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Chapter 186 - Want to Meet Jian Yiling

Chapter 186: Want to Meet Jian Yiling

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However, the organizer hadn’t expected the paper in front of him to have such a high mark.

Out of 100, this paper scored 98.

The only two points that were deducted were due to a mistake in a diacritical mark.

However, this mistake was not due to carelessness. Instead, this person had written formulas and equations using old notation. It was done in accordance with international standards that were used two years ago. However, recently it had been changed.

In other words, theoretically, this person could do all the questions in the chemistry competition.

And that was quite strange.

“Boss, there are some students that think that this student’s results may be incorrect,” the assistant said.

As there was a request for the review of a paper, the organizer couldn’t just ignore it. They had to check the paper according to the rules.

“What is there to check? Isn’t the paper right in front of us? We already checked it several times last night.”

Before the results had been announced, the organizer had already closely examined the paper in front of him.

The questions had been written by him and a few other scholars in the institution. As a result, it was impossible for the questions to be leaked in advance.

An outsider would not be able to know the questions in the exam ahead of time.

Furthermore, their examination room was carefully monitored by a range of surveillance equipment. Invigilators also prowled the rows.

Thus, it was impossible to cheat.

Considering all the factors mentioned above, this examinee could only have gotten this mark based on her own skills and capabilities.

And due to this, he wanted to know what kind of person had won this chemistry competition.

“Then I’ll respond to the people who have applied for reviews. I’ll tell them that there’s nothing wrong with the results.”

“Wait, I’d like to go to school and meet this student in person. I’m quite curious about her.”

The award ceremony was still two days away. However, the organizer couldn’t wait anymore. He wanted to meet this student immediately.

He took some of his men and headed straight to Shenghua High School.

Currently, the Head of Teaching of Shenghua High School was in his office. He stared at his computer screen over and over again.

Was he seeing the wrong thing? Was Jian Yiling really first?

How could this be?

There was no way that Jian Yiling could come first.

The Head of Teaching was incredibly confused.


Unless the organizers made a mistake when they entered the results?

That was indeed a possibility.

At that moment, he received a call from the organizer. The organizer said that he wanted to visit their school and asked whether or not it was convenient.

The Head of Teaching immediately replied that they were welcome to come at any time.

However, after he hung up the phone, the Head of Teaching’s expression immediately fell.

Why would the organizers of the chemistry competition suddenly come to Shenghua High School?


The Head of Teaching’s first reaction was to think of Jian Yiling’s abnormal results.

Did Jian Yiling cheat? Was that the reason?

The more he thought about such a possibility, the more furious he became.

He didn’t expect Jian Yiling to bring glory to their school. Initially, he was ready to just ignore her marks.

However, if she cheated, that would cause a massive scandal. That would definitely ruin his reputation as the Head of Teaching.

The Head of Teaching forced himself to take a deep breath to calm himself down.

Half an hour later, the organizer arrived.

The Head of Teaching greeted Qin Shixuan. Qin Shixuan was the person in charge of Yao Li Chemistry and Advanced Materials Research Institution.

“Mr. Qin, it’s really an honor for you to visit our school. On behalf of all teachers of our school, I’d like to extend you a warm welcome.”

“You don’t have to be so polite. I’m not here today for anything important. I just want to meet Jian Yiling. Is that okay with you?”

Upon hearing these words, the Head of Teaching’s expression immediately darkened.

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