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Chapter 274 - Chapter 274: Wang Ye’s Smile!

Chapter 274: Wang Ye’s Smile!

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Wang Ye and the others were using their towels to clean the dormitories in barely 30 minutes when they heard a sound coming from below.

“I’ll give you half an hour. Go up to the fourth floor and find your own dormitory and make it spotless.”

The voice wasn’t Ji Qing Lin’s, but Wang Ye and the others could guess that it should be someone from another group.

Not long after, Wang Ye, who was wiping the door, saw a group of people running up the stairs.

“Half an hour. Poor thing. Can they finish it?”

“Why can’t they finish it? Aren’t we almost done?”

In the dormitory, someone was whispering.

Wang Ye took a look and didn’t care.

They could only work and chat casually.

Less than two minutes later, a similar voice came from downstairs again.

It seemed that these two groups had arrived at about the same time.

“Heh, I feel like we’ve taken advantage of him!” In the dormitory, a soldier from the 5th Company said with a smile.

After saying this, he looked at the gazes of the others and immediately added, “We’re on the second floor. In the future, when we have an emergency gathering, we can go downstairs faster!”


Everyone thought that he had said something about taking advantage of something good, but it was just a few steps up the stairs.

“Alright, hurry up and stop chatting. If you have time after you’re done, let’s have a simple platoon meeting!”

At this moment, the class monitor, Song Fu, seemed to have finally gotten used to his status as the platoon leader and interrupted everyone’s conversation.

When Wang Ye saw him speak, he also said, “The battle will end in ten minutes and I will check.”

Wang Ye showed no signs of fear. Even though they were a group of veterans, everything was done in a systematic way, whether it was when he spoke to them or when he gave them chores.

The most important thing was that Wang Ye genuinely had no desire to be terrified of the veterans. In the Fourth Company, he had been pampered.

Immediately, everyone in platoon three stopped talking, and their hands obviously sped up.

Perhaps some people were not used to Wang Ye’s orders and tone, but now that Wang Ye did not have the rank of private on his shoulder, everyone did not feel so uncomfortable looking at him.

“Beep, beep, beep- Everyone, come down and gather!”

At about 11:30 pm, about an hour after Wang Ye and the others went upstairs, a whistle came from downstairs, followed by an unfamiliar voice.


Needless to say, the cleaning of Platoon 3’s dormitory had long been completed. At this point, everyone was conversing while sitting in the dorm.

They formally introduced themselves and got to know one another. In addition, everyone was given a brief explanation of the organization of the platoon by Song Fu, the new platoon leader.

Song Fu stood up and shouted when he heard the whistle. The rest of their actions were not slow either as they stood up and ran towards the door.

But then, Wang Ye shouted, “Put away the stools!”

Song Fu immediately followed up with a reminder, “Yes, yes, we haven’t gotten checked yet. Everyone, be careful!”

After the district captain asked everyone to come up, he himself did not come up.

However, cleanliness had to be checked. Wang Ye didn’t believe that the district captain would forget.

Soon, Wang Ye and the others also ran out of the dormitory.

On the stairs, there were thumping sounds, and people ran down from upstairs. As for the other platoons on the second floor, they were delayed because of Wang Ye’s reminder from Platoon 3.

When he went downstairs, the first person Wang Ye saw was Ji Qing Lin.

“Platoon One, gather at my place!”

“Platoon two, here…”

Speaking were the three platoon captains. It required this procedure because this was the first time the three platoons had gathered together.

Wang Ye and the others quickly gathered behind Ji Qing Lin according to the platoon formation that they had adjusted earlier.

After standing properly, Wang Ye quickly glanced at his platoon’s team. There were no missing people.

However, when he swept his gaze over them, Wang Ye saw that there were quite a few people in his platoon, but when he looked at platoon two in front of him, he realized that something was wrong.

The number of people in their class was actually on par with their own class.

Soon, the district captain began to organize the team, and the first line of each platoon began to count.

As expected, the results of Platoon 2’s counting made Ji Qing Lin’s face turn ashen.

Because they had only reported ten.

However, there was no need for the second platoon monitor to explain because, at this moment, someone ran down the stairs again.


The person came directly to Ji Qing Lin and reported with an embarrassed expression.

“Get in line!”

Ji Qing Lin really requested him to join the ranks without first seeking an explanation. Wang Ye had a negative reaction to this moment.

This situation was illogical!

However, there was no time for Wang Ye to think too much now.

After the three platoon leaders reported the number of people in each platoon to the captain in front, the captains said, “Get into formation!”

Immediately, the team leaders of the various platoons turned around and gave orders.

They adjusted the arrangement of the formation.

Originally, the platoons were still standing separately according to their shifts, but now, they were quickly arranged into a row by Ji Qing Lin, and then the three stood together.

Of the three platoons, Wang Ye and the others stood in the front row, and in front of them were two captains.

“Comrades, welcome to the teaching team!” The captain in front of him, who was a little shorter than Wang Ye and had a similar build, spoke at this moment.

After saying this, he looked around at everyone and smiled, “Of course, I welcome you to the boot camp!”

He was really direct. Some of the folks in the line felt their hearts clench when he remarked bluntly that this was the devil’s training facility.

However, he was not done talking.

“I know many of you have heard rumors about this place.”

“From your squad leader, or from your company’s veteran sergeant.”

“I’ll tell you directly that this is a devil’s training camp, a forging factory, a place where you’re forged from iron into steel.” As he finished speaking, the smile on his face disappeared.

At this moment, he shouted solemnly, “Remember my name. I am Xiao Lian. I am Lian, a steelmaker. I am your Company Leader and your nightmare for the next four months. I am sure you all want to curse me to death.”

After saying that, he pointed at the captain who was smiling, and said, “This is your instructor.”

“Of course, don’t think that the instructors here are the same as the instructors in your own company!”

“Hehe, don’t talk nonsense!” At this moment, the captain’s smile widened. He looked at everyone and said, “Hello comrades, my name is Wan Yi.”

“The name sounds rich and noble, but in fact, I’m just a poor soldier, so you can look for me in your daily life, but you can forget about borrowing money from me!”

The instructor laughed and joked with everyone, making them smile.

However, that was it.

His self-introduction was very simple, and he didn’t say anything else.

Immediately, Xiao Lian continued, “I believe that all of you have heard the saying that you will not be promoted to an instructor if you are beaten to death. So, in order for you to continue to carry this saying out to the new recruits in your company, you’d better be mentally prepared!”

At this second, he grinned and revealed a smile that made everyone feel a little scared, “I won’t show any mercy to you!”

After saying this, he lay down and looked up at the queue in front of him, “Come on, I’ve been sitting here all morning, and you guys have been resting all morning. It’s time to eat soon but I’m sure everyone must not have completely digested what they ate in the morning”

“Prepare to do push-ups on the spot!”

“I’ll help you guys digest your breakfast!”

Wang Ye looked at the middle-ranking officer lying in front of him. He did not expect him to use this move.

The leader took the initiative to take the lead in training.

However, even so, Wang Ye could not help but smile.

Good, very good. Let’s train together.

Giving full play to the role of the leader and the troops was a collective glorious thought..

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