “That’s right. Does your clan know you are the Lone Wolf? Would your clan have any opinion about your stay in the Martial Arts Hall for a long period of time?”


Jiang Yi shook his head while laughing and asked in reply, “Manager, do you think if my clan knows that I am ‘Lone Wolf,’ they would allow me to be a sparring partner here? Don’t worry about it. I am of insignificance in the clan, and no one cares about me either. No one would mind even if I die in the Martial Arts Hall.”

“Alright then!”

Manager Yang stayed silent for a moment. “I shall get you a dozen Man-tier superior-grade elixirs. You better recuperate your injuries quickly and don’t leave any residual injuries. But… the money for the elixirs shall be deducted from your salary.”

“Many thanks, Manager Yang.” Jiang Yi livened up and bowed with cupped hands.


Manager Yang sighed while he walked. He felt his heartache while he mumbled, “Only twenty days left before the recruitment of the Mt. Spirit Beast College. Now that the brat is injured, it would definitely result in serious losses!”

Mt. Spirit Beast College recruitment?

Jiang Yi’s body shuddered as countless thoughts flashed through his mind. His eyes suddenly lit up like the stars and murmured excitedly, “That’s right! Mt. Spirit Beast College! I can go participate in the recruitment test of Mt. Spirit Beast College! If I successfully get accepted as a special student, the Jiang Clan will not be able to kill and will have to protect and curry my favor. I can then honorably bring Xiaonu out of Skyplume City.”

Mt. Spirit Beast College was one of the three major colleges of the continent. Students that were officially enrolled would be heavily regarded by various kingdoms. After they successfully graduate, they would be offered nobility in vassal states and would have a meteoric rise in status. A future of unbounded potential.

If he could successfully enroll in the Mt. Spirit Beast College, the Jiang Clan wouldn’t dare to have any killing intent against him. He would then be able to bring Xiaonu out of the Jiang Clan and leave the Skyplume City. Not only would Grand Elder’s reputation remain prestigious, but he would also not have to bear the crime of a renegade or wander around the world with Xiaonu.

In the past, his strength was too low to consider the participation of Mt. Spirit Beast College’s recruitment. Now that he defeated Jiang Rulong with ease, he understood that the difference between him and the prodigies wasn’t too far. He might have the opportunity to grab one of the five enrollment places. The main reason was that… no one knew about the mystical abilities of his peculiar black essence force.

“But… I have an agreement with the Martial Arts Hall! I have to be a sparring partner of the Martial Arts Hall for five years—”

Jiang Yi began to have a headache again. The people of the Martial Arts Hall would only let Jiang Yi leave if they had problems with their brain, as Jiang Yi was just like a money tree. Ten thousand taels of purple gold! Disregarding the idea of selling his own body, even the Jiang Clan would find it hard to produce such amount of wealth, right?


As Jiang Yi mumbled, Manager Yang brought in three bottles of elixirs. He withdrew his thoughts and casually talked with Manager Yang. He then consumed one of the elixirs and began his recuperation.

After Manager Yang left, Jiang Yi immediately opened his eyes. Brilliance shot out from his eyes. He thought it through meticulously and determined that entering the Mt. Spirit Beast College was his best way out of his current predicament.

“Recuperate. I need to first recover and then work hard on comprehending the Exploding Essence Palm. Once I can comprehend this martial art, I would be able to secure a spot for enrollment. I would then work on a negotiation with the Martial Arts Hall. As long as I can leave, any condition is acceptable! Skyplume City… I don’t want to stay here for another moment!”

Jiang Yi continued his mumble to clear his thoughts. Expelling every distraction from his mind, he wholeheartedly concentrated on recuperation.

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