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Chapter 276 - Chapter 276: Make the Veterans Admired From the Heart

Chapter 276: Make the Veterans Admired From the Heart

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“Unity is strength…”

In front of the canteen in the camp, the entire squad was lined up and singing loudly.

“Your voice wasn’t loud enough. This soldier, the third, seventh, and eighth soldier in the second row, what were you doing just now?”

“Can’t you open your mouth?”

“Everyone, do it again!”

“Unity is strength, get ready… Rise!”

After one round, Xiao Lian called a few names and then started again.

The singing started again. This time, everyone was clearly louder than before. They were all shouting at the top of their lungs.


“You have a voice, but what about feelings?

“Unity is Strength is a song, not a slogan.”

“The song has its own tone and emotions. Everyone, let’s do it again.”

“Unity is strength, get ready… Rise!”

At this moment, Wang Ye’s eyes were staring straight at him as he spoke.

At the same time, Wang Ye gritted his teeth very tightly.

Wang Ye realized that as expected, what he had said before about wanting to curse him to death was true.

There was no need to talk about the next four months. Wang Ye wanted to curse him to death right now.

Moreover, Wang Ye was certain that he was definitely not the only one who had such thoughts.

This was the first time he heard that they had to sing before dinner. They had to pour their emotions into it while maintaining a high volume.


Wang Ye really didn’t understand.

Obviously, the others didn’t understand either.

Therefore, this song, “Unity is Strength,” forced everyone to stand outside the cafeteria and sing it eight times.

Everyone’s mouths were dry and throats were sore from singing. Some of the voices that came out of their throats were even starting to become hoarse.

After nearly twenty minutes, everyone could finally enter the cafeteria.

However, this was not the end.

After the food was served, he did not let everyone eat directly. Instead, he stood up and began to speak.

He talked about the arrival of the teaching team, the history of the teaching team, and the glorious deeds of the past.

He talked for more than ten minutes before he suddenly smiled at everyone and said, “Alright, the weather is too hot. I’m actually taking advantage of this time to chat with you guys so that the food will be a little cooler.”

“Alright, let’s eat now!”

Wang Ye glanced at him.

To be honest, at this moment, Wang Ye felt that his goal was definitely not to cool down the food.

He wanted to delay their return.

He wanted to let the blanket that he had thrown out dry for a while longer.

As for whether it was true or not, Wang Ye had no evidence.

Soon, the meal was over.

However, after walking out of the cafeteria, he did not immediately lead everyone back. Instead, he stood in front of everyone and asked with a smile, “Are you all full?”


Whether they were really full or pretending to be full, everyone answered in this way.

Xiao Lian nodded with a smile, “Not bad, it’s good that you’re full.”

“However, it isn’t good to rest after eating.”

Let’s go. 1 just briefly introduced our camp to you before dinner. Now, I’ll take you to digest your food. Let’s take a walk around our camp and have a look.”

“Bastard, you did it on purpose!”

“Definitely! They are stalling for time to dry our blankets. God bless me, my blankets weren’t thrown out!”

Among the teams that were led into the camp, Wang Ye heard the whispers of people from the other two teams.

Look at the camp environment?

Most of the soldiers were not in the mood at all. In fact, everyone had been thinking about their blankets.

The sun had been shining for so long. If it continued, they really wouldn’t be able to sleep tonight.

Obviously, Xiao Lian might have thought so.

He led everyone around the camp for about an hour before bringing them back to the front of the camp to announce their dismissal.

Naturally, he only disbanded the squad.

Soon, the three district captains shouted with dark faces and took their district team away.

Ji Qing Lin stood in front of Platoon One and scanned everyone with a fierce expression.

Suddenly, he looked at everyone and said in a deep voice, “First of all, let me praise the comrades of Platoon 3!

“Their class’s internal affairs are all qualified.”

His words made everyone in Platoon Three smile.

They all heaved a sigh of relief.

Although they didn’t see any quilts flying down from the corridor near Platoon 3’s dormitory door, everyone was still a little worried.

He didn’t have to worry about it now.

At this moment, everyone couldn’t help but turn their heads to look at Wang Ye.

Gratitude, guilt, and all kinds of emotions were growing in the hearts of the others in Platoon 3.

They couldn’t stand the various details of Wang Ye’s internal inspection.

Two of them even complained.

However, Wang Ye’s unyielding insistence at that time made them change their minds.

However, even if he changed it, he was definitely unhappy.

Although they didn’t say it explicitly, they all thought that Wang Ye, this new recruit, was making use of his position.

He wanted to satisfy his desire to be an official. At the same time, he wanted to take advantage of his good physical performance and not be afraid of them to deliberately make things difficult for the veterans.

However, that was in the past.

When they threw the blanket upstairs just now, they were already thanking Wang Ye in their hearts.

And now, the gratitude in their heart was even greater.

It was all thanks to Wang Ye and his team. Otherwise, they wouldn’t even dare to imagine how fluffy their blankets would be after they were thrown down and exposed to the sun.

“Alright, the third platoon is dismissed. You can move freely in the camp this afternoon. Also, don’t come down when you hear my whistle later.”

His words made everyone in Platoon Three overjoyed, while the hearts of the other two classes instantly rose to their throats.

They are going to be in trouble later.

This was everyone’s first thought.

At this moment, they were very envious as they watched Platoon Three disband with a smile.

In fact, they didn’t understand why Platoon Three was in such a situation.

Not a single blanket was left behind in the class.

But they couldn’t ask now.

“Vice leader, thank you so much!

“Let’s go, vice-leader. Let’s go shopping together later and look for a small shop. I’ll treat you to soda!”

“Yes, yes, vice-captain, I’ll treat you to snacks!”

At this moment, Wang Ye was treated warmly by the veterans of Platoon 3.

The entire class, except for Du Yi Tong, surrounded Wang Ye with smiles on their faces.

This scene was naturally seen and heard by the two platoons of soldiers standing behind.

Wang Ye did it?

What did he do?

The soldiers of the two platoons were curious.

But now was not the time to be curious, because Ji Qing Lin looked at them with a fierce face and said again, “Since you’re here, it means that you’ve been chosen by your company and will be the squad leader in the future.”

“But now, look at what you’ve done!”

“If you were to lead the new recruits, what kind of recruits do you think you can train with your internal affairs skills?”

He didn’t let anyone answer and said again, “And Liu Jia, you gathered half a minute later than everyone else. Do you think you can be called an elite soldier?”

The person he was talking about was the last person from Platoon 2.

“Sir, I was in the toilet!”

The soldier couldn’t help but report the reason.

“Can’t you hear the whistle in the toilet?

“Did your company teach you that you can ignore the order when you are in the toilet?”

It would have been fine if he hadn’t explained, but once he did, Ji Qing Lin immediately glared at him and roared.

After shouting, he looked at the remaining two platoons and said, “Let me tell you, there’s no reason here.”

“No matter what it is, you must do it well unconditionally. Do it better than 1 can imagine, just like the current platoon three.”

Pausing for a moment, he looked at the soldier from the second platoon again, “I don’t care if you were in the toilet or dreaming. Once the whistle sounds, you have to run out immediately. You have to run faster than the other two platoons, understand?”

“Yes, sir!”


“Yes, sir!

“Alright, you are dismissed. Everyone, return to your platoons immediately!”

He actually didn’t punish Liu Jia, which was once again beyond everyone’s expectations.

However, everyone immediately knew why he didn’t punish Liu Jia. Moreover, he had told Platoon 3 not to come down when they heard his voice.

Everyone had just returned to their dormitory when a whistle came from downstairs.

“Beep, beep, beep- Platoon 1, change into your uniforms and gather downstairs!”

At this moment, the people from Platoon One and Platoon Two were a little numb.

But this was only the beginning.

Everyone in Platoon 3 witnessed with their own eyes that in the next hour, they kept changing, then disbanded and regrouped..

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