From Sidekick to Bigshot

Chapter 166 - Visit from the Boy Band (3)

Chapter 166: Visit from the Boy Band (3)

Jian Yiling’s gaze fell onto Luo Xun.

Luo Xun… That name wasn’t unfamiliar to Jian Yiling.

In the original novel, Luo Xun was the one who accompanied Jian Yiling when she did her ‘evil deeds’.

In her period of paranoia, Luo Xun was her only friend.

He had advised her to not get attached to Qin Chuan, however, she hadn’t listened to him. He had tried to stop her from doing the wrong thing.

In the original novel, Jian Yiling had done one stupid thing after another. Regardless of what she did, Luo Xun chose to help her out. He was afraid that something would happen to her.

Ultimately, Luo Xun didn’t have a good ending. Jupiter had disbanded and he had gotten ignored by the rest of his group members.

Jian Yumin was also forced to go home. He had to accept He Yan’s arrangements for him.

After Luo Xun lost his popularity and his career, he became a pub singer.

He was often ridiculed when someone recognized his face. A former idol had descended into becoming a mere pub singer.

However, in the original novel, Jian Yiling had met Luo Xun for the first time when she was twenty years old. They hadn’t met right now.

Furthermore, back in the original novel, Jian Yiling didn’t really interact with Jian Yumin during this period of time.

Jian Yiling hadn’t stayed at the Old Jian Residence. The same applied to Jian Yumin. In the eyes of the Jian family, Jian Yumin seemed like someone who intensely disliked his sister. The only thing that he did was make fun of her.

And plus, due to his work, he had often traveled around the country. He rarely had time to visit his family and as a result of this, he didn’t have the opportunity to encounter and interact with Jian Yiling.

Due to the series of events that happened, there was a long period of time where Jian Yiling didn’t interact with her brothers and cousins.

And now, due to the various changes that happened in her life, Jian Yiling’s relationship with Jian Yumin had completely changed. She had also met the other members of Jupiter before the timeline in the novel.

As of now, Luo Xun was still a handsome and stunning idol.

He showed off his signature sweet smile.

Jian Yumin said to Jian Yiling, “Yiling, don’t pay attention to this brat. He uses his smile to steal the hearts of numerous female fans.”

Luo Xun was the youngest among the four of them. He had a ‘young’ and ‘cute’ appearance. Some fans said that he had a puppy dog face.

Most of the other members had ‘wife fans'[1].

However, Luo Xun had plenty of ‘mother fans’, ‘sister fans’, and ‘aunt fans’.[2]

He had a sweet smile that captured the hearts of all women, regardless of their age.

And this kid was smiling at his sister like this. Shame on him.

“What? Brother Yumin, is this how you introduce your good friends?” Luo Xun asked. His expression made it seem like he had been wronged.

He was born with a nice smile. Was it his fault?

“I’m just telling the truth,” Jian Yumin responded. He felt as though there wasn’t a problem with his introduction.

“Brother Yumin, you’re so mean!” Luo Xun muttered in a low voice.

Jian Yumin had a hidden girl behind his back. And now, he was talking about him badly in front of her. Brother Yumin was ruining his image!

“I’m not mean! I’m a good person! Yiling, do you agree with me?”

Jian Yumin ignored the thoughts of the rest of his band members. He only asked for Jian Yiling’s opinion.

“Mhmm,” Jian Yiling nodded. He was indeed a good person.

The way Jian Yiling nodded her head was quite adorable. The other three members of Jupiter envied Jian Yumin for having such a cute sister.

“See, my sister agrees with me!”

Jian Yumin raised his head in high spirits. His eyes appeared to look pleased and provocative.

“Wow! Damn! I can’t argue against you!” Le Yao said jokingly. Le Yao’s personality was silly yet amusing.

“Then don’t argue against me,” Jian Yumin replied.

The four members of Jupiter got along quite well. They often made fun of each other. However, now that they were all in Jian Yiling’s hospital room, the room had suddenly become very crowded and lively.

[1] Translator Note: Fans that want to be the wife of the idol

[2] Translator Note: Fans that want to be the mother, aunt or sister of the idol. Different age/target group

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