From Sidekick to Bigshot

Chapter 545 - Birthday Party (3)

Chapter 545: Birthday Party (3)

After a while, another hotel staff came into the box suite. The staff member told them that there was another guest at the front desk. The guest said that he was a friend of Jian Yiling’s. He was here to celebrate Jian Yiling’s birthday as well.

After asking a few questions, they discovered that the guest’s surname was Liang.

And thus, Jian Yiling realized that the person was Liang Shuo.

Upon this realization, she asked the waiter to invite him in.

Everyone in the Jian family recognized Liang Shuo.

As soon as he saw Master Liang, Jian Shuxing got up to greet him.

“Master Liang, what brings you here?”

Master Liang smiled before he replied: “I heard that today is Miss Yiling’s birthday. I came over to join the fun. In addition, I’ve also prepared a gift for Jian Yiling. Miss Yiling, I hope that you will be as happy as today for the entirety of this year.”

“Thank you,” Jian Yiling replied.

When compared to Elder Yun, Master Liang’s face was much easier to recognize.

Elder Yun was an expert in the medical field. He usually did not show his face to the media. Instead, he silently contributed to society from behind the scenes.

On the other hand, Master Liang was a big shot in the technological circles. He was a leader in the industry. In addition, the company under his name was one of the top technological companies in China.

As he was a successful individual, he often appeared in financial magazines.

Thus, everyone in the room knew of Master Liang.

As soon as they saw him, they immediately recognized him.

As the Jian family knew that Jian Yunmo had participated in a research and development project under one of Master Liang’s companies, they could understand the rationale behind his visit. Master Liang acknowledged Jian Yunmo’s talent.

And thus, they concluded that Master Liang was visiting because of Jian Yunmo.

Although the Jian family could accept this, the Wen family could not.

In fact, the Wen family was incredibly confused.

What was going on today?

Why were there so many big shots at Yiling’s birthday party?

One of them was renowned in the medical circles whilst the other was renowned in the technological circles.

Cai Qinyue and Wen Ruo’s expressions were equally as surprised.

When did the Jian family get in touch with so many big shots?

An ordinary birthday party became extraordinarily different because of the appearance of these two industry big shots.

Near the end of the birthday party, Wen Cheng took the initiative to speak to Liang Shuo.

However, Liang Shuo brushed off the conversation with a few words.

He made it clear that he was only here today to celebrate Jian Yiling’s birthday. He was not here to talk about any business matters.

Afterward, the Wen family left the hotel. They were driven home by their chauffeur.

On the way back home, Cai Qinyue could not hold back her curiosity. She asked her husband Wen Cheng, ” Hmmm, what business did Elder Yun and Master Liang have here today? Were they really here just to celebrate Yiling’s birthday?”

It sort of made sense for Jian Yiling to be connected with Elder Yun.

After all, Wen Nuan had told them that their daughter was studying medicine.

However, why did Master Liang come today? What relationship did they have?

“Hmm, I don’t know. I didn’t really understand the matter either,” Wen Cheng replied. Then, after a pause, he added: “Well, it’s a good thing. The reason doesn’t really matter. In the end, the connection is good for the Jian family. If they want to develop their business in Beijing like our family, we will be closer to our relatives.”

However, this was not what Cai Qinyue meant.

It didn’t matter to her whether or not the Jian family was doing well.

And thus, she added: “Elder Yun and Master Liang are both well-recognized individuals in their respective industries. They have connections that many people envy. It doesn’t matter whether they came for the Jian family or Jian Yiling. Either way, they still attended the birthday party. Why don’t you talk to our brother-in-law and ask him to formally introduce us to them?”

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