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Chapter 187 - Slapping the Head of Teaching in the Face (1)

Chapter 187: Slapping the Head of Teaching in the Face (1)

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Did he guess correctly?

Was it true that the people from Yao Li Chemistry and Advanced Materials Research Institution were here because of Jian Yiling’s cheating?

All of a sudden, the Head of Teaching felt a fire flare in his heart. The more he thought about Jian Yiling, the madder he became. He started to fume with rage between his gritted teeth.

However, he had to keep his smile and act courteously to the organizers in front of him.

“I know that our school is at fault for this incident. On behalf of this student, I would like to express my sincere apologies to you. As she is still a minor, I hope you forgive her for this matter.”

Upon hearing these words, the organizer of the competition became stumped.

“What do you mean by that? We’re just here to see Jian Yiling. Did you misunderstand something?”

“Wait… Aren’t you seeing her because… Because she cheated in the chemistry competition? Isn’t that the reason for your visit?”


The Head of Teaching had a puzzled expression on his face.

This made Qin Shixuan laugh: “Oh my, this is the first time I’ve encountered a situation like this. A student gets a good grade and instead of being happy, the first thing the Head of Teaching does is suspect her of cheating. I’ve actually never seen this.”

Upon hearing the organizer’s words, the Head of Teaching felt like he woke up from a dream: “Wait, a minute. Then, did you come here to talk to Jian Yiling for something else?”

Qin Shixuan had a gentle expression on his face as he replied, “Of course. Jian Yiling got excellent results in the chemistry competition. I came here to express my appreciation for her talents. I wanted to meet her in advance. I hope that I’m not using too much of her time.”

Once again, the Head of Teaching was shocked. He managed to stammer out: “Then… Then, I’ll go and call her over.”

Qin Shixuan continued to smile, “It’s okay. Please check whether the student is free or not. I don’t want to force her to come over to speak to me.”

The Yao Li Chemistry and Advanced Materials Research Institution was not directly affiliated with the school. Due to this reason, theoretically, they did not have the authority to request for a student to talk to them.

If Jian Yiling was in class and didn’t want to talk to them, she could decline their offer.

However, such a thought did not cross the Head of Teaching’s mind. Instead, he replied: “No it’s okay. She’s definitely free.”

In his mind, as the Head of Teaching, he could get a student to come to his office regardless of whether or not they were free.

Five minutes later, Jian Yiling was called to the Head of Teaching’s office.

Qin Shixuan finally met the student that he had been thinking about all night.


He had seen Jian Yiling on the security footage of the examination room. Due to this reason, he wasn’t that surprised by her appearance.

However, she still appeared to seem quite ‘small’.

Jian Yiling looked at the middle-aged man that stood in front of her. He was dressed appropriately for the occasion and had a benevolent-looking face. She wondered who he was and what he wanted from her.

When the Head of Teaching called her over, he didn’t tell her any reason. Instead, he just told her to be polite.

“Jian Yiling, you answered the chemistry competition questions incredibly well. Could you tell me where you learned this knowledge from?”

Qin Shixuan’s voice was gentle and full of curiosity. There was no pretense in his words.

“I learned it from books, papers, videos, and experiments.”


Jian Yiling mentioned all the ways that one could learn and acquire knowledge independently.


“That’s a very honest answer,” Qin Shixuan commented. He smiled at her response.

The Head of Teaching was listening on the side. Upon hearing this, he frowned more and interrupted the conversation between Jian Yiling and Qin Shixuan, “Jian Yiling, just be frank and honest about what you’ve done. Don’t wait until we finish investigating this matter.”


The Head of Teaching was afraid that Jian Yiling’s actions would be exposed after the conversation. That would make the situation incredibly awkward for everyone.

Rather than waiting for the matter to get it, it was better to take the initiative and confess. After she confessed her misconduct, he would suppress the matter and make sure to save the reputation of Shenghua High School.

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