From Sidekick to Bigshot

Chapter 486 - Rich Boyfriend

Chapter 486: Rich Boyfriend

Qin Yufan looked at the serious expression that was on Jian Yiling’s face. The more she looked at her, the angrier she became:

“Ahh! It’s useless speaking to you!”

Qin Yufan fumed with anger as she stomped away on her high heels.

It was so frustrating to talk to that girl!

Matters could be so simple, however, that girl could still go on about it for half a day! What did Zhai Yunsheng even like about her? Did he even have eyes?!


Professor Huang took the initiative to look for Li Zhuojia.

On the way out, Lu Yuan and the boy met up with Jian Yiling.

Lu Yuan quickly stepped forward and took the initiative to speak to Jian Yiling: “Jian Yiling, did you come here today because of Professor Hyde? Does Professor Hyde know people from Lahaisen Hospital? Or does Professor Hyde know the organizers?”

Luo Yuan got too close to Jian Yiling. As a result, Jian Yiling instinctively took a step back. She wanted to maintain some distance between the two of them.

She didn’t know Lu Yuan very well yet. As a result, getting too close to someone that she didn’t know well made her feel incredibly uncomfortable.

When Lu Yuan noticed Jian Yiling’s movement, the smile on her face faded a little.

This was rather awkward. It was as though she was placing her warm face on someone’s cold buttocks.

Upon seeing this, the boy quickly attempted to mediate the situation: “Yiling, I didn’t expect you to come today. What did you think of the content at today’s exchange conference?”

The boy hadn’t really understood much of the presentations.

If he understood everything that was presented, he wouldn’t still be a postgraduate student.

In fact, some of the presentations weren’t even fully understood by Professor Huang. After all, some professors had a different direction of research.

“It’s not bad,” Jian Yiling replied.

Such an answer was a little uncomfortable to hear.

It was fine to admit that she couldn’t understand the content in the presentations. However, such a comment made it seem like she was suggesting that the rest of them were inferior to her.

Of course, if someone else said ‘it’s not bad’, the effect of the sentence would be quite different.

However, it was obviously inappropriate for Jian Yiling to say such a thing. This was not something that a person in her position should say, regardless of her talent.

The boy smiled awkwardly before he said: “Ahh, well, let’s send Jian Yiling back home.”

Although they were in the same class, Jian Yiling was indeed much younger than them. And thus, it made sense for them to take care of her.

“No thanks. Someone will come and pick me up,” Jian Yiling replied. She politely refused his offer.

Zhai Yunsheng had told her that he would come to pick her up.

“Oh, in that case, never mind then.”

Then, the three of them walked out of the venue.

When they got to the front of the venue, they saw a very eye-catching bright yellow sports car parked right in front of the venue.

The vehicle was parked in an incredibly arrogant manner. It was as though the owner of the car didn’t care if they were obstructing someone else’s way.

Typically, these cars were owned by children of wealthy businessmen and entrepreneurs.

Zhai Yunsheng got out of the driver’s seat and walked towards Jian Yiling.

“You’re early.”

He had arrived ahead of their agreed time.

“It just so happens that there wasn’t anything else for me to do.”

Zhai Yunsheng replied quite casually.

He didn’t want her to wait for him. As a result, he waited outside of the venue an hour earlier than their agreed time.

Then, Jian Yiling and Zhai Yunsheng got onto the car. The car started up and left the venue.

Lu Yuan and the boy were still waiting for the bus. They glanced at each other. It was as though they had the same thought in their mind.

It seemed as though Jian Yiling had a rich boyfriend.


Zhai Yunsheng ordered his men to go shopping today.

His men ended up buying a bunch of pink items.

In fact, to be specific, they bought a bunch of pink, fluffy and adorable decorations.

They bought several plushies to decorate the room with as well.

Of course, they also bought a desk for Jian Yiling.

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