Fury Towards The Burning Heaven

Chapter 36 - Discouraged

Chapter 36: Discouraged

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Jiang Yunshan was the current Clan Head of Jiang Clan. His strength was at the eighth stage of the Purple Mansion Realm, and he was one of the top five most influential figures in the Skyplume City. His words carried enormous weight and were most definitely not a joke.

A smirk appeared on the faces of Jiang Yunshe and Jiang Yunshi. Since Jiang Yunshan made such a statement, it had saved them a lot of hassle. Who dared to not comply with the Clan Head’s judgment?

“I refuse to comply!”

A soft and immature voice could be heard, which turned the faces of Jiang Yunshe and Jiang Yunshi from pleasant to dark immediately. Jiang Yunshe had a taste of Jiang Yi’s glib tongue and knew he couldn’t allow Jiang Yi to continue speaking. He roared furiously, “Shut your mouth! You dare doubt the words of our Clan Head? Where is the Disciplinary Court guard? Exterminate this person right now to right our clan rules!”


One of the guards in the Disciplinary Court caught glimpse of Jiang Yunshi’s eyes and understood his meaning. He struck viciously at Jiang Yi’s head with a single palm, leaving no chances for Jiang Yi to defend himself.


In the face of perilous danger, Jiang Yi didn’t get angry and laughed instead. His eyes locked onto Jiang Yunshan as he laughed hysterically; he even reached out and pointed at Jiang Yunshan and shouted, “Jiang’s Clan Head? Such awe-inspiring authority! Before he even cleared things up, he decided the death of an individual based on his own words? Jiang Clan’s rules? Dogsh*t rules! They are all just for show. Kill me then—kill me! I shall go seek grievance with the ancestors of Jiang Clan…”


Just as the guard’s palm was about to hit Jiang Yi’s head, an aged voice resonated, “Wait!”

Everyone looked towards the source of the voice. They were shocked to find out it was the gray-haired Second Elder who shouted. How long had it been since Second Elder meddled in such affairs? He never once interfered nor expressed his view in all the Jiang Clan’s affairs. Today, he actually spoke for Jiang Yi?

The wrinkled face of Second Elder shook as he spoke lightly, “Since he said he was wronged, why not listen to what he has to say? With so many eyes looking, if there was a need to execute him, we need to convince everyone he is proven guilty…”

“Uncle Zhong, since you voiced your opinion, let’s review this case then.”

Jiang Yunshan nodded at Second Elder and then walked towards the host’s seat. After taking a seat and picking up a cup of tea, he looked at Jiang Yi and spoke in a calm manner, “I, Jiang Yunshan don’t have any such authority. The reason I could be the Clan Head of Jiang Clan wasn’t because of my strength; I convinced all Jiang’s clansmen by being fair and impartial. Today, I shall give you a chance so that you can die with no regrets. Yunshi, review the case!”

“Yes, Clan Head!”

Jiang Yunshi nodded and walked towards the judgment table. He banged the table and demanded, “Gushui, Rulang, tell us everything you know about today’s matters. If you dare hide any truth, you shall be punished severely.”


After Jiang Gushui and Jiang Rulang cupped their hands and bowed, they prepared to explain every detail that happened today. Jiang Yi gestured with his hand and interrupted. “It’s alright, you guys need not say a thing. Let me! Today, I did in fact hurt people in public at the Martial Arts Demonstration Hall. I broke both the legs of Jiang Song, Jiang Bao, and Jiang Ruhu. I broke the spine of Jiang Rulong and even smashed his cranial bone, too! I injured another dozen clansmen that were present as well. All these are the facts.”


Jiang Yunshi banged on the judgment table again and sneered, “Then why do you say you are wronged? Have you forgotten Rule No. 38 of the Jiang Clan’s rules?”

“I did not forget. Jiang Clan’s Rule No. 38: All Jiang Clan’s members are to be punished should they injured other clansmen without a valid reason. Sentenced to death for severe cases,” Jiang Yi replied calmly. He even nodded, “According to the clan rules, my crime does deserve death and cannot be spared.”

“Wow! ”

The entire Disciplinary Court was filled with awe. Was there a problem with Jiang Yi’s brain? He was the one who said he was wronged; but now, he actually admitted his crimes and was punishable by death? Was his brain kicked by the donkey when he was young?

“Everyone heard it, right?”

Jiang Yunshi took a glance at all the elders and declared, “Since Jiang Yi confessed without concealing any of his crimes, I shall enact the clan rules. Jiang Yi’s crimes cannot be spared and shall be sentenced to death. He is to be immediately served with his sentence.”


Jiang Yi raised his hand and spoke again, “I have yet to finish my statement. Since the Disciplinary Court’s Deputy Elder is going to enact the clan rules, then please execute Jiang Ruhu, Jiang Bao, and Jiang Song as well! During the past four to five years, Jiang Ruhu and his group had beaten me up for a total of forty-four times. Each time ended with me suffering serious injuries. There were twenty-two cases where I vomited blood, eight cases where got bone fractures, and four cases where I fainted and nearly died! All these acts were witnessed by the families of the Western Court.

“Right now, my maidservant is still in bed after being assaulted by Jiang Ruhu and his group. According to the Jiang Clan’s rule no. 38, it is sufficient for Jiang Ruhu and his bunch to be executed ten times! I beg the clan to execute them along with me, if not… I will die unconvinced!”


The Disciplinary Court was filled with awe yet again. Majority of the people looked at Jiang Yi with admiration. He who committed so many crimes was actually speaking without a hint of fear in front of all the influential people of the Jiang Clan. His mind was in a state of clarity as he used Jiang Yunshi’s words to set a trap. A trap that couldn’t be resolved.

Stellarsky Continent was where martial arts rules supreme. Clan members frequently got into fights, but the clan rules did state that one should not injure another without any reason. But the clan had always looked away from such matters. Not only did they not control the situation, but they also secretly approved of such behaviors: to allow clansmen to fight, compete, and be motivated to cultivate diligently.

Everyone knew of such acts. Even the Jiang Clan’s elders and Jiang Yunshan knew clearly this was a problem with the clan’s rules, but no one would willingly put such matters up officially. Today, Jiang Yi used this point to aggressively make his argument. If the Disciplinary Court were to enact the clan’s rules, they would have to investigate on Jiang Ruhu and his group. If the things that Jiang Yi said were to be true, a whole lot of individuals would be sentenced to death by the clan’s rules.

Did Jiang Ruhu and his group do such things?

Jiang Yunshe and the various elders’ had a change in expression. They knew clearly about their own descendants. Some matters didn’t even need an investigation; it only required them to used their bums to think before finding the truth.

Jiang Yunshi remained silent. He didn’t know how to rebuke Jiang Yi’s words. Jiang Yunshe’s eyes were shining with brilliance while Jiang Yunshan was drinking his tea and acted like he didn’t hear Jiang Yi’s argument.

No wonder this kid asked for all the elders to be present. He sure is something!

Martial Court Elder Jiang Yunmeng’s eyes had a flash of admiration. He suddenly asked with some doubt, “Jiang Yi, why didn’t you bring all these matters up in the Disciplinary Court in the past? But no matter the case, since you openly injured your clansmen today, you are still in the wrong.”

Even though Jiang Yunmeng’s words sounded like he was reprimanding, but he was obviously trying to help Jiang Yi escape from his punishments. Jiang Yunmeng didn’t really know Jiang Yi, but he saw Jiang Yi’s bravery, intelligence, and fearless act. He defeated everyone when he was just at the fourth stage of Cast Tripod Realm; he was even able to injure Jiang Rulong. It was something that Jiang Yunmeng liked and somehow resembled himself when was young.

When Jiang Yunmeng spoke, Jiang Yunshi’s expression changed, and Jiang Yi laughed with a face of mockery, “Martial Court Elder, our clan’s Disciplinary Court only cares about clansmen like Jiang Ruhu and Jiang Rulong who had the backings of influential figures. Why would they even listen to nonsense from a trash like me? Before I went to the Martial Arts Demonstration Hall to wreak havoc, I did come to the Disciplinary Court to complain about my grievances.

“The Disciplinary Court’s Deputy Elder didn’t even ask me a thing before asking me to get lost. The fellow brothers of the Disciplinary Court can be my witness. So… what do you think a trash, who doesn’t have a backing, should do? I do not have a place to complain about my grievances so I can only rely on my own fist to settle matters!”

Jiang Yi stopped for a moment and turned to look at the surrounding clansmen outside of the Disciplinary Court. He then turned back with cupped hands and spoke with outrage, “I, Jiang Yi, have indeed committed sins, but I would like to ask everyone present here. What if you were in my shoes? What would you have done? Be a coward and continue being bullied for life? Or fight for your life?

“An ancestor of Jiang Clan once said, ‘A real man shouldn’t fear death, sacrificing his head, or his blood. He who isn’t afraid of death by a thousand blades has the ability to overthrow an Emperor!’ Today, I, Jiang Yi, would even die under a thousand blades, just to bring down all the degenerates of the Jiang Clan. I beg for the clan to execute all of us!”

Those ringing words were filled with power and enlightenment that resonated in everyone’s ears for a long time.

Jiang Yi’s shoulder was still oozing out fresh blood and gradually dripping off his robe onto the floor. As the drops landed in the silent Disciplinary Court, it hit the hearts of everyone.

Everyone glanced at the immature face of Jiang Yi and unbending eyes; they couldn’t help but feel stimulated. Was this truly a fifteen-year-old youth? Was this still the trash that the entire Jiang Clan held in contempt?

This brat cannot stay! He would be a menace in the future!

Jiang Yunshe and Jiang Yunshi looked at each other’s eyes and had a resolution. Jiang Yi advanced from the first stage to the fourth stage of the Cast Tripod Realm in just a few short months. Even Jiang Rulong, who was at the seventh stage of Cast Tripod Realm, wasn’t his match.

All these didn’t matter; the most important thing was Jiang Yi’s brain, that brilliant intelligence. Every step of the scheme was executed flawlessly. If he had such wisdom at such a tender age, what would he grow into after a few years? They remembered clearly that even though Jiang Yi had the surname of Jiang, he didn’t have the blood of a Jiang. Individuals that weren’t of the same clan would definitely betray them. If he was to stay alive, they were afraid that many years later they would both die in his hands.

“Spouting nonsense! Endless pester!”

Jiang Yunshi finally spoke; he banged the table and shouted, “You said Jiang Ruhu and his group beat you up? Where is your evidence? You said your maidservant got beaten up by Jiang Ruhu and his bunch? Where are your witnesses? There are so many people present here, and you said they witnessed it with their own eyes? Ask them to testify!”

“That’s right!”

Jiang Yunshe stood up and conformed. He glared at everyone outside with his vicious eyes that were more chilling than a venomous snake. He then shouted, “Everyone who can hear us from outside. Did anyone witness Jiang Yi get beaten up? As long as there is a witness or evidence, our clan will not spare them!”

“Swish! Swish! Swish!”

All the Jiang clansmen that were outside, including the family that was close with Jiang Yi’s family—all lowered their head in silence. No one dared to say anything, not to mention testify for Jiang Yi. The eagle eyes of Jiang Yunshe contained an obvious warning: ‘If anyone dared to testify, they would have to face the consequences…’

Despicable! Shameless!

Jiang Yi cursed at them in his heart. Jiang Yunshe and Jiang Yunshi were such shameless beings that they actually used such tactics to deal with a junior?

When he scanned his eyes over at all the elders and Jiang Yunshan and saw that no one had any expression, his heart was completely discouraged! Even the Second Elder who had great ties with the Grand Elder remained silent.


Apart from Grand Elder, no one from the Jiang Clan stood on his side! Jiang Yi laughed tragically, and his laughter was filled with bleak and hopelessness. He closed his eyes and didn’t want to continue anymore; his face no longer had any emotions. Since the Jiang Clan wanted him dead and even stooped so low to use such despicable methods, there was nothing else he could say.

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