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Chapter 175 - A Slacker is In The Midst

Chapter 175: A Slacker is In The Midst

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And thus, the school didn’t know why Jian Yiling applied to the competition.

Although there wasn’t a limit on the number of students who can apply, the results of the competition would be publicly released. Therefore, Shenghua High School’s name would be associated with her result.

And that was why the group leader of the senior chemistry team had a bitter and complicated expression on their face when they handed out the printouts to Jian Yiling.

Her fellow classmates also looked at her weirdly. They were rather confused at why Jian Yiling would do such a thing.

After Jian Yiling heard Hu Jiaojiao’s words, she opened the registration link.

As expected, she found her name on the list on the official website.

When Hu Jiaojiao saw Jian Yiling stare at her name, she asked: “Did you register for this competition?”

Jian Yiling’s reaction made it seem like she hadn’t registered herself. Instead, her reaction was more like she was hearing about this matter for the first time.

“It wasn’t me.”

“What? Seriously? Who would do such a low thing?” Hu Jiaojiao questioned. She felt that the person who had signed Jian Yiling up was utterly evil. If someone had signed her up, she would go crazy.

However, after Hu Jiaojiao pondered about the matter for a little longer, she felt that what had happened was rather strange, “Wait, you need to fill in your ID number and also your student number to register. Who would memorize both of those numbers?”

Both of those numbers were quite long.

Normally, a person would only memorize their own number. Who would have the time and effort to memorize someone else’s?

All of a sudden, Hu Jiaojiao felt like she didn’t have enough experience from watching ‘Detective Conan’.

After a while, Hu Jiaojiao gave up thinking about the matter. Instead, she comforted Jian Yiling.

“Yiling, don’t feel sad. Just attend the exam when the time comes. Just fill in the multiple-choice questions. Maybe you will get lucky! I heard that this examination is incredibly difficult. Some people get better marks by guessing the answers. Maybe you’ll succeed by doing that!”

“Mhmm.” Jian Yiling replied. Her expression was quite neutral. She didn’t appear nervous and anxious like Hu Jiaojiao.

Hu Jiaojiao didn’t know how to comfort her friend. “I guess, just don’t think about it too much.”


And then, Jian Yiling flipped open the printouts that were on her desk. She was curious to see what the competition would be about.

Hu Jiaojiao leaned over to glance at the papers.

After she took a quick look, Hu Jiaojiao wailed, “I know every letter in the book. But when the letters are put together, I don’t know what they mean!”

“What are all these chemical equations? What are these C’s and H’s here for? Why are they so long? Are these questions really for people to solve? Oh my god. I don’t want to do any of these questions in my lifetime! They look terrible!”


Hu Jiaojiao had only just started studying organic chemistry. She fell into a daze when she saw all the complex organic chemical equations and relationships on the printouts.


Whilst Hu Jiaojiao was comforting Jian Yiling, someone had started to make fun of this matter on the school forum.

The original thread had posted a list of the names of the students who registered for the competition. The person wished the students who had signed up for the competition at Shenghua High School good luck. They wanted their peers to bring glory back to the school.

However, once someone saw Jian Yiling’s name on the list, they started to comment on different things.

[I think I saw something strange in the midst of that list. {Shocked}]

[Yeah, you’re right. I think I saw something strange as well.]

[Oh my god, why is there a slacker in the midst of all these geniuses? What does this slacker want? I must commend her for her bravery though.]

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