From Sidekick to Bigshot

Chapter 164 - Visit from the Boy Band (1)

Chapter 164: Visit from the Boy Band (1)

After Jian Yumin finished his recording, he found out that Jian Yujie had called him. He immediately called back.

Jian Yujie told Jian Yumin about the situation. He told him that Jian Yiling was suffering from another fever.

Upon hearing this, Jian Yumin requested for his personal assistant to drive him to the hospital.

“Brother Yumin, what’s the matter? Didn’t we agree to eat barbecue together after our recording?”

The other members of Jupiter tried to stop him from leaving. They didn’t know what was happening.

“I’m busy!” Jian Yumin cried out. He tried to free himself to rush off to the hospital.

“What happened?” The other members asked out of concern. It appeared as though Jian Yumin was incredibly anxious.

“My sister is hospitalized. I need to go and see her!” Jian Yumin explained. He had no choice but to tell them the truth. He didn’t want them to keep on nagging him.

After explaining the situation, he rushed off with his personal assistant.

And with that, he left the other members of Jupiter behind.

The boy band Jupiter consisted of 4 members.

Besides Jian Yumin, there were three other members.

When Jian Yumin left, the three of them decided to discuss Jian Yumin’s ‘sister’. They wanted to investigate the situation.

“Do you think that Brother Yumin is going to see his sister? Or do you think he’s going to see a chick?”

“To be in such a rush, I was wondering whether or not he is in love.”

“Damn… I wonder what kind of girl can make Brother Yumin rush over like that. I’m quite curious.”

The three of them knew that Jian Yumin was quite heartless with girls. He never knew what to say in certain situations.

“Why don’t we go and check it out next time? Then, we can figure out whether or not it’s his sister or it’s his girl.”

“That makes sense… Wait, why don’t we go and figure that out right now? If Yumin’s sister is sick, we have no reason to not visit her right?”

“Yeah, I agree! I’ll send my assistant to go and do some shopping. Then, we can contact Brother Yumin’s assistant and figure out which hospital he’s at!”

They were quite smart and quick-witted!

Brother Yumin wanted to hide his girl? No way that was happening!

Jian Yumin didn’t know the plans of his fellow band members. When he rushed to the hospital, he almost walked into the wrong room. Jian Yiling had switched to a new ward. As a result, at first, he headed in the wrong direction.

Jian Yumin didn’t know that Jian Yiling had been discharged today. As a result, he didn’t know that she got hospitalized once again.

Once he found her new room, he barged inside.

When he saw Zhai Yunsheng seated next to Yiling’s bed, his brows furrowed.

Jian Yumin walked over towards the bed and quietly squeezed into Zhai Yunsheng’s original spot.

“How did you become ugly once again?” Jian Yumin asked. His voice sounded rather distasteful.

It took two days for her face to finally gain some color. Now, once again, her face was incredibly pale.

Jian Yiling stared at Jian Yumin. She didn’t reply to him, however, she wasn’t upset either.

The first time she heard him call her ugly, she had misunderstood his words. She thought that he was deliberately making fun of her.

However now, she knew that he had no bad intentions.

When he saw Jian Yiling’s face, Jian Yumin suddenly realized that he might have said the wrong thing again:

“You’re just a little uglier when you’re sick. You’ll become pretty again if you eat a bit more.”

Jian Yumin felt that Yiling needed to gain a bit of weight. It would be better for his sister to be healthy rather than just skinny.

“I’ll eat meat when I get better.”

“Mhmm, that’s good.” Jian Yumin replied. “Oh right, I called Yujie a while ago. He said that he’s the one who caused your fever. What did that dummy do?”

“It’s not his fault. It’s my fault.”

However, Jian Yiling didn’t want to mention what had just happened to Jian Yumin.

If Jian Yujie hadn’t told him the situation, she didn’t plan to tell him either.

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