From Sidekick to Bigshot

Chapter 165 - Visit from the Boy Band (2)

Chapter 165: Visit from the Boy Band (2)

That incident was painful for Jian Yujie to deal with. It would also be painful to tell Jian Yumin the truth.

Although their personalities were quite different, He Yan was still Jian Yumin’s mother.

And thus, from the start, Jian Yujie didn’t plan to tell his brother the truth. He preferred to deal with the whole thing by himself.

“What do you mean it’s your fault? You seem fine. Other than your tendency to cry quite a bit, you don’t really have any other faults.”

Jian Yumin feared Jian Yiling’s tears. That constantly shadowed his mind.

Jian Yumin continued to speak, “You don’t need to protect him. Next time he comes over, I’ll give him a good beating.”

After he finished speaking, Jian Yumin turned his head around and looked at Zhai Yunsheng. His look was not so friendly. Then, he started to speak in a polite tone:

“Thank you Mr. Yunsheng for coming over and visiting my sister. You can leave now. I can take care of my sister.”

However, Zhai Yunsheng had no plans to leave. He put his hands into his pockets and seemed quite composed. No sense of embarrassment could be felt from him.

When Jian Yumin saw Zhai Yunsheng’s composure, he felt that Zhai Yunsheng was more dangerous than he initially assumed.

When Yu Xi saw the atmosphere between Jian Yumin and Zhai Yunsheng, he attempted to reconcile the situation, “Brother Yumin, the doctor will come around soon to check up on Yiling. It’s good to have more people around. After Grandma Jian arrives, we will leave.”

“That’s fine. But don’t you two have other things to do as well?”

Although Jian Yumin wasn’t happy with the arrangements, he couldn’t do much. Zhai Yunsheng hadn’t done anything bad to his sister yet. As a result, he couldn’t shoo him away in an obvious manner.

“Nah, we’re quite free right now,” Yu Xi replied. He briefly touched his nose after he responded. At their age, they were probably meant to be studying for their university courses. However, instead, they were quite free.

And to be totally honest, they weren’t completely free. Master Sheng had come to Hengyuan City to deal with a serious matter.

However, Master Sheng had put off the matter for now.

At that moment, Jian Yumin received a call from his band members.

“Brother Yumin, where is your sister’s ward? We’re at the hospital entrance right now.”

“Why are you guys here?” Jian Yumin asked. His first reaction was to find a reason to get rid of them.

“Isn’t your sister sick? As your good brothers, we’re here to visit her.”

“You guys…” Jian Yumin started before he trailed off. He couldn’t find any reason to get rid of them.

Last time, he had told them that his house wasn’t big enough. It was not like he could tell them that the hospital wasn’t big enough right?

As a result, Jian Yumin could only tell them Jian Yiling’s ward number.

Five minutes later, the other three members of Jupiter showed up in Jian Yiling’s ward.

All three of them were wearing masks and caps. They didn’t want to be recognized by their fans.

When they entered the room and saw Jian Yumin, they all smiled brightly.

The other three members of Jupiter were Luo Xun, Shi Baiyang, and Le Yao.

The three of them had different personalities and looks. However, all of them were incredibly attractive.

Jian Yumin indifferently introduced his group members to Jian Yiling, “Yiling, these are my friends. Their names are Luo Xun, Shi Baiyang, and Le Yao. However, you don’t need to remember their names. You don’t need to remember their faces either.”

Luo Xun was the most lively out of the three of them. He immediately stepped forward and introduced himself with a smile, “Hello. You’re Brother Yumin’s sister, right? You’re so pretty. Do you want to be the female lead in one of our upcoming MVs?”

From Yiling’s appearance, they could tell that she wasn’t Brother Yumin’s girlfriend. If she was his girlfriend, they would seriously consider beating him up. How could he not have told them!?

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