From Sidekick to Bigshot

Chapter 173 - Mo Family Gets Into Trouble (2)

Chapter 173: Mo Family Gets Into Trouble (2)

If Aunt Mo hadn’t spent a lot of money on Mo Shiyun in recent years, she would have saved up even more money.

However, all of that money was now trapped!

All of it…

Mo Shiyun felt as though she got struck by a bolt from the blue.

She knew all too well how hard it was to live without money.

And now, life was finally getting better. However…

Mo Shiyun was angry and sad at the same time when she cried out, “Mother! You’ve never done trading before! Why did you decide to trade stocks all of a sudden?”

Her mother knew nothing about the stock market. Why would she suddenly take all of her earnings and invest it into the stock market?

“I… I saw Aunt An make a lot of money off the stock market! She bought a house in the city with the money that she earned. She said that once she couldn’t work anymore, she would use that money for her retirement… It seemed quite profitable… That’s why I decided to trade stocks as well. At the start, the stocks that I bought were doing quite well… As a result, I invested everything into the market. I wanted to make more money!”

Aunt Mo didn’t understand the stock market. However, when she saw how much money Aunt An was earning, she thought that she could do the same. If Aunt An could earn money like that, why couldn’t she?

“Mother! Why would you do that… Speculating the prices of stocks isn’t an easy thing to do! If anyone could earn money from the stock market, why would anyone work?”

Mo Shiyun was furious. Out of anger, the edges of her eyes were turning red.

“I know… I know I was wrong…” Aunt Mo cried. Her entire body was shaking from her tears.

Aunt Mo knew that she had done the wrong thing. However, there was nothing that she could do about it anymore.

Her money was trapped in the stock market. She couldn’t get her money back out.

Not only did she lose the money that she’d saved up for her daughter’s tuition, but she also couldn’t get the money that she needed for a lawsuit.

Aunt Mo was tormented with agony.

“Mother, don’t be sad. Let’s figure out a way to get the divorce done first.”

Mo Shiyun had recovered from her initial stages of shock and anger.

She couldn’t blame her mother for this. Blaming her mother would achieve nothing. Mo Shiyun knew that her mother was incredibly upset that such a thing had happened.

“I can’t think of a way… I don’t know what to do…”

Aunt Mo’s heart was filled with fear. She had lost all the money that she had. The man she feared the most had come back. It felt as though she had gone back in time.

All her hard work and efforts for the past ten years had just gone down the drain.

“I’ll go borrow the money that’s needed. I have friends that know lawyers. They should be able to handle this matter.”

“Really?” Aunt Mo’s eyes finally lit up with hope again.

“Mhmm,” Mo Shiyun nodded.

“That’s good… That’s good,” Aunt Mo said in a relieved manner.

Sending her daughter to a school for aristocrats was indeed the right choice!



The first person Mo Shiyun thought of was Qiu Yizhen.

After the incident at the school, her relationship with a number of her classmates had become quite awkward. This included Zhu Sha who she was previously quite close to.

After she got the second-highest score in their monthly exams, the storm had eased. Her classmates’ prejudice against her had lessened.

On the other hand, Qiu Yizhen did not distance herself from her. But rather, she felt quite guilty for failing when she tried to help her out the other day.

When Qiu Yizhen heard that Mo Shiyun was in trouble, she agreed to help her without hesitation.

However, Qiu Yizhen was in a dilemma when it came to lending money.

Her father had reduced her living expenses after she messed around with Jian Yiling. Nowadays, she extorted money off her classmates. She didn’t have any money to lend Mo Shiyun.

Suddenly, Qiu Yizhen thought of an idea. She suggested to Mo Shiyun:

“Shiyun, aren’t you good at chemistry? I heard that there’s a chemistry competition that’s going to be hosted soon. Apparently, there’s a huge prize pool. You can register right now.”

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