From Sidekick to Bigshot

Chapter 171 - Brother Yujie

Chapter 171: Brother Yujie

During the period of Jian Yiling’s hospitalization, Grandma Jian never told Wen Nuan and Jian Shuxing the location of their daughter. She refused to answer all of their questions.

Grandma Jian didn’t let them know until the third day. That was the day when Jian Yiling was getting discharged from the hospital. Grandma Jian had contacted Jian Yuncheng to come to pick up Jian Yiling from the hospital and bring her back to the Old Jian Residence. He was a free source of labor.

Upon receiving Grandma Jian’s message, Jian Yuncheng realized that Jian Yiling was still hospitalized. She had merely been switched to a different room.

Jian Yuncheng watched Jian Yiling climb into his car. She sat quietly in the back seat and held her phone in her hand. Her slim and pale fingers tapped away at the screen and she appeared to look as though she was concentrating on something.

Jian Yiling had been preoccupied with her recent work problems. Due to this reason, she didn’t pay attention to who was driving the car. She didn’t know whether it was their family chauffeur or someone else.

When Jian Yuncheng saw Jian Yiling’s face, he felt a stab of pain in his heart.

There was a time where he was glad that she wasn’t causing trouble and making a ruckus.

However, now, he knew the truth. The way she had acted meant something completely different.


Jian Yuncheng called out.

Jian Yiling looked up. Her eyes met Jian Yuncheng’s gaze. There were no emotions in them. There was not a single sign of whether she was happy or sad.

Jian Yiling continued to look at Jian Yuncheng. She was waiting for him to continue speaking.

Jian Yuncheng sat there in silence. There was so much that he wanted to say to her. However, now that they were face to face, he didn’t know where to start. He kept looking into her eyes.

Any of the things that he planned to say seemed to be weak and useless.

“Is your gastroenteritis better?”

“It’s better,” Jian Yiling answered truthfully.

At the same time, Grandma Jian had also gotten into the car. She was speechless. What sort of dumb question was this boy asking? Did she seem like someone who would let her darling out of the hospital if she wasn’t feeling better?

Grandma Jian also noticed that Jian Yuncheng was wearing the sweater and scarf that Jian Yiling had given him.

The sweater was a turtleneck. It didn’t match with the scarf.

Jian Yiling’s way of responding to questions hadn’t changed. She acted the same way as before.

Nothing had changed for her. In the first place, she knew that she hadn’t pushed her brother.

If something or someone had changed, it would be them.

When they reached the Old Jian Residence, Jian Yujie was there to greet her. He also wore the sweater that Jian Yiling had made for him.

Today was the weekend. Due to this reason, Jian Yujie didn’t need to go to school. When he told his mother he wanted to go to the Old Jian Residence, his mother had agreed without any objection.

“Yiling, congratulations on your recovery! You can finally eat delicious food!”

“Mhmm.” Jian Yiling responded. She nodded her response.

“I just supervised everyone in the kitchen! I made sure that they made you all kinds of delicious food!”

Whilst Jian Yujie had been waiting for Jian Yiling to return to the Old Jian Residence, he had been in the kitchen. He was watching the chefs cook.

“Thanks, brother.”

Jian Yiling still wasn’t used to calling someone ‘brother’. However, she was trying to get used to it.

“There’s no need to say thank you! I’ll be happy as long as you like the food!” Jian Yujie smiled. His smile was filled with sweetness and contentment. “Let’s go. The kitchen had stewed some beef with soy sauce and spices. Let’s go and try!”

Jian Yujie took off with Jian Yiling.

Jian Yuncheng had been left out in the cold.

Jian Yuncheng had heard Jian Yiling quite clearly when she had called Jian Yujie ‘brother’.

Her voice was soft and sweet. It appeared as though they had quite a close relationship.

However, it had been a long time since she had called him ‘brother’.

This kind of disparity made Jian Yuncheng’s expression become disappointed and depressed.

Later, Jian Yuncheng had stayed at the Old Jian Residence for lunch.

During lunch, there was a good atmosphere between Jian Yujie and Jian Yiling. Jian Yujie would often pass Jian Yiling food. Although the two of them didn’t speak much, it appeared as though they were very close.

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