Fury Towards The Burning Heaven

Chapter 1525 - Crippled!

Chapter 1525: Crippled!

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To become the commanders-in-chief of the Demon-Buster Army, the three were naturally not idiots; they were very intelligent!

Jiang Yi’s questions, You Tianni’s evasive gaze, and the Wintry Sovereign’s fury; the three instantly understood what had happened. As to what special race You Tianni was from, Heavenly King Wu and Heavenly King Long were very clear about that. They had watched You Tianni grow up. They knew perfectly well what type of person he was.

Jiang Yi had not said many things explicitly. He wanted to both protect Qi Qingchen’s reputation and also give face to the three commanders-in-chief. If such ugly news spread, who would still think that the Demon-Buster Army was upright and righteous?

A member of a key faction of the Demon-Buster Army had actually been so insolent and devoid of humanity, even to the extent of wanting to commit r*pe. This person also dared to use Heavenly King You’s power and authority to aid his devious plan; how could the ten thousand domains continue to trust the Demon-Buster Army? Would other young masters and young mistresses from great family clans be killed or r*ped when they were sent here as well?

The Wintry Sovereign was about to bring his men and head to the Heaven Domain to fight the Netherworld Race to the death; he probably wouldn’t be coming back to the Earth Domain anymore. He was going to fight for the entire human race. Yet, even before he had departed, someone wanted to harm his only daughter? If he left, wouldn’t the Wintry Domain be instantly destroyed? Who would still dare to head to the Heaven Domain then?


You Tianni’s face grew anxious as he hurriedly tried to argue and explain, “My two commanders-in-chief, do not listen to Jiang Yi’s…”

“Shut up!”

Heavenly King You’s face darkened as he yelled. Actually, when the Wintry Sovereign had grown angry just now, Heavenly King You had more or less understood many things. How could he not know his grandson? Although Jiang Yi was in the wrong today, You Tianni’s transgressions were unforgivable. If Heavenly King You did not set an example of You Tianni, the Demon-Buster Army’s credibility and reputation from now on would cease to exist. The Wintry Sovereign would also not let things go just like this.


You Tianni could sense that things were not going his way as he hurriedly looked at Heavenly King You, pleading with him. The latter’s body flashed as he slapped You Tianni heavily, shouting, “Do not call me ‘Grandfather’! I do not have a grandson like you. From today onwards, you will no longer be the grandson of the You Clan!”


Heavenly King You’s slap had been rather heavy; all of You Tianni’s teeth were all knocked out as his face changed shape, and his body crashed heavily into the distance. A commotion broke out among the spectators. Heavenly King You had been really harsh; he actually expelled You Tianni in front of everyone. Even if Heavenly King You allowed You Tianni to return in the future, You Tianni would also not be able to openly and publicly take on the clan head position in this life.


Jiang Yi and Qi Qingchen exchanged a glance as they both smiled coldly. Just a slap and expulsion from the clan; did Heavenly King You think that was enough? Qi Qingchen had almost lost her virginity while the Divine Yang Race’s special ability could force Qi Qingchen’s body and soul to be taken over. If that happened, Qi Qingchen’s entire future would have been ruined; and the Wintry Domain would then become the You Clan’s.


The Wintry Sovereign also laughed. Although he was laughing, his entire body was emanating a cold aura. He only had this one daughter; she was also born only when he was at an advanced age. He naturally doted on her even more. If this was all the punishment Heavenly King You was going to give, the Wintry Sovereign was not going to let this matter rest like this.


Heavenly King You looked at the Wintry Sovereign for a moment. The former could only grit his teeth as his body flashed again and punched You Tianni’s stomach heavily. A sound rang out as You Tianni released a screeching cry of pain. Countless men’s faces changed at this as Heavenly King Wu and Heavenly King Long also averted their gaze at this moment, not bearing to continue watching.


Heavenly King You’s punch had crushed You Tianni’s divine core. You Tianni was now crippled for life; even if he found elixirs and powerful nutrients to reconstruct his divine core, he would never be able to reach the Demon-Killing Battle God Realm ever again in this life.

Qi Qingchen’s expression looked slightly better as she watched You Tianni clutching his stomach in midair as he tumbled and cried out in pain. The rage in her had subsided much. After all, You Tianni’s future was completely ruined; that was considered punishment enough. He had also been made a cripple personally by his own grandfather; he would probably be living in pain and agony his entire life.


Jiang Yi and the Wintry Sovereign, however, once again laughed coldly. The two evidently felt as if this was still insufficient. The two were ruthless; in their eyes, even if You Tianni was cut into ten thousand pieces, that would not suffice.

Heavenly King You heard their laughter as his body shook, and he looked at the Wintry Sovereign with pain and anguish on his face. Finally, he gritted his teeth again, took out his headless spear, and stabbed below You Tianni’s hip.


Although You Tianni was wearing a supreme-grade divine artifact battle armor, Heavenly King You’s spear was a Dao Heaven Spiritual Treasure; its attack easily pierced through You Tianni’s battle armor and sliced open his groin area; his manhood was also destroyed!

“Brother Qi, are you satisfied now?”

Heavenly King You withdrew his spear emotionlessly as he turned and looked at the Wintry Sovereign. The latter begrudgingly nodded and said, “Brother You has punished your own relations in the name of justice; the Demon-Buster Army’s reputation is indeed well deserved. I am satisfied!”

Heavenly King You, Heavenly King Wu, and Heavenly King Long all breathed easy. If the Wintry Sovereign was still not satisfied, You Tianni would have to be killed. Heavenly King Wu gestured and said, “Someone, come! Bring You Tianni away and kick him out of the Demon-Buster Army. He is never allowed to set foot in the Demon-Buster Valley from now on!”

One of the You Clan formidable martial artists immediately brought the already unconscious You Tianni and left. You Tianni had now become a complete cripple; his divine core and manhood had all been destroyed. Even if he could use spirit herbs to grow it back, it would no longer be as powerful and potent.

Heavenly King You treating his grandson as such… he was indeed also a ruthless person. While doing so, at least he had managed to preserve You Tianni’s life; and he could try to find ways for the You Clan bloodline to continue. Even though You Tianni’s manhood was gone, he could regrow another one; if he was lucky, he might still be able to continue the family bloodline.

After the You Clan martial artist had taken You Tianni away, Heavenly King You actually smiled. He looked at Jiang Yi and said, “Since You Tianni had already been dealt with, shall we hold a public hearing for Jiang Yi? Indeed, You Tianni had been wrong. However, was Jiang Yi really without fault? Brother Qi, what do you think?”

The Wintry Sovereign kept quiet; Heavenly King You was right.

You Tianni had been in the wrong, and so was Jiang Yi! At the very least, Jiang Yi shouldn’t have taken matters in his own hands and shouldn’t have ordered the Sword Emanations Race beings to kill the Demon-Buster Army soldiers. Twelve thousand lives had been lost. The Bai Clan and the Qiu Clan would definitely not let this matter rest while Heavenly King You evidently wanted to pursue this matter.

“Majesty Father!”

Qi Qingchen grew anxious as she grabbed onto the Wintry Sovereign’s arm. She looked at Heavenly King Wu and Heavenly King Long as she said, “Heavenly King Wu, Heavenly King Long, Jiang Yi had been enraged and befuddled all because of me. If you two want to punish him, I am willing to bear the same punishments as him!”


Jiang Yi suddenly laughed as he interrupted Qi Qingchen. He looked at her, smiled, and said, “General, I had said before: I will be responsible for my actions. This matter does not concern you. I had killed these men, no doubt. Why are you trying to intervene? My three commanders-in-chief… if you guys wish to kill me, go ahead! I just want to say something: if I could go back in time, I would not hesitate to act the same way I did again. Whoever wants to kill me will have to pay the price!”


The Wintry Sovereign shouted out loud as he lauded, “You are indeed a man! Jiang Yi, if you can reach the King-Ranked Realm one day, I will give my daughter to you in marriage!”


A commotion broke out as Qi Qingchen blushed, and she stomped her feet in anger; what situation was this now? Her father was still talking about things like this? If Heavenly King Wu hardened his heart and wanted to kill Jiang Yi, what future was there to speak of?


Poison Spirit, however, silently nodded in approval. This was an internal matter of the Demon-Buster Army; it was not convenient for the Wintry Sovereign to intervene. However, he had said what he said to hint to Heavenly King Wu his stance as well as to pressure Heavenly King Wu; he also wanted to give Heavenly King Wu a way out.

After all, if Jiang Yi was to be the future son-in-law of the Wintry Sovereign, Jiang Yi’s status was entirely different now. The Wintry Sovereign’s words also indicated that he would personally mediate with the Bai Clan and the Qiu Clan, for them not to pursue this matter further.

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