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Chapter 163 - Grandma Jian Reprimands the Family (3)

Chapter 163: Grandma Jian Reprimands the Family (3)

After another sigh, Grandma Jian turned around and directed her words at Wen Nuan. Wen Nuan was the person who dealt with stress the worst out of the three. “Ah Nuan, I know that this matter is incredibly painful for you to handle. However, you’re the mother of both these children. And both of them still need you to be there for them. You need to learn to be strong. If you’re not strong, how can they be strong?”

Grandma Jian always felt that her eldest daughter-in-law’s personality was too soft. Compared to her second daughter-in-law, she had the complete opposite personality.

Wen Nuan’s personality was fine if nothing happened in the house. But if some issues were to arise, she would not be able to deal with it.

She was the eldest daughter-in-law. There were going to be times where she needed to support the Jian family.

“I’ll try. I’ll try…” Wen Nuan stammered out. Her voice trembled slightly, but she promised Grandma Jian to try her best.

Whenever something happened in the family, she was the weakest and most incompetent.

As a mother, she didn’t take good care of her children. She didn’t protect them. Instead, she caused them pain and suffering.

She wasn’t a good mother.

Then, Grandma Jian directed the rest of the words to the three of them, “Today, you should all go home. Go home and take care of yourselves. Think about what you should do and handle your emotions. Once you figured that out, come back and talk to Yiling.”

Grandpa Jian also agreed with Grandma Jian’s thoughts, “Your mother is correct. It is best if you go back and calm yourselves down. You’re not in the right frame of mind. Your mother and I will take care of Yiling. Don’t worry about that.”

Grandpa and Grandma Jian didn’t want the three of them to see Jian Yiling for the time being.

It took quite some time for wounds of mistrust and doubt to heal. It wasn’t a simple suture.

Then, Grandpa and Grandma Jian evicted them from the Old Jian Residence.

Although the three of them wanted to see Jian Yiling, they still had to leave.


When Jian Yujie returned home, he was quite nervous. Although he had thought about the situation quite clearly, he still didn’t know how to face his mother. Jian Yiling had told him that she would publicize the surveillance video.

As soon as he entered the house, He Yan didn’t show up as usual. Nor did she assign him any tasks or restrict his actions.

After a while, Jian Shuhong returned home.

Jian Shuhong and Jian Shuxing had a slight resemblance in appearance. However, compared to Jian Shuxing, Jian Shuhong appeared more refined and gentle.

Although he was in his early fifties, he still had a unique, gentle, and mature temperament.

As usual, He Yan went to the door to greet Jian Shuhong after a long day of work.

“Are you okay? Why do you have a bruise on your face?” Jian Shuhong asked. He was worried when he saw a bruise on He Yan’s forehead.

“This… I accidentally fell and knocked it against something,” He Yan replied. There was a flash of embarrassment that showed on her face.

“Fell? Where did you fall down? Is it serious?”

“No, I’m fine. The ground was slippery,” He Yan replied cautiously.

She didn’t dare to show any signs that something was off.

She couldn’t let her husband know the real source of her injuries.

“Then please be more careful next time. Remember to put some medicine on the wounds.”

Jian Shuhong only saw the lump on He Yan’s forehead. He didn’t know that there were a dozen bruises that were scattered across her body.

“Yes,” He Yan replied. Then, as usual, she prepared dinner for her husband.

It hurt for her to even walk. However, she had to endure the pain.

She couldn’t let anyone know about her injuries. She couldn’t let them know that she received a beating from Jian Yiling.

She would endure all of the pain that Jian Yiling had inflicted on her.

However, she wouldn’t admit defeat. She still had a chance.

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