From Sidekick to Bigshot

Chapter 485 - Academic Exchange Conference (4)

Chapter 485: Academic Exchange Conference (4)

Qin Yufan was surprised to see that it was the same middle-aged man that was talking with Jian Yiling.

Jian Yiling knew someone from Lahaisen Hospital?

On the stage, the middle-aged man introduced himself to everyone.

“Hello professors and esteemed guests, my name is Li Zhuojia and I’m a staff member of Lahaisen Hospital.”

With just that one sentence, thunderous applause erupted from the audience.

Following this, as Li Zhuojia had been added as a speaker, he gave a short presentation to the audience.

To a certain extent, his medical literacy and accomplishments were demonstrated to everyone.

However, he didn’t mention a word about the recruitment that everyone had been speaking about in private.

As a result, everyone’s hearts began to itch.

Several people in the audience listened less attentively to the speeches that were given after Li Zhuojia’s. Instead, they focused all their attention on the middle-aged man called Li Zhuojia.


When the exchange conference ended, Qin Yufan quickly found Jian Yiling and stopped her in her tracks.

“Do you know Mr. Li?” Qin Yufan asked. She had seen Jian Yiling and Li Zhuojia talking together. However, she hadn’t heard what was said in their conversation.

“Mhmm,” Jian Yiling admitted.

“How… How do you know each other?” Qin Yufan asked. She was filled with curiosity.

How did Jian Yiling know such a person?

Everyone from Lahaisen Hospital was known to be notoriously mysterious.

“I met him when I was doing research.”

Ahhh, this made sense. Qin Yufan vaguely knew that Jian Yiling was the student of an internationally renowned professor abroad. As a result, it was likely that she had met him through that professor.

In that case, everything would make sense.

“Introduce me to him. I can offer any amount of remuneration to you,” Qin Yufan said. Qin Yufan’s voice was as haughty as ever.

However, she was slightly embarrassed and self-conscious. As she spoke, her eyes didn’t look directly at Jian Yiling’s.

“I refuse,” Jian Yiling answered without hesitation.

Her voice was quite soft. It didn’t appear as though she was resolutely refusing.

However, those who were familiar with Jian Yiling knew that if she refused to do something, it had nothing to do with what her voice sounded like.

“You…” Qin Yufan started. It felt as though a breath was stuck in her chest.

Why was this girl so damn annoying?!

Previously, she didn’t think much of the girl. However now, she really found her annoying!

After taking a deep breath, Qin Yufan said: “I’m just asking you to help introduce me to him. I won’t do anything to hurt Mr. Li. I won’t force him to do anything either! I just want to get to know him!”

“You can talk to him by yourself. If you have a reasonable request, he will take care of it.”

Li Zhuojia was the one who was in charge of external matters. As a result, he was the one who typically communicated with everyone else.

Typically, people were screened by Li Zhuojia first. Then, they were introduced to Jian Yiling.

Right now, Qin Yufan was doing the complete opposite of everyone else!

Qin Yufan was fuming internally. Why was she so stubborn? She could easily earn money through this!

“I don’t want to leave a bad impression on him! It would be much better to have someone introduce me to him!”

Qin Yufan knew that a person’s first impression was incredibly important. As a result, she didn’t want to gamble on that. That was why she wanted Jian Yiling to help introduce her to him.

She knew that Jian Yiling had quite a long conversation with that man. It was obvious that the two of them knew each other quite well. As a result, it would be best if Jian Yiling introduced her to him.

“You won’t leave a bad impression on him if you greet him normally.”

Jian Yiling really didn’t feel like there was a need for a middleman to help with the introductions. This was especially the case if Qin Yufan planned to talk about serious matters to Li Zhuojia.

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