Fury Towards The Burning Heaven

Chapter 1526 - Based on What?

Chapter 1526: Based on What?

Heavenly King Wu hesitated!

On one end was the Wintry Sovereign; on the other was Heavenly King You. He was really in a bind. Although Jiang Yi’s actions were understandable, he had indeed killed so many people. If he was not punished, the Demon-Buster Army’s rules and regulations would no longer be obeyed, right?

You Tianni was Heavenly King You’s only grandson; not only had he been expelled from the You Clan and the Demon-Buster Army camp, but his dantian and manhood had also been destroyed. If Jiang Yi was let off like this, how could Heavenly King Wu be accountable to the millions of soldiers in the Demon-Buster Army camp?

After thinking about this for a while, Heavenly King Wu finally spoke, “Jiang Yi, although You Tianni had stirred up trouble this time, it is also a fact that you were bloodthirsty and had killed many innocent people; this goes against the Demon-Buster Army’s rules. You ought to be sentenced to death! However, considering that you are still young and had only recently joined the Demon-Buster Army, I will make an exception and give you three options. One, you are to destroy your own divine core. Two, you are to be imprisoned for five hundred years. Three, you will have to survive three days in the Purgatory Mystic Realm!”

Swish! Swish!

Qi Qingchen and Poison Spirit’s faces instantly became pale. Poison Spirit’s body even started to emanate a killing aura; he was probably about to attack if Jiang Yi gave his order.

The three choices were all very onerous. If Jiang Yi destroyed his divine core, he would become crippled. To be imprisoned for five hundred years? When Jiang Yi came out, he would already be so old; he probably would even go mad and die in prison. As for the third option, it was a path of death.

The Wintry Sovereign’s face also became serious; however, he did not say anything. If he was Heavenly King Wu, he probably would have done exactly the same. After all, so many people had died; Heavenly King Wu had to be accountable to the entire Demon-Buster Army, to the various clans, and to Heavenly King You.

Although Heavenly King You was a little unhappy initially—after Heavenly King Wu had listed out his three options, Heavenly King You didn’t have anything else to say. After all, You Tianni had not been killed; if he continued to argue for a heavier punishment, he would be embarrassing himself.

“What is the Purgatory Mystic Realm?”

Jiang Yi glanced at the Wintry Sovereign as he asked. He would definitely not accept the first or second options; if his divine core was destroyed or he had to be imprisoned for five hundred years, he would rather they kill him.

To him, the third option was the only viable one. If it also wasn’t, he would fight to the death. He was never the type of person to be manipulated and played by others; if there was no way for him to live, he would rather die gloriously in battle!


The Wintry Sovereign sighed as he sent a voice transmission and explained: “The Purgatory Mystic Realm is naturally a mystic realm. You know of the Ten Terrifying Mystic Realms of the Earth Domain, right? The Purgatory Mystic Realm… is ranked number one. It is very horrifying inside. Not only you; even if it was Qingchen, she wouldn’t be able to survive for two days. She would either go mad and die or be killed by the creatures in it! Even for us King-Ranked martial artists, we could probably only stay in there for at most a month!

“Jiang Yi, I advise you to take the second option. The Earth Emanations Sovereign and Phantom King would definitely find ways to secure an early release for you; so would I. Jiang Yi, this matter is after all the internal affairs of the Demon-Buster Army; I do not have any right to intervene. For the sake of the Earth Domain’s stability, I do not wish to intervene as well. I am sorry…”

“The second option?”

Jiang Yi laughed sarcastically. Five hundred Higher-Domain years was equivalent to fifty thousand Lower-Domain years; how long was that? What would happen then? Would Yi Chan, Su Ruoxue, Yin Ruobing, and the rest still be alive? Could he walk out of the prison alive?


Jiang Yi suddenly raised his head as he laughed out loud, his red hair flaying about as his Fire Dragon Sword flashed repeatedly. His laughter was filled with sarcasm and mocking; it was extremely desolate and hopeless. He laughed until tears came out as his wounds were aggravated. All the muscles in his body were shaking. However, he still kept on laughing.

Besides Jiang Yi’s laughter ringing out in all directions, no one else made a sound. A weapon appeared in Poison Spirit’s hand as his killing aura grew. He was ready to fight to the death with Jiang Yi.

Qi Qingchen looked at the maniacal Jiang Yi as her heart ached and tears fell. She wasn’t a weak person. However, because of what Jiang Yi was facing… because of her own ineptness and her own helplessness towards his situation, she had actually started to cry.

The spear in Heavenly King You’s hand shone as he was prepared to kill Jiang Yi at any moment. He was probably waiting for Jiang Yi to grow mad and attack; he would then be able to kill Jiang Yi legitimately.

Three commanders-in-chief, three King-Ranked formidable martial artists!

If Jiang Yi really acted rashly, even the Wintry Sovereign would not be able to protect Jiang Yi!

However, Jiang Yi did not attack. After laughing for a long while, he suddenly closed his eyes as he took a few deep breaths until the pain in his body subsided. His daggered gaze looked at Heavenly King Wu as he asked, “Commander-in-chief Wu, I have a few questions; can I ask them?”

Heavenly King Wu’s face was expressionless. He replied, “Ask!”

“I want to ask you!”

Jiang Yi pointed at Heavenly King Wu as he roared, “If you were in my position and You Tianni kept on plotting against you, almost killing you… if you realized you could control the Sword Emanations Race beings and had the power to kill You Tianni, what would you have done? Would you have let You Tianni off on account of the Demon-Buster Army rules? Would you really have gone to the Demon-Buster Valley to raise a petition to accuse him?

“You Tianni’s grandfather is one of the Demon-Buster Army Commanders-in-chief; do you think that if I went to report him, You Tianni would have been punished? Based on what, that You Tianni could try all methods to plot against me and could try to kill me, but when I found the ability to retaliate, I can’t do the same to him? Tell me, based on what?”

Based on what, based on what…

Jiang Yi’s last three words seemed to have been screamed out from his throat; they reverberated in the surroundings incessantly. It also continued to ring out in everyone’s ears as they all felt for him and grew silent.

The Wintry Sovereign’s eyes grew glazed as Heavenly King Long averted his gaze. If Jiang Yi had asked these questions to them, they really would not have been able to answer.

Heavenly King Wu also grew silent for a moment. After a while, he answered indifferently, “Based on the fact that we are the arbitrators of the rules and regulations. Based on the fact that you are no match for us, that you are not strong enough to lord over the rest of us. Is this reason valid? Jiang Yi, there is no right or wrong in this world; might is right! Since you are not as strong as us—since you are in the Demon-Buster Army camp, you have to obey our rules of the game! Am I speaking plainly enough?”


There was dead silence as many people were stunned. Heavenly King Wu had actually offered such an explanation? He had actually been so truthful? Most people knew that what Heavenly King Wu had said was true. However, no one said it out loud while no one had expected Heavenly King Wu, of all people, to say it out loud like this.


However, Jiang Yi actually smiled at this moment. If Heavenly King Wu had not replied with this answer and had tried to smoke his way through by preaching about righteousness and being upright, Jiang Yi would definitely not have taken that lying down. He would have chosen to fight to the death, dying gloriously in battle.

Jiang Yi’s killing aura weakened as he gestured for Poison Spirit to stand down as well.

Jiang Yi lowered his head as he started to think silently. After half a minute, he raised his head and said, “I will choose the third option: I will head to the Purgatory Mystic Realm and remain there for three days. However, can I rest, recuperate, and make arrangements before I go in?”

“Sure, you can!”

Heavenly King Wu agreed without hesitation. He shouted, “I will give you one day to rest and make arrangements. You will enter the Purgatory Mystic Realm after one day. If you can stay inside there for three days, I will personally escort you back!”

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