From Sidekick to Bigshot

Chapter 170 - God Ling, Master Sheng Bullied Me Again...

Chapter 170: God Ling, Master Sheng Bullied Me Again…

Whilst Jian Yiling was recovering in the hospital, Yu Xi felt quite sad. He didn’t have much to do. As God Ling was still getting better, she couldn’t carry him in games…

If he decided to play by himself, he’d always end up in a depressing situation where he kept losing games. One after another.

As he was currently ranked in a high division, most of the opponents that he met in-game were better than him. Due to this, his experience and gameplay ended up being incredibly poor.

At this moment, he noticed that Zhai Yunsheng had started playing Zerg Invasion.

Thus, Yu Xi decided to kiss up to Zhai Yunsheng, “Master Sheng, do you want to play with me?”


To Yu Xi’s surprise, Zhai Yunsheng agreed to his favor. Today, it seemed like Master Sheng was exceptionally easy to talk to. Yu Xi was moved to the point where tears were going to flow out of his eyes.

Yu Xi hurriedly logged onto his account. He was going to duo queue with Master Sheng!

And then…

However, as soon as the game started, Zhai Yunsheng’s character who had always been fierce and ferocious had died!

Yu Xi was shocked.

After Zhai Yunsheng’s character died, Yu Xi failed to last more than two minutes by himself. When his character died, that ended the first game.

Although Yu Xi was quite shocked, he tried to convince himself that this was an accident. Master Sheng had just started playing. He might have been rusty at the game. That was definitely the reason that he had died so early!

Such a thing could only happen once. It would definitely not be happening again!

And thus, Yu Xi started the queue for another game.

And then…

They lost once again.

Yu Xi’s eyes widened in shock.

He was in a panic.

What was wrong with Master Sheng today? This wasn’t how he usually played!

Yu Xi was incredibly nervous about his rank and elo. However, he didn’t dare to question Master Sheng about the situation.

And thus, he continued to duo with Master Sheng.

However, all the games that he played resulted in losses.

In several of the games, Master Sheng’s character had died before him.

Yu Xi was in complete shock.

When he looked at his dwindling elo, Yu Xi’s heart was broken in pieces.

“Um…Master… Master Sheng, let’s stop playing for today.” Yu Xi stammered out. He finally couldn’t stand it anymore.

“Yeah, that’s fine. I’m almost done.” Zhai Yunsheng replied.

Almost done?

What did he mean by almost done?

Yu Xi’s mind was filled with doubts. After he exited the game, he returned to the main lobby. When he glanced at the leaderboard, he noticed that the player that was ranked first in his server had changed from ZYS to J10.

J10 seldomly played the game. Whenever she played, she typically was in the same party as Zhai Yunsheng and Yu Xi.

Despite this, her account still reached the second rank in their server.

Zhai Yunsheng had always ranked first. His rank was untouchable.

However, today, the first and second ranks had switched around.

Yu Xi stared at the leaderboard for quite some while. Then, he let out a mournful howl:

“Master Sheng, don’t you dare tell me that you were intentionally losing!!!”


When Yu Xi heard Master Sheng’s response, he was about to collapse.

“What?! Why didn’t you tell me?!”

If Master Sheng planned to lose games, why did he have to join him? What did he do wrong? He hadn’t even reached Challenger yet!

“You didn’t ask me.”


Yu Xi wanted to start swearing. However, he closed his mouth before the words came out.

The only thing Yu Xi could do was swallow his tears. He quietly sent a message to Jian Yiling:

[God Ling, I’ve been bullied by Master Sheng…]

As Jian Yiling was currently sitting in front of the computer, she quickly messaged him back:


The “Mhmm” indicated that she knew about the situation.

[No… God Ling, can’t you comfort me?]

Yu Xi felt wronged. Due to this, he wanted to receive some virtual comfort.


When Yu Xi looked at the word ‘comfort’ on his screen, he wanted to sob.

However, Yu Xi continued to message Jian Yiling: [God Ling, aren’t you going to ask me how Master Sheng bullied me?]


[He deliberately lost games with me… God Ling… I’m even further away from being Challenger now…]

[I’ll carry you next time.] Jian Yiling replied.

As soon as Yu Xi saw this message, he got incredibly excited: [Oh my god, God Ling, you’re the best! I love you! You’re the best! I’ll remember this. As soon as you get better, I’ll prepare a sumptuous banquet!]

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