From Sidekick to Bigshot

Chapter 544 - Birthday Party (2)

Chapter 544: Birthday Party (2)

Wen Ruo turned her head and asked Yiling:

“Yiling, did you ask your friends to come over for your birthday?”

Upon hearing this, Wen Nuan’s face sank. She answered the question for her daughter:

“Yiling has been studying abroad for the past two years. She just returned to China not long ago. Furthermore, we’re in Beijing right now. She’s only been here for a few days.”

When Wen Cheng heard his sister’s words, he quickly said: “Ahh, that’s fine. Yiling can hang out with my daughter in the future.”

As they were talking, a hotel staff walked into the room. He said:

“Apologies for the interruption. There’s an old gentleman at the front desk. He said that he’s a friend of the birthday girl. He wanted to come and celebrate her birthday. The old gentleman said his last name was Yun.”

Old gentleman?

Upon hearing this, everyone turned their heads to look at Jian Yiling.

Jian Yiling said to the hotel staff: “Please invite him in.”

After a few minutes, the hotel staff led an old man into the box suite.

The old man was not gloriously dressed. In fact, he looked like any random old man on the streets.

Upon seeing Jian Yiling and everyone else in the room, he smiled and said: “Sorry for the interruption. I turned up without being invited.”

Although Jian Yiling didn’t pay attention to her birthday, others around her did.

Elder Yun had paid special attention to the Jian family’s movements. Once he learned that the Jian family had reserved a large box suite in this hotel, he invited himself to the occasion.

Elder Yun understood Jian Yiling’s character quite well. If he asked her whether or not she wanted him to come over, she would definitely say no. She didn’t want to bother him.

And thus, he just came uninvited.

He was old and thick-skinned anyway.

Jian Shuxing got up to greet Elder Yun. No matter what, the old gentleman was still his daughter’s guest.

“Hello, Mr. Yun. Thank you for coming over to celebrate my daughter’s birthday.”

“You’re too kind. Miss Yiling and I are well acquainted. I’ve learned a lot of new medical insights from her,” Elder Yun replied. He did not hide his appreciation for Jian Yiling.

“In that case, are you also studying medicine?”

This wasn’t that strange as his daughter was currently studying medicine.

Wen Cheng looked at the old gentleman in front of him. The old man looked somewhat familiar.

“Elder Yun, is your full name Yun Song?”

Everyone was rather surprised to hear this question.

Yun Song…

Wasn’t that…

Elder Yun smiled and said: “Yeah it is. I didn’t expect you to recognize me.”

Upon hearing this, Wen Cheng started to speak with some excitement in his voice: “Wow, I didn’t expect that! It’s my honor to meet you.”

Wen Cheng never expected to meet Yun Song at his niece’s birthday party.

When everyone saw Wen Cheng’s reaction, they became even more surprised.

Was this old gentleman really Mr. Yun Song?

Cai Qinyue had also heard of Yun Song’s name.

He was a renowned figure in the medical field.

How… How was this possible?

Why would he come over to celebrate Jian Yiling’s birthday?

There were generations between them!

Cai Qinyue felt that this was too unbelievable.

Even members of the Jian family found this to be surprising.

However, Jian Yunnao was not surprised. His sister was Dr. F.S. It was normal for her to know the big shots of the medical circle.

Elder Yun smiled again before he replied: “It’s my honor to be recognized. However, it’s Miss Yiling’s birthday. We should give our attention to her.”

Upon hearing this, Wen Cheng responded: “Yes that’s true. It’s Yiling’s birthday. No one should steal her limelight.”

Although these words were true, Elder Yun’s presence in the room was still incredibly strong.

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