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Chapter 189 - Mo Shiyun’s Hope is Shattered

Chapter 189: Mo Shiyun’s Hope is Shattered

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[Oh my god. Did Jian Yiling really come first? Was there actually no error in her results? What has our world come to? Is this the slacker’s comeback?]

[As a slacker myself, from today onwards, Jian Yiling is my idol! She will be my motivation! I have a goal now!]

[I just want to ask the students who claimed that Jian Yiling cheated without any proof, does your face hurt?]


Their faces definitely hurt. In fact, as of now, none of them even came out to say a single thing.

Most of the conversation was focused on how Jian Yiling’s results improved in such a short period of time.

However, some of the students felt quite unhappy that such a thing happened.

Hu Jiaojiao was bold for once. She walked up to Wang Xiangchong’s seat and said:

“Wow, would you take a look at this? Someone from the Yao Li Chemistry and Advanced Materials Research Institution made a public statement already. There was no issue with Jian Yiling’s results. So, what else do you have to say?”

Hu Jiaojiao had already gotten dissed twice by Wang Xiangchong. This time, she could finally get her revenge.

However, Wang Xiangchong remained unconvinced, “So what if a public statement was made? The statement is only there to fool people like you. People who don’t have the ability to think for themselves.”

“Excuse me? What do you mean by don’t have the ability to think for themselves?” Hu Jiaojiao growled. She stomped her foot in anger.

“I’m not naming names. Interpret it yourself.”

“You’re wrong! And you’re not admitting to it!” Hu Jiaojiao cried out. She glared at him. However, her voice was small and weak. Overall, she wasn’t intimidating at all.

“Well, that’s still better than someone just relying on their background and standing in society to forcibly control negative news about themselves!” Wang Xiangchong retorted. He was indirectly cursing at Jian Yiling.

“What nonsense are you saying?!”

“I’m not saying any nonsense. Furthermore, once again, I didn’t say who or what.”

Wang Xiangchong had a taunting expression on his face. It seemed to say, what can you do to me anyway?

As Hu Jiaojiao couldn’t win an argument against him, she walked off angrily.

Every single time, Wang Xiangchong would say something along the same lines as what he had just said. And every single time, she didn’t have anything to retort back.

He was so damn annoying.


Mo Shiyun’s last hope was shattered when she saw the organizers’ public statement.

The organizer had clarified that Jian Yiling had not cheated. Therefore, the list of prize recipients would not be altered. She was still eleventh… She was still only one step away from being tenth…

When Zhu Sha saw Mo Shiyun’s sad expression, she walked up and comforted her, “Don’t be too sad. Jian Yiling’s family has always had a strong social standing. The Jian family wouldn’t let such a scandal surface. You’ll have to be the one who takes the bullet.”

Zhu Sha’s expression was also quite helpless. She assumed that the Jian family had settled the matters behind the scene.

Mo Shiyun’s voice started to choke as she said, “For them, two hundred thousand dollars isn’t a lot. However, for my mother and I, thirty thousand dollars means the world to us. It’s life-saving.”

They had protected Jian Yiling’s first place. However, they had ruined the only way she had to save herself and her mother.


“Life-saving? What’s wrong?” Zhu Sha asked in a hurry.

“Nothing,” Mo Shiyun replied. She didn’t want to reveal too much information about herself to Zhu Sha.

When Mo Shiyun returned home, her mood was incredibly downcast.

When Aunt Mo saw her daughter like this, she felt heartbroken.

Her daughter had been so proud and confident. She had been a ray of sunshine.

However, now, because of her mistake, her daughter had to suffer with her.

She had failed as a mother.

The more she thought about the situation, the more upset she got. After she hesitated for a while, Aunt Mo decided to call He Yan:

He Yan answered the phone after a while, “What’s the matter?”

“I… I want to borrow some money from you.” Aunt Mo said. Her voice sounded weak.

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