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Chapter 174 - Jian Yiling Registered as Well

Chapter 174: Jian Yiling Registered as Well

“High school chemistry competition? How much is the prize money?”

Mo Shiyun had previously participated in a high school chemistry competition. She had won a prize that was quite notable in Hengyuan City.

“This time, the prize money is exceptionally high. Apparently, it’s hosted by a very big organization. The prize money is way more than the average competition! I heard that the person who places first can get two hundred thousand dollars! The person who places second can get a hundred thousand and the person who places third can get sixty thousand. Those who rank from fourth to tenth get thirty thousand dollars.”

It was indeed a rather attractive prize pool.

All the previous competitions that Mo Shiyun had participated in had a lower prize pool.

She didn’t need to be in the top three. As long as she was in the top ten, she could earn thirty thousand dollars. That would alleviate the problems that her family had right now.

“Sister Qiu, would you send me the website? I’ll go and register.”

Mo Shiyun felt that this was indeed a good suggestion. After all, if she borrowed money from someone else, she still had to pay it back. If she ranked highly in the competition, the money was hers.

After talking to Mo Shiyun on the phone, Qiu Yizhen suddenly thought of something.

Should she enroll Jian Yiling in the competition as well?

She wanted to embarrass and make fun of that girl.

The website had stated that the results would be posted online. Even if Jian Yiling didn’t attend the competition, her results would still be posted.

She was ready to see Mo Shiyun’s name at the top of the list. And Jian Yiling’s name at the bottom of the list. That would be a fun thing to see!

As of now, Qiu Yizhen didn’t dare to cause Jian Yiling trouble. However, she wouldn’t miss an opportunity to cause Jian Yiling some frustration.

And thus, Qiu Yizhen opened the webpage and filled in Jian Yiling’s information on the registration page.

She could get Jian Yiling’s personal information from her father’s computer. Those details were sufficient for Jian Yiling’s registration form for the chemistry competition.

After she finished registering, Qiu Yizhen took another look at the page. She was quite satisfied with what she did.

She couldn’t wait to see Jian Yiling’s expression when she found out that she was on the list for the competition.


After a week, Jian Yiling returned to school.

As soon as she entered the classroom, everyone looked at her with a strange expression.

Jian Yiling didn’t understand why they were looking at her in such a way. Instead, she walked to her seat as usual.

Hu Jiaojiao immediately leaned over and whispered to her:

“Yiling, why did you sign up for that chemistry competition?”


“Yeah. The teachers at our school are regarding this competition as an incredibly important matter. They posted a list of all the students who signed up. They’re also handing out relevant information and data to the students that signed up.”

Winning a prize in a chemistry competition at this level was an honor for the school. As a result, the school decided to pay the utmost attention to the competition.

Hu Jiaojiao pointed at the thick printout on Jian Yiling’s desk before she continued speaking, “There’s your copy.”

Jian Yiling lowered her head and looked at the thick printouts that were on her desk.

Hu Jiaojiao added in a low voice, “The printouts were handed out by a group leader of our senior chemistry team. When she came over, she said that there were only two people who applied in our grade…”

There were quite a few people who signed up for this chemistry competition at Shenghua High School.

However, most of the people who had signed up were seniors.

There was a lot of content that the younger years hadn’t yet learned. As a result, it was useless for them to participate.

Especially if they were in their first year of senior high. They were only in their first semester of senior high. As a result, they hadn’t learned the majority of the chemistry content in their syllabus.

There were a few sophomores who had registered in the competition. The ones who registered were all the top students in their grade.

However, only two people in their grade had signed up.

One of them was accepted as a genius in their grade.

And the other… Was Jian Yiling.

In her first monthly examination, Jian Yiling’s chemistry grade was 43.

In her second monthly examination, her chemistry grade was 60.

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