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Chapter 543 - Birthday Party (1)

Chapter 543: Birthday Party (1)

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Previously, Jian Yiling never paid too much attention to her birthday.

However, at twelve sharp, Zhai Yunsheng had suddenly given her a kiss…

In addition to that, the Jian family had prepared a birthday party for her eighteenth.

The location of the birthday party was in a hotel box suite.

As the Jian family did not know many people in Beijing, they decided to invite the First Household of the Wen family.

Upon receiving the invitation, Jian Yiling’s uncle, Wen Cheng prepared a valuable gift for her.

When his wife Cai Qinyue and his daughter Wen Ruo saw the gift, their expressions darkened.

There was no doubt that this gift was an antique. If this antique was put up for auction, it would definitely fetch an incredibly high price.

Even if the Wen family was rich, there was no need to give such a gift to Jian Yiling.

Cai Qinyue whispered to her husband: “It’s just an ordinary birthday for Yiling. Isn’t your gift a bit too much for the situation? It’s as though you’re planning to steal the limelight.”

“It’s Yiling’s eighteenth birthday. It’s not an ordinary birthday. Furthermore, it doesn’t really matter how the Jian family sees the situation. I’m here to protect Yiling and Wen Nuan.”

“Ahh, you’re thinking too much into the situation. Wen Nuan has been married for so many years already.”

“Well, years don’t mean much. The Head of the Qin family loved his wife for a long time as well. However, he still has an illegitimate child! In addition, he’s also planning to give all of his assets to his illegitimate child.”

“Yeah, that’s true,” Cai Qinyue replied. However, she still had a somewhat unhappy expression on her face.

Wen Ruo hung her face and did not say anything. However, she was unhappy as well.

On her eighteenth birthday, the gift her father gave her was not as precious as the jade set in his hands right now.

And thus, the three of them arrived at the box suite.

Wen Cheng exchanged pleasantries with his sister for quite some time. Ever since young, he adored his younger sister.

Wen Nuan had three older brothers. As the youngest sister, she grew up with the love of the family. She never had to worry about food and clothes.

Although everyone had grown up, Wen Cheng still pampered his younger sister. His habit could not be changed.

Until she arrived at the box suite, Jian Yiling did not know that everyone had prepared this birthday party for her.

Other than Grandma Jian and Grandpa Jian, the other members of the Jian family that were present in Beijing were all there.

Jian Shuxing, Wen Nuan, Jian Yuncheng, Jian Yunnao, Nie Yun, Jian Yichen and Jian Yujie. There were seven of them.

Together with the three members of the Wen family, there were ten people in total. They were all here to celebrate Jian Yiling’s birthday.

Each of them had prepared a birthday gift for Jian Yiling as well.

Out of the gifts, the most expensive one was from Wen Cheng.

It was an entire antique jade set.

The quality of the jade was incredible. In addition, the carving on the jade was exquisite as well. It was easy to tell that the jade set was an antique.

This gift gave the Jian family quite a shock.

This gift was rather extraordinary.

Cai Qinyue saw the astonished looks on their faces before she said: “This set was handed down from our ancestors. It’s been in our collection for many years.”

The Jian family were reacting as though they hadn’t seen such things before in their life.

In contrast, the other gifts did not seem like much.

Some of the gifts were hand-made whilst the other gifts were designed by themselves.

Wen Nuan quickly said: “Brother, this gift is a bit too much.”

“Nah, it’s not. I only have one precious niece,” Wen Cheng replied with a smile on his face.

In his opinion, doing something like this was not out of the ordinary.

And thus, everyone sat down to eat together. Wen Ruo and Jian Yiling were seated next to each other. The two of them were around the same age.

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