From Sidekick to Bigshot

Chapter 188 - Slapping the Head of Teaching in the Face (2)

Chapter 188: Slapping the Head of Teaching in the Face (2)

Qin Shixuan turned around to look at the Head of Teaching. The smile on his face went from gentle and kind to sarcastic.

Jian Yiling also turned around to face the Head of Teaching. She looked at him and responded in a calm and relaxed way. Her voice was quite soft as she said: “I don’t know what Teacher Li is talking about.”

“Jian Yiling, what kind of attitude is that? Hurry up and confess that you cheated. Don’t you feel guilty coming first place? Where is your conscience?”

“I don’t feel guilty. Furthermore, you can only say that I cheated if you have proof. If you don’t have proof, then your words are slander.” Jian Yiling responded in a decisive and cold voice.

“How did I slander you? I…”

Qin Shixuan interrupted the Head of Teaching’s words. He backed up Jian Yiling in a calm and collected voice: “Head of Teaching, this student is right. She didn’t cheat. Our organization can testify to that. If you’re suspecting her, you can come and question our organization. After all, if this student got good grades by cheating, then our institution should also be held responsible. And I, as the organizer of this competition should not be able to escape the blame.”

The Head of Teaching looked at Qin Shixuan in shock. His eyes were wide and full of disbelief.

Qin Shixuan continued to speak with a smile, “I’ve met a lot of people who had average marks. However, they had outstanding abilities in certain other areas. For example, there have been people who have scored poorly in Chinese. However, they eventually became writers.”

Qin Shixuan’s words left the Head of Teaching speechless.

He was also incredibly embarrassed as he had been confronted.

Qin Shixuan turned around and continued to speak to Jian Yiling. He decided to completely disregard the Head of Teaching.

Jian Yiling also answered Qin Shixuan’s questions incredibly cooperatively. The questions that he asked were all related to chemistry. There was a lot of jargon in their conversation.

As they spoke, the Head of Teaching didn’t understand their conversation at all. It was as though the two were speaking in another language. He just felt that the two of them could converse incredibly well.

On the other hand, he had gotten ignored. He was treated like air and left alone.

After a while, Qin Shixuan asked for Jian Yiling’s WeChat. He wanted to keep in touch with her. Then, with a smile, he sent her back to her classroom.

In contrast, the expression on the Head of Teaching’s face was terrible.

However, he couldn’t do anything at all. The only thing he could do was send Qin Shixuan and the rest of his team away with a smile on his face.


At the same time Qin Shixuan left Shenghua High School, the Yao Li Chemistry and Advanced Materials Research Institution made a public statement on the Internet.

They stated that the chemistry competition was fair and impartial. There was no cheating that occurred. Furthermore, they announced that they were willing to take legal action against anyone who doubted the results that the organization had posted. They would not accept slander against their name.

As soon as the statement was released, the doubts regarding Jian Yiling’s results at Shenghua High School went away.

Although the average student typically disliked Jian Yiling due to her arrogant attitude, they weren’t willing to get involved in a lawsuit.

[The organizers of the chemistry competition made a public statement. It appears as though the rankings for the chemistry competition are real. What happened to Jian Yiling? Did she receive a shock?]

[You’re saying that she received a shock? Man, I think we’re the ones who are shocked.]

[I guess either of those works. Either way, she’s gone through a lot of change.]

[I don’t want to change the topic but aren’t you guys curious about what caused this change?]

[I don’t think it’s that surprising. The Jian family has a lot of talented individuals. Jian Yunnao’s results have always been outstanding. I’ve also heard that Jian Yiling has a brother that’s a genius biologist. She has some solid genetics. To be honest, she probably just wasn’t serious about studying before.]

[So is this a big turnaround for Jian Yiling? Previously, I heard that her results were dragging her class down.]

[I can’t say for other units. However, for chemistry, she’s definitely turned over a new leaf. She got first in such a difficult chemistry competition.]

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