From Sidekick to Bigshot

Chapter 178 - A Handsome Guy Comes to Shenghua

Chapter 178: A Handsome Guy Comes to Shenghua

The next day, at the end of the second period, the school building was suddenly bustling with noise and excitement. Many students ran into the corridor to watch something.

Hu Jiaojiao was also curious about what was happening. She went into the corridor to take a look.

After a while, she came back and told Jian Yiling, “Oh my god, there’s a handsome guy in our school. I feel like my nose is about to bleed.”


Jian Yiling had no interest in handsome guys.

“No, Yiling, not only is he handsome, but he’s also smart! According to some sources, he’s a top student at Hengyuan University. Although he’s still studying, he already started his own company with his classmates!”


Jian Yiling still showed no interest.

“His name… Is Qin Chuan! Apparently, he’s good at everything!”

Upon hearing Qin Chuan’s name, Jian Yiling raised her head.

She suddenly remembered that Qin Chuan’s company had recently experienced rapid growth and development.

Due to this reason, Qin Chuan’s name had become well known to the people of Hengyuan City.

As a matter of fact, Jian Yiling knew about this matter a little more than others. This was because she had seen the financial statements and reports of the company.

Hu Jiaojiao continued to speak, “I heard that his college entrance examination marks were the best in Hengyuan City. He could have easily attended the top universities in our country. However, for some weird reason, he decided to attend Hengyuan University. Of course, Hengyuan University is also excellent. It’s a university that I won’t ever be able to get into.”

“Why is he here?” Jian Yiling asked.

Qin Chuan didn’t graduate from Shenghua High School. In his high school years, he attended the Number One Secondary School of Hengyuan City. During that time, he had held a full scholarship and gotten a tuition waiver.

Due to that reason, it made sense if he returned to the Number One Secondary School of Hengyuan City. However, it was strange for him to come to Shenghua High School.

“I heard that someone in our school invited him to give a lecture to the seniors. It’s probably something related to career planning and development for the future.”

Shenghua High School wanted its graduates to become successful and famous.

Due to this reason, they often invited people to give lectures to their senior students. Sometimes, these lectures were related to career planning. Other times, these lectures gave exam guidance.

This time, Shenghua High School had invited Qin Chuan to give a speech on entrepreneurship. This was because although Qin Chuan was still in college, he had successfully started his own business. He could be a role model for their students.

They wanted him to go through his experience as a student, experience in his final exams, and how he started his own business.

Usually, this would have been quite an ordinary event. However, Qin Chuan’s good looks had caused a commotion at Shenghua High School.

Stars could be seen in Hu Jiaojiao’s eyes as she continued to speak, “He’s handsome, smart, and successful. He was basically born to become a winner in life. Ahhh, why are we both humans yet we’re so different? He’s so incredibly successful. And here I am worrying about whether or not I can pass my exams… ”

At this moment, a boy walked over and scoffed:

“That’s true. His future is so promising. Furthermore, he started from scratch and achieved everything that he has today with his own hard work. He managed to found an Internet company before he even graduated from university. He’s different from some people who only rely on their parents for money. Different from those who live an unaccomplished life.”

The boy’s appearance was nothing out of ordinary. He wore glasses with thick lenses.

The boy’s name was Wang Xiangchong. He was one of the best students in Class 8.

He looked down on students like Jian Yiling and Hu Jiaojiao. Although they came from good families, they didn’t strive to improve.

“Wang Xiangchong, I know I’m not good at studying. However, that’s none of your business,” Hu Jiaojiao retorted sullenly.

However, Hu Jiaojiao’s voice was small and timid. She didn’t have any strength in her retort.

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