From Sidekick to Bigshot

Chapter 169 - Want to Watch the Surgery

Chapter 169: Want to Watch the Surgery

Hong Baizhang was also seated in front of his computer. He had seen the discussion regarding the microscope nerve repair surgery that was going to happen.

It must be said that the surgery attracted a lot of attention.

As Hong Baizhang was someone who was involved with the matters from the very beginning, he had also been paying close attention to the progress of this matter.

This kind of surgery was incredibly difficult. If the operation were to be successful, Dr. F.S’s reputation would definitely be elevated to a new level.

Truth be told, Hong Baizhang desperately wanted to go and watch the surgery in person.

As he thought about this, Hong Baizhang shamelessly sent a message to Cheng Yi. He hoped that Cheng Yi would agree to let him watch the surgery in person.

After a while, Cheng Yi sent a reply:

[I don’t have the authority to let you watch. You have to figure out another way.]

Hong Baizhang muttered to himself, “I only asked you because I couldn’t figure out another way…”

Other than contacting Cheng Yi, Hong Baizhang really couldn’t think of another way to watch the operation in person.

Just as Hong Baizhang was about to send a reply, a nurse came over to ask him to check on the patient in Ward 1.

“Isn’t it just gastroenteritis? Why do I have to go and check?” Hong Baizhang complained. He was getting impatient.

Why was Grandma Jian like this? The other doctors in the hospital would have been sufficient already. Why is she only reassured when he checks up on Jian Yiling?

Hong Baizhang sighed before he grudgingly walked towards Ward 1.

When he entered the room, he saw a little girl in the hospital bed. There were a bunch of electronics that were placed in front of her.

Hong Baizhang couldn’t help but sigh to himself: Nowadays, parents and guardians spoil their children way too much. Why would they bring a bunch of electronics to the ward when their child is hospitalized?

“How are you? Does your stomach still hurt?” Hong Baizhang walked over and asked.

“It doesn’t hurt,” Jian Yiling replied. As Hong Baizhang approached her, Jian Yiing had switched the screens of her electronics to screensaver mode.

As usual, Hong Baizhang systematically asked Jian Yiling a few questions about her conditions. Then, he reiterated a few points that she needed to pay attention to.

Gastroenteritis wasn’t something serious. As long as she didn’t run about and eat anything that was too strong in taste, it wasn’t a big problem.

Hong Baizhang wasn’t interested in seeing someone with gastroenteritis. Instead, he was focused on figuring out how he would get the opportunity to watch the surgery in person.

As he took another look at the electronic devices in front of Jian Yiling, he suddenly remembered something that Cheng Yi and Luo Xiuen had mentioned before:

“Oh, by the way, Miss Jian, if you don’t mind me asking, what game did you play with Dr. Cheng and Dr. Luo?”

Hong Baizhang was still obsessed with that game.

However, the game was something that Cheng Yi had said. Jian Yiling hadn’t said anything about it.

Jian Yiling looked at Hong Baizhang for a long while before she replied, “Zerg Invasion.”

This was the only game that she had played recently.

However, she hadn’t played it with Cheng Yi and Luo Xiuen.

The things that she played with Cheng Yi and Luo Xiuen… Were all kinds of data and experiments…

“Ahh… I’ve heard about this game before. Is it true that people with high IQs like playing these violent games?” Hong Baizhang mused.

If he decided to play this game, would he get the opportunity to come in contact with Dr. F.S? Then, would he get the chance to watch him operate?

Maybe, that was indeed a possibility.

“Miss Jian, do you have time to teach me how to play that game?”

As Hong Baizhang assumed that Jian Yiling had met Cheng Yi and the others through that game, she must have been incredibly gifted at it.

This was because Hong Baizhang assumed that people who were noobs at the game had no friends to play with. Only those who played well could make friends in the game.

“I can’t teach,” Jian Yiling answered truthfully.

“Can’t teach? Then how do you play the game then?” Hong Baizhang asked.

“Based on intuition,” Jian Yiling replied. Her expression was serious.

Hong Baizhang’s request for teachings and guidance had fallen short. It seemed like he had to figure out how to play the game based on ‘intuition’ at a later date.

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