From Sidekick to Bigshot

Chapter 487 - Logging into the Game Three Years Later

Chapter 487: Logging into the Game Three Years Later

In addition to that, Zhai Yunsheng’s men also bought 2 computer pods. One of them was dark blue and the other one was light pink. They placed it in an unused room in the apartment.

When Jian Yiling returned in the evening, she immediately saw the two gaming pods.

Naturally, her mind drifted back to the memories of the time where the two of them gamed together. In fact, back then, they were competing together as well.

As she did yesterday, Jian Yiling cooked dinner for Zhai Yunsheng.

It was a delicious and nutritionally balanced meal. It was very suitable for a heart disease patient like Zhai Yunsheng.

After eating dinner, Zhai Yunsheng went to take a shower. On the other hand, Jian Yiling sat into one of the computer pods.

After showering, Zhai Yunsheng came out wearing black trousers on the bottom half of his body. There was only a towel draped over the top half of his body.

This was how he dressed when he was alone at home.

Although Jian Yiling was living with him right now, his habits hadn’t changed.

The charm of a young man oozed out of his body.

When Zhai Yunsheng sat down in the gaming pod, he noticed that Jian Yiling was staring at him.

The corners of Zhai Yunsheng’s mouth couldn’t help but rise up.

“Do you like the view?” Zhai Yunsheng smiled wickedly.

“Does your heart hurt usually?” Jian Yiling asked.

Initially, Zhai Yunsheng assumed that Jian Yiling was looking at him. However, it turned out that Jian Yiling was merely concerned about his heart.

It appeared as though that they were not on the same page.

Zhai Yunsheng’s smile stiffened: “What is in your mind when you’re looking at me?”

“An anatomical diagram. Internal organs, blood vessels, respiratory system, endocrine system, circulatory system, urinary system…”


Zhai Yunsheng hastily called out for Jian Yiling to stop speaking. Then, he stood up and went back to his room. He put on a shirt before returning.

Then, the two of them opened the computers in front of them and logged onto ‘Zerg Invasion’. They hadn’t logged onto the game in many years.

In fact, it had been three years since either of them had logged into the game.

When they logged on, the system gave them a large gift pack.

There were a bunch of costumes and coins within the gift pack.

When they glanced at the leaderboard, they realized that their names had disappeared off the leaderboard a long time ago.

Three years passed. Many more seasons had passed as well. The points that they had scored had been reset. It had been a long time since they were Rank One and Rank Two.

Similar to in the past, Jian Yiling and Zhai Yunsheng ranked up together.

Although it was their first game in three years, their performance was still outstanding. Surprisingly, they were still well coordinated.

At the end of the first game, they crushed the other players in terms of the scoreline.

When the game ended, several players from the game asked to add them as a friend.

[Please add me!]

[Are you guys even in the same league as us?!]

[Are you guys smurfing or something?]

[Please carry me!]

In the past three years, many features had been added to the game ‘Zerg Invasion’.

For example, there was a relationship system now. After your relationship score reached 500, you could set someone as your ‘close friend’. Once your relationship reached 1000, you could set someone as a ‘girlfriend/boyfriend’.

Jian Yiling merely glanced at the new features. However, before she exited that tab, she received an invitation from Zhai Yunsheng. Zhai Yunsheng was requesting to be a ‘close friend’.

Jian Yiling turned her head to look at Zhai Yunsheng with puzzled eyes.

“I want to test out the new features. I just want to see the features in effect,” Zhai Yunsheng replied.

Then, he reached over and helped Jian Yiling press the OK button.

After that, the two of them started another game.

This time, as they were ‘close friends’, when the two of their characters were close to each other, a love heart would appear on their character’s heads.

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