Fury Towards The Burning Heaven

Chapter 1524 - Your Clan's Disciple, Your Responsibility!

Chapter 1524: Your Clan’s Disciple, Your Responsibility!


Jiang Yi smiled faintly as he didn’t say anything. Since he did not speak, Poison Spirit naturally didn’t as well. Qi Qingchen’s mouth twitched as a sliver of a cold smile appeared; she also kept mum.

“I will explain!”

Qiu Ren and You Tianni exchanged a glance as Qiu Ren gritted his teeth and said.

After Heavenly King Wu nodded, Qiu Ren thought for a moment and said, “This is what happened. The Heaven-Splitting Army had given us a mission, for our troop to come to the Sword Emanations Mystic Realm to exterminate the Baby Spirits. When we were exterminating them, a group of Baby Spirits fled. Hence, Young Master You… en, Commander You brought twenty formidable martial artists and Yi Wu—as well as three Phantom Race scouts—to pursue them. The rest of us remained behind to continue killing the rest of the Baby Spirits.”

Qiu Ren started to explain what had happened. Seeing Jiang Yi and company remaining silent and Heavenly King Wu and the others were also listening attentively, Qiu Ren was emboldened and continued, “After a while, we received a message from Assistant Commander You Hong, saying that they had encountered Jiang Yi; and a skirmish had broken out. Jiang Yi had used demonic arts to control the Sword Emanations Race; he had used them to kill Yi Wu and his three companions. Jiang Yi was also hunting Commander You and his men. Assistant Commander You Hong ordered us to come to Commander You’s aid.

“We immediately rallied all our forces and came over. We saw that Commander You and his men were being surrounded and killed; Jiang Yi had also ordered the Sword Emanations Race beings to kill more than five thousand of our men. Just when the rest of us were also being hunted by the Sword Emanations Race beings, Heavenly King You arrived.

“Heavenly King You asked Jiang Yi to stop; however, Jiang Yi continued to order the Sword Emanations Race beings to attack. They actually killed a junior commander in front of Heavenly King You. After that, Heavenly King You rescued Commander You and his men, as well as all of us. In this time, another seven thousand men had been killed by the Sword Emanations Race beings. Finally, we were sent into Heavenly King You’s spatial divine item and were only teleported out this instance.”

The three Heavenly Kings were all present; the Wintry Sovereign was also here. Qiu Ren did not dare to fabricate any lies. On the surface, everything he said was factual; however, he had hidden many facts.

From his words, Jiang Yi was a devilish fiend that not only killed Yi Wu and his three companions but also surrounded You Tianni and company with the intention of killing them. Finally, he had even continued his slaughter when Heavenly King You had come, even battling with Heavenly King You subsequently. According to Qiu Ren’s account, Jiang Yi’s crimes were heinous!

“Stand down!”

Heavenly King Wu waved his hand coldly as his gaze turned to Jiang Yi. “Jiang Yi, was what Qiu Ren said accurate? Did you kill Yi Wu and his three companions? Did you kill more than ten thousand men from this troop? Did you continue ordering the Sword Emanations Race beings to attack even when Heavenly King You had arrived? Do you have anything to say for yourself?”


Jiang Yi answered calmly. “I killed Yi Wu and his companions; I also asked the Sword Emanations Race beings to kill more than ten thousand men. I had also asked them to kill a You Clan Titled Battle God formidable martial artist in front of Heavenly King You. These are all facts, and I do not have anything to say to dispute them. I want to hear what You Tianni has to say first.”


The remaining over eight thousand men started to talk among themselves. They did not expect Jiang Yi to willingly admit his crimes; he didn’t even try to come up with excuses? The three commanders-in-chief were present now; based on Jiang Yi’s admission of guilt, Jiang Yi was doomed to die ten times over.

Swish! Swish! Swish!

Many looked towards You Tianni, wanting to see how he was going to vent his frustrations and bitterness. The few King-Ranked formidable martial artists also looked over at him.

However, You Tianni’s face did not show any bitterness or frustrations; conversely, his eyes seemed to be evasive. You Tianni paused for a moment, gritted his teeth, and said, “What do I have to say? Jiang Yi, I only had a small misunderstanding with you guys; why did you attack us such? Commanders-in-chief, we cannot keep such a person as Jiang Yi! He has admitted to killing so many men; I ask that the three commanders-in-chief execute this depraved person on the spot to set an example!”


Heavenly King Wu said coldly as his gaze turned to Jiang Yi once again. He asked, “You Tianni had finished speaking. If you do not have anything else to say, I will have no choice but to act in accordance with military laws.”


Jiang Yi laughed slightly as he looked at You Tianni and said, “I have a few questions to ask Commander You; I am not sure if Commander You dares to answer.”

“I… why wouldn’t I?” You Tianni’s eyes widened as he exclaimed. He could only stick to his story now and deny everything else.


Jiang Yi nodded as he asked, “I would like to ask Commander You, weren’t you the Internal Patrol Envoy of the Demon-Buster Army previously? When did you suddenly become a commander of the Heaven-Splitting Army? Why is it that we had just received a mission to come to the Sword Emanations Mystic Realm and you guys also coincidentally received a similar mission?”


You Tianni snorted coldly and said, “I had become a commander of the Heaven-Splitting Army because of internal personnel changes; General Bai Shang himself had arranged everything, and there is proof of this. As for this mission, if you guys could receive a mission to come here, why can’t we? We were only following orders.”

“Oh, so that’s how it was!”

Jiang Yi nodded as he casually looked over at the countless great family clan young masters, laughed mockingly, and continued, “It is such a coincidence that so many young masters are present in your army; many of them also have grievances against me…”

You Tianni did not reply to this, letting Jiang Yi’s sarcastic remarks pass. Jiang Yi paused again and asked his second question, “Commander You, I want to ask you: when we were at Wind Chime Mountain exterminating Baby Spirits, more than five million Sword Emanations Race beings suddenly surrounded us from all directions with the intention of killing us. Were you responsible for this?”

You Tianni replied firmly, “How can this be related to me? You can control the Sword Emanations Race beings; I cannot. Furthermore, we were in the Hundred Ghost Woods by then; we weren’t in the same area as you.”

“Oh? Is that so?”

Jiang Yi’s face revealed an exceptionally wide smile as he said, “I couldn’t control the Sword Emanations Race beings at the start; if not, you would have long been killed. I wasn’t asking about this. I want to ask Commander You, why is it that after General Qi and I had just broken through the Sword Emanations Race beings’ encirclement—exhausted beyond measure and severely wounded—that we coincidentally encountered you guys?

“Qiu Ren had just said: you had brought men to hunt the Baby Spirits. I don’t understand: you brought twenty Titled Battle God formidable martial artists and four Phantom Race assassins to kill some Baby Spirits; how did you chase them from Hundred Ghost Woods to the Wind Chime Mountain? Both places are at least hundreds of millions of kilometers apart, right?”

You Tianni did not know how to answer; however, with so many eyes looking at him, he could only grit his teeth and answer wildly, “Many Baby Spirits had escaped! We pursued them… and coincidentally met you guys…”

“Another coincidence? It seems that we are really joined by fate with you, Commander You!”

Jiang Yi smiled mildly; however, his face became very stern and fierce as he said, “Since you have encountered us by coincidence, why is it that you guys did not rescue us when we were being hunted by the Sword Emanations Race beings but wanted to harm us instead? There is enmity between us; I don’t mind you guys attacking me. However, why did you guys attack the general as well? Why did you guys capture her? The general is higher-ranked than you; this is insubordination, do you know that?”

Jiang Yi’s words were very sharp, harsh, logical, and to the point; You Tianni did not have any way to rebuke him. However, You Tianni was actually secretly elated. Jiang Yi did not mention You Tianni trying to take advantage of Qi Qingchen at all. You Tianni’s mind turned again as he grew elated: it seemed that Jiang Yi had not been able to move since he was caught just now, right?

That meant that Jiang Yi did not have time or the chance to use a seal stone to record what had happened. You Tianni could now say whatever he wanted; there was no evidence against him while Qi Qingchen could not possibly say something so embarrassing in front of everyone, right? Her reputation would be gone that way.

You Tianni paused for a moment and said coldly, “I admit to this; I had been a little rash and had attacked your general. However, I did not kill anyone! I had just wanted to teach you guys a lesson. I did not have a choice but to capture the general; she is very powerful after all. What about you, Jiang Yi? You actually used your demonic arts to control the Sword Emanations Race beings and had Yi Wu and his three Phantom Race companions killed.”

“Very good!”

Jiang Yi’s mouth twitched into a smile as his gaze turned to Heavenly King Wu, and said, “Heavenly King Wu, Heavenly King Long, I have finished asking my questions. Based on your intellect, I am sure you two know what happened after that, right? If you two still do not understand, I can tell you what special race You Tianni is from; I have a seal stone on me…”


Heavenly King Wu and Heavenly King Long exchanged a glance as their eyes revealed a sliver of rage. Heavenly King Wu looked coldly at Heavenly King You and said, “You Feng, your clan’s disciple, your responsibility!”

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