From Sidekick to Bigshot

Chapter 176 - Head of Teaching is Discontent

Chapter 176: Head of Teaching is Discontent

[Is this the same Jian Yiling who viciously pushed her brother down the stairs? What’s going on? What is she trying to do again? Why is there always news about her?]

[Don’t say that. Don’t forget what happened with the confession. It’s not always her fault.]

[What are you trying to say? The confession was fake. However, the incident with her brother hasn’t passed by yet. The only thing she knows how to do is to find someone to delete the post. However, that matter isn’t finished yet. I don’t have a memory of a goldfish.]

Although it had been a while since the original post had been deleted, there were still some people who remembered the incident.

Now, Jian Yiling’s name once again appeared in front of everyone. Past memories had been dug up.

[Let’s not talk about that. This thread was meant for the chemistry competition. Let’s just discuss those matters. If you want to talk about something else, please move to another thread.]

This comment got a lot of likes from various students. After that comment, the general direction of the thread went back to the chemistry competition.

[Hm… If we’re talking about the chemistry competition, I want to know how she will fare. We all know Jian Yiling’s marks. Let’s just watch her make a fool of herself.]

[She’s going to embarrass the entirety of Shenghua High School.]

[I don’t get it. Does she have a problem or something? Does she just want attention? Why would she do something like this? I’ve heard that the questions in the chemistry competition are insanely difficult.]


In his office, the Head of Teaching stared at the list in front of him.

What was Jian Yiling trying to do?

Why would she register for this competition?

Was she intentionally trying to mess with them?

The thing that he cared about the most was reputation. Although it wasn’t a big deal to have another person participate in the competition, for Jian Yiling to compete just felt like a thorn in his side.

The more he thought about the situation, the more upset he became. Eventually, the Head of Teaching took off to look for Jian Yiling.

It was still early in the morning. As soon as the Head of Teaching appeared in Class 8, the entire class fell into silence.

The Head of Teaching walked straight to Jian Yiling’s desk and asked:

“Jian Yiling, I’ve heard that you signed up for the chemistry competition.”

The way he spoke was not friendly at all.

“Yes,” Jian Yiling replied. She reacted quite calmly.

She didn’t explain the situation to the Head of Teaching.

“What is even on your mind? Have you heard of building a house a floor at a time? It’s impossible to build the roof if you don’t have a good foundation. Before you learn how to run, you need to know how to walk first. If you don’t know how to walk, it’s impossible to do anything else.”


The Head of Teaching had said a lot. However, the only response that he got was an “Mhmm,” from Jian Yiling.

It felt like he was throwing a fist at cotton.

With a stern face, the Head of Teaching continued to question Jian Yiling:

“Then, I assume that you’ve done some preparation right? Also, why did you sign up for such a difficult competition in the first place?”

“For the prize money,” Jian Yiling replied.

Whilst browsing the website, she had just seen the prize money for coming first.

“You’re going for the prize money?”


“You’re very ambitious. Did you pass your chemistry test this time?”

“Yes, I passed.”

Jian Yiling answered with conviction.

If someone didn’t know better, with the way she answered, they’d assume that she got a perfect score in her last chemistry test.

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