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Chapter 275 - Chapter 275: All Vicious People!

Chapter 275: All Vicious People!

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With a soft sound in front of him, Wang Ye raised his head and saw another blanket fly down from the corridor on the third floor.

Wang Ye couldn’t see the expressions of the people from platoon 2 behind him, but he knew that they definitely didn’t look good.

They were doing push-ups and being scared at the same time.

Yes, the three platoon captains did not do any push-ups with everyone. They went upstairs under the guidance of the instructor.

Then, this scene happened. From time to time, quilts flew out from the various floors.

Of course, Wang Ye wasn’t very worried now.

Because no blankets had been thrown down in the corridor facing platoon 3’s dormitory door, Wang Ye was confident that there was no problem with the blankets in his platoon.

After all, he had personally checked and accepted it. If it was not up to standard, he had already pointed it out and asked them to modify it according to his requirements.

However, the other classes were not so lucky.

In fact, of those who come to the set now, and who may have previously held the position of vice squad leader, there can be no more than five men from the three district teams combined.

Without the experience of being a backbone, many of the newly promoted vice-platoon leaders were embarrassed to talk to the unfamiliar comrades in the platoon. Some of them might not even be good at their own internal affairs.

After all, not every company had strict internal affairs requirements.

The 4th Company was stationed together with the Regiment Headquarters, so they had to do a good job of patrolling the area every day.

However, the 3rd Battalion was stationed outside, and some were stationed in companies or even squads.

Under such circumstances, how well do you expect them to handle their internal affairs?

Therefore, the blanket was flying everywhere.

There were a total of thirty-two people on the second floor, but five or six blankets had already been thrown down, and there were still more.

As for the third and fourth floors, there were even more.

After all, the first platoon had an hour to do their internal affairs.

However, the second and third teams only had half an hour.

There were other chores besides folding quilts. Time was too tight. Now, Wang Ye saw that sometimes two or three quilts were thrown down at the same time.

“One arm push up!”

At this moment, the squadron leader in front raised his head and shouted.

He was not affected by the blanket.

Although everyone had been paying attention to the situation of the flying quilt, they immediately changed according to his orders.

At this point, some people were already showing signs of pain.

They had already done almost 300 in one go, but not only was it not over, they had to do it with one arm now.

However, this time, after changing to one arm, the squadron leader did not order everyone to start.

On the contrary, he stood up, which made Wang Ye want to look at him and shout, “Why are you up? Continue to show your leadership!”

“Are you tired?”

The Company Leader stood up and asked with a smile.

No one made a sound because they were no longer recruits. Who didn’t know about the military’s tactics?


“Why aren’t you saying anything? Are you tired?”

As the squadron leader spoke, he walked into the group that was lying on the ground, “Can’t you use your fists? Which regiment and company are you from?”

Immediately, the face of the soldier from the second platoon team turned red.

He didn’t say a word, but he adjusted his stance with great effort!

“How did you become a soldier?

“I’m asking you a question, don’t you know how to answer?”

“Report…Report… I… My second regiment…Second Regiment, Fifth Company!”

The soldier stuttered and spoke in a low voice.

It wasn’t that he was too tired, but that he didn’t want to talk about it.

Even now, he did not dare to mention his company’s title.

Wang Ye and the others didn’t know if his company had a title or not.

“Is this how you guys are taught to reply?

“Where’s the sound?” It was obvious that Xiao Lian was doing it on purpose. He pulled a long face and lowered his head to shout at the man who was still on the ground.

Without a doubt, this was embarrassing.

Moreover, it wasn’t his own people who were embarrassed. It was his company and his regiment.

It was only because he was on the teaching team that his company commander was not around. Otherwise, if his company commander saw this scene, he would definitely skin him alive.

However, he was not the only one on the teaching team.

The others were still watching and listening. In the future, if he were to go back to his company and say that his performance during the entire training period of the teaching team could not reach their expectations, he would definitely be in trouble.

“Reporting, I’m from the 5th Company of the 2nd Regiment!” The warrior roared again.

This time, his face was red, his eyes were closed, and his head was lowered as he growled.

Xiao Lian looked at him and said lightly, “Shout ten times!”

After saying that, he continued to stroll in the queue.

At this moment, the others gritted their teeth and tried their best to hold up to the standard.

This bastard was not human!

This punishment was too cruel.

Everyone was here to win glory for their company. They couldn’t make their company famous because of a challenge like this.

Soon, Xiao Lian did not manage to find anyone else.

He stood in the crowd and asked again, “Are you all tired?”

“I’m not tired!” This time, everyone said this against their will.

Of course, there were also people who didn’t feel tired.

For example, Wang Ye.

With his current physical strength, three hundred push-ups was nothing.

It was just that his fists were a little uncomfortable when he was holding on like this and punching the cement floor.

However, it was not a big problem. There were already calluses on his fists, so it was fine for him to hold on for a while.

“Alright, if you’re not tired, then let’s continue with more! Three more!”

When Wang Ye heard this, his scalp went numb.

As expected, a “1!” He let everyone down for at least a minute before shouting, “Two!”

Then, after holding on for a while, another one came!

Gritting their teeth, no one made a sound, and no one had any objections.

Of course, this was not a company of recruits. They were all veterans. When he said two or three, everyone was already mentally prepared.

When no more blankets were thrown down from upstairs, the instructor and the district leaders came down.

Only then did he say “three”.

The instructor stood in front of everyone who had finished three push-ups.

This time, the smile on his face was gone.

“I really don’t know how your old company led the soldiers.”

“And they said you were elites?”

“Some of you are even squad leaders?”

“Is this how you guys do your most basic internal affairs?”

His left hand pointed at the blanket that was scattered all over the place, and then he raised his right hand.

At this moment, everyone saw the camera in his hand.

“I’ve taken photos of the blankets that are not good enough.”

As he spoke, he turned to look at a billboard in front of the dormitory building.

“Do you see this honor roll?”

“I’ll print out your photos later, then write your names and company units and paste them on them.”

His words made many people’s expressions change.

However, the instructor was not done.

Looking at everyone, he pulled a long face and continued to shout, “You’re the ones who just came today, so 1’11 only deal with it this way.”

“When I check again tomorrow, if there are still people who are photographed by me, then their photos will not only be on the honor roll.”

“I will also send your photos on the Honor Roll back to your own units so that your company commanders and even your regiment commanders can see your masterpiece!”

Even Wang Ye cursed in his heart.

This instructor was so ruthless.

“Alright, it’s time to eat. It’s sunny today. It’s good to throw these blankets out to dry.”

At this moment, the Company Leader smiled and spoke.

As he spoke, he walked to a nearby blanket.

He bent down and stretched out his hand, pulling the blanket that was still rolled up on the ground and laying it flat on the ground.

Not only he, but the three district captains also followed his actions with dark faces.

This situation caused the eyelids of the veterans in the formation to twitch.

At this moment, everyone was praying in their hearts that the blanket that was thrown out did not contain their own blanket.

Damn it, could a soldier’s blanket be dried?

How could one fold the tofu pieces after it was fluffy?

Now that the sun was so bright, if they were to stay here for the entire afternoon, they would probably not be able to sleep tonight.

They had to stay up all night to cover themselves with the blanket. Otherwise, they would be done if they conducted another check tomorrow.

It was not a big deal that the blanket was thrown out. If it was really on the so-called honor roll and was even photographed and sent back to his company, their company commander would probably drive over overnight to beat them up.

“Sigh! I’m not used to not seeing Wang Ye around!”

Wu Jian Feng walked into the office of the Iron Bones Hero Regiment. When he saw Kang Hua sitting there, he couldn’t help but smile and sigh.

“Hehe, it’s only been half a morning, and you’re already reluctant to leave, Captain?” Kang Hua stopped writing and raised his head with a smile.

Wu Jian Feng took out a pack of cigarettes. After lighting it up, he threw the cigarettes and lighter on the table.

“Exactly,” he said with a smile after taking a puff.


If only 1 could have such a good soldier every year!”

“Haha, you’re too greedy!” Kang Hua was also amused.

There were only a few people like Wang Ye in the entire army every year.

He expects one of his company’s men every year. What is he thinking about?

“Hehe!” Wu Jian Feng laughed.

After laughing, he looked at Kang Hua and said, “Sending this kid over this time will definitely benefit us. As long as this kid doesn’t hide anything, our company will definitely become famous.”

“You are the instructor of his recruitment company. This time, if he really makes our company famous, the impact you suffered last time will be smaller.”

After a pause, he added, “Work hard and do your job well. 1 feel that you still have a chance this year!”

“Hehe, that’s impossible!” Kang Hua laughed bitterly.

“Actually, I don’t have much hope this year.”

“The impact of this matter is too great. The higher-ups won’t forget it in a short period of time. I’d better place my hopes on next year!”

At this point, he gritted his teeth and asked Wu Jian Feng, “Didn’t you say that you were going to be sentenced last time? Any results?”


It should be in the next few days!” The smile on Wu Jian Feng’s face also disappeared.

Deng Hai, even if he didn’t say his name now.

However, as long as he was mentioned, Wu Jian Feng and Kang Hua wanted to hang him up and beat him to death.

This bastard almost killed a bunch of people.

Even if he was still a little off, a bunch of people had been indelibly affected because of him..

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