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Chapter 177 - Deliver a Midnight Snack

Chapter 177: Deliver a Midnight Snack

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“Okay, okay, good luck then,” the Head of Teaching replied. He had nothing to say to Jian Yiling anymore.

The things he wanted to say were not appropriate in a classroom context.

Furthermore, the Head of Teaching didn’t want to waste any more time on Jian Yiling.

When the results of the chemistry competition got announced, he would just try his best to ignore her name. He would much rather use his time on the top students in their school. They had the best chance of winning the chemistry competition.

After he finished speaking, the Head of Teaching left the classroom. Although he didn’t say much, it was evident that he didn’t like what Jian Yiling was doing.


Ever since Mo Shiyun had signed up for the chemistry competition, she had been focusing on doing practice questions.

Before the exam, she intended to finish the entire printout that the senior chemistry team had prepared.

This was an extra burden for Mo Shiyun. She was already in her final year of high school.

Every day, she would study until one o’clock in the morning. Her appearance had become incredibly thin and pallid.

Aunt Mo saw her daughter’s hardship. She couldn’t help but feel bad for her.


However, other than cooking her daughter supper, she couldn’t do anything else.

When Aunt Mo had ordered a midnight snack, she bought an extra one.

“Shiyun, why don’t you give this to Young Master Yunnao?”

Lately, Young Master Yunnao had been following Young Master Yuncheng everywhere. Furthermore, as his surgery date had been moved forward, this resulted in him having less time to interact with her daughter.

Aunt Mo was afraid that as time passed, the relationship between these two children would fade. And thus, she had cooked a midnight snack and asked Mo Shiyun to deliver it to Jian Yunnao.

Mo Shiyun took a look at the snack that her mother had prepared. She hesitated for a moment.

Recently, her relationship with Jian Yunnao had weakened. He didn’t reply to any of the messages that she sent.

At first, Mo Shiyun suspected that he might have discovered the truth about the gift.

However, as nothing had happened to her mother, Mo Shiyun gradually put that thought away.

If they had been discovered, it was unlikely that Young Master Yuncheng hadn’t done anything.

And thus, Mo Shiyun assumed that Jian Yunnao had just been busy recently.

After she paused for a moment, Mo Shiyun picked up the chicken soup and wonton that her mother had prepared and headed to the main residence.

Mo Shiyun and her mother lived in a small house next to the Jian Residence. Although it was rather small, it was still much nicer than the house that they had lived in before.

Upon arriving at the main residence, Mo Shiyun tried opening the door.

The door at the main residence had a fingerprint lock.

Originally, Mo Shiyun’s fingerprints could open the door. However, today, the lock told her that her fingerprints were not valid.

Mo Shiyun was stunned.

Could it be that the security system had been recently updated? Was that why her fingerprints had been cleared?

Mo Shiyun placed the midnight snack down before she sent a message to Jian Yunnao.

[The light in your room is still on. Are you still awake? My mother made a midnight snack. It’s chicken soup and wonton. It’s your favorite. Do you want me to bring it up?]

After the message was sent out, quite some time passed.

Around five minutes later, Mo Shiyun received a reply from Jian Yunnao:

[No thanks.]

The two words clearly rejected Mo Shiyun’s offer.

When Mo Shiyun saw the two words, she felt quite uncomfortable for some unknown reason.

After lingering at the door for a while, Mo Shiyun took the food back to her mother.

When Aunt Mo saw that Mo Shiyun had brought the snack back, she asked: “What’s the matter? Is Young Master Yunnao asleep already?”

“Nope, he’s not asleep. However, he already ate. Aunt An made him a midnight snack already,” Mo Shiyun lied. She didn’t want her mother to think of anything weird.


“Ah, maybe next time then,” Aunt Mo replied. There was a hint of regret in her voice.


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